CTE Computer Aided Design Drafting – ISU College of Technology

My name is Izik Ames, I’m in the computer aided design and drafting program and I am graduating from high school with my technical certificate in architectural drafting from ISU. The dual credit program has helped me because I am more focused. It’s like a jump ahead on your career. Highschool pays for all of your schooling throughout while you’re in high school. So if I would have done it as a junior and as a senior, I could graduate from here with my associates degree, that’s a whole 2 years of college I don’t have to pay for. My favorite part of the CADD program is just being here with everybody, everybody is just so nice You know when you go into college, it seems a little bit more intimidating, but it’s really not. You know your instructors are one on one with you, they’re always here, there’s always.. you’ve got your classmates, and all in all it’s just a really fun class. Some of the hands on projects I’ve really enjoyed was the residential. I love doing architectural and stuff like that, so it was really fun creating nothing, just a basic 2D floor plan, into a 3D building. When we finally finish our commercial building, we put it into an inkscape program which is put into a virtual reality software and we get to walk through our buildings in virtual reality. It is so much fun, I can’t even…I don’t have any words to explain how much fun it is.

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