CWC vs HACKER PZ9 in Pancake Art Challenge Battle Royale – Whatever You Draw I’ll Buy It in 24 Hours

– What is up Spy Ninjas,
PZ9 snuck into our safe house and is threatening to expose our location to Project Zorgo, unless Vy and I, Vy’s behind
the camera, what’s up? We beat him in the pancake art challenge. (slaps counter) – Enough chit-chat, draw
the Project Zorgo mask! (bell dings)
(intense music plays) – [Chad] Go!
– [Vy] Chad! Hurry! – [PZ9] Go ahead and
get a head start, Chad, you’re going to need it. – [Chad] I don’t need it. – [Vy] You can do it Chad! – Thanks for believing in me, Vy! – [Vy] I always believe in you. You’re starting with white, he’s starting with gray, or black, whatever it is. This is probably the color of his heart. – [Chad] Ooh! – Hey, you know me so well, Vy. I don’t need a reference photo. I’ve seen the mask for
years, I’m still wearing one. – Yeah, why don’t you
get yourself a new mask? You’re not part of Project Zorgo anymore. – (scoffs) Project Zorgo
masks are so overrated. This look is so in right now. – Okay PZ9, if Vy and
I win this challenge, what do we win? – I won’t tell Project Zorgo
where you guys live if you win. – But then if you win, what do you get? – I get the most treasured prize amongst all YouTubers! A shout out! – Wait, I thought you
hated YouTube, why would you want a shout out of
your YouTube channel? – Well ever since I opened
up my YouTube channel, – [Vy] Oh, stop stop. You didn’t win yet, I
don’t even want you to mention what it is. – Clever. – [Vy] PZ9, what do you eat for breakfast? Pancakes? Just lame ones? – No, I eat hearts and souls. (laughs evilly) Nah, I like myself a salmon bagel. (continues laughing) Are you done with this Chad? You take forever! – Whatever! – Once a PZ, always a PZ. – That’s not true! Daniel and Regina both
used to be Project Zorgo members, and now they’re Spy Ninjas. Woo!
– [Vy] Yeah! – Well except for them, they suck. (laughs) – [Vy] Good job Chad. Time’s up you guys, whoever drew the best pancake will get the first point. – All right, let’s flip this pancake. – [PZ9] So excited to see this. – [Vy] Oh my gosh, Chad,
it’s looking really good! – [Chad] Thank you. Scrape it very carefully. – [PZ9] (mockingly) Don’t mess up! – Are you ready? – [Vy] Yes I’m ready! – [Chad] Three, two, one, flip! (all exclaim) – [Vy] Let’s see yours! – Okay, this is my first
time ever doing this. Oh, looks a little soft, just like your fellow Spy Ninjas, hah! – [Chad] Hey! – Three, two, one, whoa! (all exclaim and laugh) – Yours is better than mine, PZ9! Okay guys, comment down
below, whose pancake is better, type in Mask PZ9, – [PZ9] Yeah! – [Chad] Or mask Chad. – [PZ9] No! Did I win? (PZ9 laughs) – Round two, Vy’s gonna win this one. (bell dings)
– Welcome to the next round. – I’m ready, I’m ready, bring it! – We’re gonna draw something that I know both of you guys really enjoy. – Snacks? – What about one of those gosh darn annoying stun stars? – Ooh! – That’s the only thing you
guys could ever beat me with. – We beat you several times. – It doesn’t matter how many times you fall off the horse, it
matters how many times you can kick its butt! (laughs evilly) Go ahead Vy, I’m having a good old time! – Ugh, can you just be a little quieter, because you’re just so loud all the time! – (loudly) Okay! – [Chad] Red for a stun star, huh? – Yeah! It’s our colors, it’s
my ninja, red and black. – [Chad] Oh! (intense music)
PZ9, you are a fast drawer. – I’m also a fast channel
grower, you should see the numbers on my- – Stop! You don’t get to shout
out your channel just yet, you gotta win first buddy. Wait a second PZ9, where is
Daniel and Regina right now? (PZ9 laughs) – I think they’re busy on a mission of tolerating each other. (laughs) I left them handcuffed to each other. – Daniel and Regina are still
handcuffed to one another? Oh my gosh they’re gonna
drive each other crazy. – That’s what I want. They think there’s something
special in between them. – Yeah, there’s no funny
business between them. – Yeah, the only funny
business is the handcuff I put between them. (laughs) It makes sense, right? (continues laughing) – The only funny business
I see is your pancake art! (Chad laughs) – It’s not finished yet,
you’re more impatient than I! – [Chad] Oh my gosh Vy,
that is a beautiful, looks like a flower actually. – Oh no, it’s supposed
to be threatening Chad! – [Chad] Oops. It looks more beautiful than threatening. – And I’m quite the opposite, really. (laughs maniacally) – [Vy] Ugh! – [Chad] (singsong) You better get moving! You don’t have much time left, PZ9! – I don’t! – Five, four, three, two, one. (Chad making a buzzer sound) Time is up! There’s Vy’s, not flipped
yet, it’s gonna look beautiful once flipped. – I hope so. – [Chad] I see a little problem here, PZ9. These blue ones. Those are gonna be very difficult to flip, this guy hasn’t made a lot of pancake art. (Chad laughs) – I haven’t made a lot
of stun stars, ’cause it’s a baby ninja tool. (PZ9 laughs) (mockingly) Baby ninjas use stun stars. – You’re just mad because our stun stars always defeat you. – Ill find a way past them, just you wait. (intense electronica plays)
– [Chad] You flippin’ Vy? – [Vy] I’m flippin’. Ready? (all exclaim) – [Chad] That’s good! – [PZ9] It looks like something
from the Stranger Things. (PZ9 laughs) – [Chad] Let’s do yours PZ9. (all exclaim) – [PZ9] It’s okay! And I got- (makes buzzing noises) it’s stun stars! – Okay, Spy Ninjas, if you like mine, comment down star Vy, if you like PZ9- – [PZ9] Comment superstar PZ9! (PZ9 laughs) – [Chad] Nah, just star PZ9 is fine. – It’s time for the next challenge. Remember a long time ago, Chad, when you tried to copy my swagger? – [Chad] I dressed up as you and I fooled everybody, including PZ Squire, they though I was you! – We had a drawing battle,
and it wasn’t fair, but we’re gonna do it again, on pancakes! – What are we drawing? – PZ Squire! – Ooh, no problem. – Are you ready to begin? – Three, two, one, draw! – Tell me Vy, do you
even really play ROBLOX? – Uh, yeah I have, I actually made a video about it. And if you guys watch that video, you guys would know exactly who PZ Squire is, He’s wearing like this green jersey, with the number eight on it. Even though he is a Project Zorgo hacker, he’s in the ROBLOX
division, he’s still cute, I think he’s a little kid. – I can’t believe it,
we look nothing alike. – Yeah, ’cause he’s way
more handsome than you. – Aw, thanks Vy. – [Vy] Ooh Chad, very good use
of the space of the griddle. – [Chad] Thank you. – [Grace] What is this? – I didn’t think ahead so I have to do it in two pieces you know. (Chad laughs) – His legs are disconnected! – I’m the best fighter,
I’m not the best cooker. – You call this cooking? – We’re gonna eat these after, right? – No, I will not be eating anything PZ9 (whispering) makes, I don’t trust him. – Oh, come on, but I
make juicy content, you should consume some of that! On my YouTube channel- – No! No no no. None of that. You met with Justin at Burger King, and you were trying to recruit him, why do you want Justin to join your crew? – Well he was super important to the whole source code mission,
remember the Project Zorgo members were after his fingerprints? I was trying to get to his fingerprints, before anyone else knew what
his fingerprints were about! And he said no. – ‘Cause Justin is smart,
and he’s a good Spy Ninja. – He also has a really weak beard. (PZ9 laughs evilly) – I happen to think
Justin’s beard is amazing, better than your beard! – [Vy] Let’s see your beard! (dramatic music plays) – Ah, full beard reveal
incoming on my YouTube channel- – No, nononono no no no no no. You do not get a shout out until you win. If you win. – Well at the rate that
you guys are distracting me with all this dialogue, maybe you might have a chance of winning! – [Vy] Time’s almost up! Ready to flip? Ready to flip, hey stop
stop stop stop stop. – I’m done, I’m done! (PZ9 laughs) All right, you ready to flip? – [Vy] Yeah. – Okay. – Hey! – [Chad] Gimme a countdown. – [Vy & PZ9] Three, two, one! (ROBLOX damage noise)
(all exclaim) – [Chad] Oh, his head! – [Vy] Oh no, his head! (PZ9 laughing maniacally) – You ruined his life! (continues laughing)
(ROBLOX damage noise) – [Vy] Oh, Chad! – [Chad] There he is. – [PZ9] Hey. – Pieced back together, all
good, take a look at PZ Squire. (electronic music plays) – [PZ9] PZ Squire? PZ Squire, is a small kid! – He looks nice and
young, look at this guy. – [Vy] Yeah! – [Chad] He’s a youthful kid. – [PZ9] Oh no no no. – At least my guy’s in one piece, not has legs disconnected, hey! Three, two, one, hey! (double ROBLOX damage noise) (Chad and Vy exclaim) Oh, he’s fallen! Not bad, not bad, a little
hard to read the eight on his jersey there. – Oh yes, gosh. But that’s more of his proportions. – It looks like he’s got a
saggy butt, look at this. What, did he poop his pants? – [Vy] Ugh! He probably
wet his pants like you do! (PZ9 laughs) – All right Spy Ninjas, vote down below If you think mine was the best, type in squire Chad. – [PZ9] If you think this is the best, type in Squire PZ9. (spatulas smacking together) Nobody noticed this little
special message I left you. It says something that you are though. – [Chad] I think it says winner! Yes, winner! (Chad laughs) – [PZ9] What?
– [Chad] Vy, you’re up. – Okay. – [PZ9] It says loser! – Speaking of winners, Vy’s up! – Did you enjoy the last one? ‘Cause you’re gonna enjoy this one. Next Round.
(bell dings) We’re drawing- – Why are you so loud, I’m right here. – (whispering) We’re gonna draw (loudly) an Apple watch! (PZ9 laughs) – Three, two, one, Apple watch go! Vy starting off some fun little symbols. Hey, don’t look at
Vy’s, don’t be cheatin’. (PZ9 laughs maniacally) What’s so funny dude? He must’ve looked in the mirror. (Chad and Vy laugh) – Good one Chad. (PZ9 makes a sound of frustration) – [Chad] PZ9, are you
drawing your broken heart because PZ4 doesn’t like you? – Yes. You’re so nosy into my love
life all the time, geez. – I don’t know if we can
call that a love life, that was just one date, I don’t think there was any love involved. – At least I got her to
go on a date with me, When’s the last time you ever took Vy out on a date, Chad? – Hey, we go on a date every Saturday. – That’s right! – We upload our video,
then we go on a date, except for when we’re,
like, stuck in a box or handcuffed or something like that. The only reason Regina
went on a date with you was ’cause you stole my
phone and she was gonna steal it back ’cause she’s
a good friend of mine. – Ugh. If only I knew what that felt like. – Like what felt like,
getting your phone stolen? – I think he means having a friend, (loudly) ’cause nobody wants
to be friends with someone loud and mean and obnoxious! – Is she the smartest Spy Ninja? (PZ9 laughs) ’cause you got it, you’re right! (continues laughing) I’m mentally unhinged! – At least he’s
self-aware, that’s a start. (intense music) (Chad makes buzzer sound) Stop working. – Are you ready Vy? – Yes, I’m ready. – (whispering) Then let’s do it. – [Chad] Interesting design, PZ9. Three, two, oh! What is that?
– [Vy] What is that? What even is that? (PZ9 laughs) – It looks nothing like I intended! Do you see this? – [Vy] It’s a red…circle? – An apple! It’s an apple watch! An apple watch, of course! (PZ9 laughs then coughs) – I’ll give you some
creativity points there, an apple on a watch, pretty creative. – That’s what I said,
I didn’t say any kind of technological device
or spy gadget or anything. – Okay, let’s look at
mine, because I actually drew an Apple watch. – [PZ9] Yeah, sure, by
all means, get ready to flip it Vy, is it ready? (PZ9 laughs) – [Chad] Three, two, one, flip! (Vy squeals) (all exclaim) That is great Vy! – Thank you, look, it has,
like, the heart health. That’s the globe, music, and health, yeah whatever, whatever. – Activity monitor, (laughs) something that both of you guys need to do more. (PZ9 laughs) – It’s true, how did he get in here? – With a lot of activity. (PZ9 continues laughing) – Well, anyways, if you
guys like my Apple watch, comment down watch Vy. – [PZ9] And type down watch PZ9, which is what y’all
should do is watch PZ9- – No no no, none of that, none of that. Chad, your turn. – Yeah, yeah don’t watch
his YouTube channel. – No no no!
– My turn, my turn. – What about we draw somebody
that we both know in common? Let’s draw your best friend, Justin! – All right! No problem. – Ready? Three, two, one, go! (intense music) – This should be easy,
for months the Spy Ninjas believed me to be Justin,
and all I had to do was just put on a mask and
pretend to be your friend. – I feel so bad for Justin, his safe house had been compromised by
Project Zorgo hackers. And now, this guy is in our safe house. What should we do? – Maybe stop posting videos of interiors of your houses, (laughs), how ’bout that for internet security? (continues laughing) – Yeah, but we can’t stop posting videos, because then we can’t communicate with the Spy Ninjas, and you guys! You guys would miss us, right? Because I would miss you guys too. (intense music) – In that case, I guess I’ll go first. – Sounds a little crispy,
you burnt his face! (all exclaim) – [Vy] Oh wow! – There’s like a skull
down here on his mouth. – [Vy] Yeah, you’re right, look at that, and what is this? Why is the forehead blonde? – Yeah, uh, it’s actually
his cerebral implant because I swear Justin is a robot! (PZ9 laughs) – (monotone) Why? – Because! – Why? – I mean, he really acted
like it that one time. – Why? – I mean I think he was programmed by Project Zorgo or something. – (bad Terminator impression)
Hasta la vista, baby. (normal voice) My turn
to reveal Justin’s face, be prepared to be amazed. Never will have Justin looked
so beautiful in his life. – [PZ9] And tasty. – [Chad & Vy] Three, two, one, flip! (all exclaim) – Oh man, it looks like Justin just morphed himself with your shirt! (PZ9 laughs) Where’d he go? I don’t see him anymore! Oh, there he, oh wait he disappeared. (PZ9 laughs) – [Chad] If you think
mine was the best Justin, type down below Justin Chad. – [PZ9] And if you think mine is the best, type in Justin is not PZ9 down below. I’m having such a fantastic time winning against both of you guys. – Winning? – What, you’re not winning! – We’re doing awesome! – Oh, I’m doing far better, I can already feel the comments down below. (PZ9 laughs) – Uh, I’m sure they’re
voting for the Spy Ninjas. – I think so. – Well what about a bonus round to maybe help you guys win or
have a chance like that? – Fine, what is it? – I’m gonna guess a food, and you two will have to draw it. – Just to make sure you don’t cheat, I want you to write it down on a piece of paper right now. – Oh, always playing by the rules, okay nice one Chad, I guess you
caught me I can’t lie anymore. (PZ9 laughs) I’ve listed down my favorite
food right here, no peeking! It’s in this paper right here. – Okay. – On my mark, entertain me, go! – Here we go. – Ugh. – I think we know you very
well, you’re not Justin. – These guys followed me
all the way to a McDonald’s after a battle royale of ours, and now I think their convinced that
that’s my favorite food. (PZ9 laughs evilly) I’ve spent so many months getting confused as Justin, like, I don’t even
know what my favorite food is! It could be anything! Or can it? Ah, you’re lucky I’m playing
fair, they’re so preoccupied, so busy, if I was any
more evil, I might just, (whispered) check out the
secret room or something. They’re doing a dumb
challenge and I’m gonna hack into their laptops. (PZ9 laughs very quietly) (intense music) They’re doing a challenge. – [Chad] Hey, where’d you go PZ9? – [PZ9] I’m looking at reference material for my pancake art. – [Chad] I don’t believe you. (PZ9 laughs) – Okay, okay okay. – I think I know you pretty well. – Yeah, you only eat unhealthy food, so I know exactly what you like. (intense music) – [PZ9] You guys are
so boring in real life. – Hey!
– Hey! We’re nice, regular people. – We’re concentrating. Drawing your favorite food takes a lot of mental work, okay? – [PZ9] Yeah, and a lot of hot air. – Hey! (PZ9 laughs maniacally) – [PZ9] How much would a Spy Ninja have to charge to get a shout out? (PZ9 laughs) – Well, we give shout outs at the end of our videos to our Spy Ninjas who get here in the first
60 minutes, so thanks to all you guys who subscribe. – [PZ9] I don’t believe you. – Let me see your phone, PZ9. If I look underneath the video, right over here, oh look at that! It says subscribed! PZ9, you’re subscribed to me on YouTube? – Are you a fan? Do you wanna be a Spy Ninja PZ9? – Uh, no, its all for
informational purposes, give it! – You know, all true Spy
Ninjas are subscribed to both me and Vy, and you’re
subscribed too, so, hmm. – [PZ9] It’s informational purposes! Ugh, let’s just see your pancakes! – [Chad] Ready to flip? – [Vy] Yes, I’m ready to flip. – [Chad] Let’s flip out. – [Vy] One, two, three! (all exclaim) – Beautiful! – I saw you going into McDonald’s and you eating chicken nuggets, but I feel like you’re
tricky and you actually like french fries, ’cause
that’s what McDonald’s is famous for! So I think its McDonald’s
(silently) french fries. – Very good guess Vy, but I drew something a little bit different, come check this out here. You can probably tell what it is already. – [PZ9] Oh! – But wait till I give it a little flip, and you’re gonna wanna
just flip out, boom! (all exclaim) Pizza slice, pizza time. – Those are great! – Take out that piece
of paper, and lets see. In fact, gimme that camera. – Oh ho ho, (quietly)
that’s really good, Chad. – [Vy] That is really good
– [Chad] Thanks! Let’s see that piece of paper PZ9. If either Vy or I guessed correctly and drew what is on that piece of paper, that means the Spy Ninjas win this video, and we do not have to
give you a shout out, and you have to promise that Project Zorgo will never find the
location of our safe house. Let’s see what is on there! (intense music) Pizza! – Pizza! Good job Chad! (Vy and Chad exclaiming) – No shout out for PZ9,
no shout out for PZ9. (all shouting) What is this, your second
favorite food, spaghetti? – Ha, another chance. I’m gonna give you guys another challenge. – Yeah yeah, no problem,
we are the Spy Ninjas and we can handle any
challenge you throw at us. All right, lets go outside
with Daniel and Regina, if you’re a Spy Ninja,
you can beat PZ9 any time. Huge shout out to all you Spy Ninjas who get here in the
first 60 minutes, we’re showing some of your comments down here. Make sure to subscribe
to me and Vy and to all the Spy Ninjas, don’t- – And PZ9! – Nope nope no don’t subscribe to him, unless you wanna spy on
him and tell us what he’s up to, that might actually
help a little bit. Uh, and then check out
all these videos here, and we’ll see you guys next time. (all talking over each other) (static)

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