Cricut Pens – Working with Cricut Maker

Ready to write, draw, and doodle your way
to creative bliss? Thanks to advanced technology, your Cricut
Maker machine can cut and write in one step. You can cut and write lists, make beautiful
homemade invitations and cards, or simply decorate for parties. And, imagine it all! Because there’s a Cricut pen available in a rainbow
of colors and a spectrum of sizes for every possible project. Add sparkle with Cricut Color Metallic Pens. The generous tip adds drama and flair to any
statement. Beautiful Calligraphy Pens make elegance easy. And Washable Fabric Pens make sewing projects
super-simple. Going for a sleek, precise look? Bring on the Cricut Fine Point Pen, perfect
for recording memories through journaling. And they are equally amazing for one-of-a-kind
invitations. Of course, pens are not just for writing. Use them to doodle or sketch as well. Any Cricut image can be transformed into a
Draw line in an instant. Create sketched icons for a project, or make
coloring pages for your kids. You can always add color and excitement to
any project by mixing and matching a variety of pens, like this. In Cricut Design Space set different pen colors
for each image. Then, when prompted to switch out pen colors,
go ahead and do so. And one final tip: remember to recap your
pen when you’re done to keep them from drying out. The Cricut Maker.
More tools. More materials. More possibilities.


  • Adri Myburgh

    WOW!!! I love this. Always running out of ink on a printer. My daughter would love it mommy could draw any pictures for her loving heart to color. And I would love to doodle and do projects in my planner. Amazing!!! Love-Love the Cricut Maker

  • M Anthony

    I can never get my ciruct air to write the pens always pop out ..had it replaced and have the same issues 🤐

  • Laura Millerick

    Can this work on all models or only the most recent one? i have the one that you can put markers in

  • Leovoss

    what pens do i use? all of the pens on you site specify for the explore

  • Ro.osabella Char

    Im having a really hard time drawing with my pens any image I try to use always draws a double line outline I would like the machine to just do a single stroke like the images I upload! :@

  • Dee Dee

    this is probably the least helpful video ever….


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