DA62 Acrylic Pouring Swipe on Black Abstract Flowers and More with Sandra Lett 050818

hello everybody I hope you’re having a
great day I am cuz I’m getting ready to paint and I’ve been waiting to do it it’s
after lunchtime and I’m just not getting the opportunity to paint so I want to
quickly go through the colors that I’m using today all DecoArt
so here are the colors I’ve got some in little bit of cups mixed up I have some
and squeeze bottles so I’m gonna be using a little bit of both everything is
mixed one-to-one ratio with floetrol latex based so that’s what’s the pouring
medium is 1 to 1 back to my regular recipe and then I don’t add water to the
deco art bottle paints I do add like if I use the premium which is in a tube
anything in a tube is always going to be thicker so that has a little bit of
water added to it and then I add spot on treadmill lubricant. One drop per ounce of
paint mixture so if I’ve got say 3 or 4 ounces then I put three or four drops in
a cup and then everything gets mixed and then put into a squeeze bottle if at all
possible because you get more control but like this green I had mixed up and
poured into this bottle and it’s full to the top so I’ve got a little paint left
in my cup I may use first things like that but very quickly the colors that
I’ll be using I’ll be swiping with black and lampblack and that’s enough squeeze
bottle one to one ratio with floetrol no silicone and my white never has
silicone and the white is snow or titanium white so very quickly the other
colors I have a mixture of marigold cadmium yellow, bright orange,
true red, carousel pink, alizarin crimson and then my magenta color is a mixture
of primary magenta, vivid violet a little alizarin crimson. I just kind of mix it
till I get it to the vibrant point that I want it to be it’s often that I don’t
have a color that I want and I’ll mix my own. Dioxazine purple is the deep
purple and also in a bottle. ultra blue deep is in a bottle. the teal mint is in
this little cup here. sour apple is in a bottle. festive green is in the cup and
in the bottle. so the squeeze bottle I have and a little bit and the cup here.
our peacock teal and then this color here in the bottle is a combination of
blue grass green, desert turquoise and evergreen and a little bit of ultra blue
deep to make that very vibrant deep peacock what I call a peacock color so
like I said everything has silicone al. the colors have silicon in it but not
the white or the black so today I am doing another version the painting I did
the other day which was just a 12 by 12 inch canvas it was just a foot square
this was the one I did and I called an abstract garden and I want to do this
again but on a 16 by 20 so it’ll be that much larger and I’m gonna maybe add a
third blossom at the bottom maybe and I wanted to add a little bit more violent
let’s see a little bit more color into my swiping and so that I’m besides the
yellow which I had in it I’m adding the deeper golden color and then I had sour
apple in it and I’m putting the green and I’m gonna add the peacock color
which was not in there but the turquoise was in there and I’m adding the teal
mint and the ultra blue deep and I’m gonna put a smidge of purple as well say
I’m gonna make doesn’t the swipe just a little bit different hopefully it’ll
still kind of come out the same because there’s a person I was doing this for as
a wedding gift while I was doing a bunch of canvases and I was gonna let her
choose what she wanted for a wedding gift
she picked one of my very colorful rainbow ones and then when I did this
one she said I know this is my favorite now and I said well it’s only 12 inches
square and I said do you want me to do a bigger one and she said if you want to
and of course I always want to because I love doing this so that’s why I’m trying
a bigger canvas what I’m gonna do though is it’s going to be swiped with black
which will be at the top and I’m going to swipe towards me so I’m gonna go dark
to light so I’m going to finish up this purple in this Cup and actually I’m going to throw in a
little bit of the purple rain just a little bit to add a lighter streak of
that purple and I am going I know I think I swiped
with a scraper the other day for the abstract garden but I’m going to use a
wet a damp paper towel to swipe this with okay so I got my purples and so I want to do a little bit of this
ultra blue deep so you know people will complain about their floetrol getting
clogged up so that was probably the case with this one is that it had a little
clump of something that was in the bottle from squirting out correctly and that’s all I’m gonna do of the
purples and blue and then the rest of these colors will be more true to the
original color so I’m going to start i’ma do the peacock teal here whoops
say there gets a little clogged and then it unclogs and it comes out really fast and I’m a kind of vary these a little
bit some of the sour apple now I’m going to
the turquoise color. and the teal mint. a little bit of the gold color and then
the cadmium yellow took a little bit of that sour apple
there again we go back to this peacock green again the one little stripe of the ultra
blue deep turquoise again. this is gonna feel a little
different than the other ones I’m not sure
not sure how it’s gonna turn out. Teal mint. festive green. forgot my little tripe of the peacock color and I’m not this just
to be basically the lightest color here a little bit at the sour apple a little
bit of the gold marigold color cadmium yellow., so I got plenty of
paint on this canvas plenty is that paint goes over the edges a little bit I’m just
kind of all together there’s a paint . Put the black on so these are my two paper towel pieces I
have ready now I have to do two swipes because it’s not wide enough to do the
whole canvas at one time so I’m gonna do it about half way over my paper towel
lay down in the black well I got them just like the last time
I did this I looked at this back this is also gonna be the end where the
flowers are going to because they’re going to be in the dark part so now the
other half you go to things I’m just making sure
that I have color on my edges so you know there’s thicker black here
and less thicker black here I’m gonna do is try to drag the black up this purple
a little bit I don’t want that much purple showing so I’m just very gently
trying to get it to come up a little bit into that and then this little patch like I am barely skimming the surface
because otherwise it’s going to go straight down to the canvas I’m gonna
use my heat gun so right in the area where I swiped
beside each other we’re just trying to go back and add in a little bit of the
colors to see if that will kind of fill in that area a little bit so now I’m
gonna turn it around so I decided my next paintings are going to be black
canvases with swipes and metallic typically I used like the really bright
rainbow colors but this time I’m going to use just the metallics, That’ll be
interesting to see how that turns out I’m going to let this sit for a few
minutes so the last time I did some dribbles the colors this is a peacock color I put a little bit and some of the
turquoise while the tail meant it’s not choice in the green some sour apple that’s they outdid just because there’s
blue and purple melted a little bit blue have you put a little bit of them
all right let’s blow it up so now what I’m going
to do in below you how I wish this area were a little
lighter say I’ll just blow it on it a little bit
will expand the sales like it and they’ll they’ll go back in okay so just to compare a comparison here is the original here’s the one I just did so with that
in the purple that adds a little bit more dimension almost like it could be
floral like lavender or hollyhocks or something kind of growing in the
background so I kind of like that feel so I’m pretty pleased with that I put
this here just like and look at it for reference I think before I even go any
further now go ahead and do some Leafs so I’ve lost my butter knife somewhere
it’s around somewhere I’m not sure where I’m swiping these leaves and before I do
my flower skewer I’m just gonna around just a little bit I think I’m gonna do three flowers. one
in the center, kind of two the curve of things I’m gonna start with this it’s kind of a that one I forgot to
mention is a mixture of coral blush and baby pink so it’s kind of a muted down
pink with a little warm edge to it put a little bit orange on it maybe just a
little bit of wine oh forgot my white is kind of low and I always keep white
mixed in a cup so I’m just transferring my cup to my bottle that’s the titanium white mixed 50/50
with the floetrol. where there’s no chance of me running low I’m doing this
painting flowers are not one of my strengths did it on this one but I don’t think I
have much luck with it but at least it kind of looks like flowers which is what
I want it to look like, so what I’m going to keep doing it as just building
it up alizarin crimson magenta this is the carousel pink I like that
but I’m a to a little bit of white at the top part of that thing I do red, orange so I’ll warm it up a
bit because the the alizarin crimson and the Carousel pink are cooler so
now I’m gonna do the warmer I’ll do this first before I have yellow you a little deep or down at the bottom you
have just a little bit more orange and this has a little dribble of where
the color sprite out and I don’t like it so I’m gonna just dip my finger in and
I’m trying to get rid of that lon so basically I think I have the shapes
in the way out kind of like them for the flowers so now I’m just going to go back
in and just add a little bit of white out one just to kind of help define them
a little bit not a whole lot you and then down here the green comes out
kind of thick sigh figure that out with my other colors so kind of like leaves and now what I want to do
through here and the other thing I want I want
here just add a little bit of something so I think i’ma do and try one out to see if it looks the way I envision it see what I could do is just now let’s kind of blow no blowing works too so maybe just a few
little like but I didn’t have this on the other one but
I thought that might add just a little bit more to the gardeny feel so I’m just putting the orange on top of
the magenta and yellow and I’m just putting a dot it’s not
hardly any paint at all and if he didn’t have squeeze bottles he
could do it with a stick it would take some finesse a little bit well they’re just a little
see I can’t get just a little white drip me try these before I go any further like that wise so this one sunk a little bit where I
dipped my bottle into the paint I’ve got one more to do yeah I like that that’s happy feeling
happy happy so now I’m just going to come back and do my green again just make it work
make sure my buds have a an actual vinethat they’re growing from that and see if I can get a little a little accent you try they try it is white in my hand if I drip it on there it’s gonna be like
super heavy maybe just a hair right here at the
bottom of little purple rain a little bit of
magenta I’m going to stick some orange back on here and red and wondering see how it looked if I swiped it one looks like a leaf even though it’s
part of the cells this one does kind of too I’m trying to so I’m just getting the green color off I think I’m done. trying to decide wanna
do anything else put some on this, kind of just bland swipe a little bit peacock color through
it I love this
this is awesome I hope she does because I think it’s pretty darn awesome I don’t want I don’t want to drift
anymore so let me see if I can lift this up and show you without screwing it up here’s the top there’s the flowers I think she’s gonna like it so let me
put this away I hope you liked it if you did please give me a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel thank you so much you


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