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English Sub by @meitawin Airbrush makeup can make various styles of makeup you want including for daily makeup. In this video we will give you daily dewy look makeup tutorials using airbrush techniques which very practical and easily applied. Compared to traditional makeup, this airbrush technique creates the more flawless look and covering blemishes perfectly but still make you look natural. Curious how it works? Let’s get started! First use the primer. Take one more drop in the hands, and then smear it all over your skin evenly. Prioritize only in the T-zone area, especially for oily skin. The next is B-4 Cream take one to two drops and then spread onto the skin. B-4 Cream gives the effect of a dry finish, so the face will not be sticky. Specific to areas that need concealer under the eye, for example you can apply the B-4 Cream once again. Use it also around the blemishes or dark spots area on the face. Let it sits to dry, then evenly tap to spread it by using your fingers or a sponge Then you can start your eye makeup. If you’re used to applying this step at the beginning of your makeup ritual Next, grab your airbrush gun. Apply Velvet Mineral Airbrush Foundation choose the one matching your skin color or mix two colors to get the best suitable result for your skin tone. Pour 3-4 drops of the foundation. To mix the colors, perform bath bubble while closing the front part of the airbrush gun with tissue and press the lever. Flair is very easy to use according to your need. You can set the level of coverage as well as the tone color that suits your face. Spray onto the face with a slow circular motion. Keep a distance about 10 cm from the face with half to one pressure number. Watch the lever Remember not to spray too much for the natural effect result. Less is more. This tool equipped with a black ring which functions to keep the lever not to release excessive spray. Keep doing it until you feel your skin has fully covered. Airbrush spray techniques produce smaller particle makeup make the skin smoother and flawless face compared to the use of traditional makeup. Covering all the blemishes but then the skin still looks natural and healthy Moreover, Blush-on You can select the available blush-on color or mix two colors to produce a unique color. Pour one to two drops to the airbrush gun, spray it first to the tissue to clean up the rest of the previous foundation color. If the color of blush-on is already out and has the suitable color you want means it’s ready to be used on your face. Remember to keep 5 cm distance. If you want the shimmer glow effect take glow and shake it properly to mix the particle. Pour one to two drops of shimmer glow to the airbrush gun then point with pressure number two, spray the airbrush to the tissue first to clean the rest of the previously blush-on color. Now spray on the top of the cheekbones and other areas of the face that you want to give the impression of extra glow, give a 5 cm distance. once you’re finished using it. Directly clean the Flair airbrush gun Take one drop of the cleaner then stir it with a brush do the bath bubbles by closing the front part of the airbrush gun with a tissue. While pressing the lever then spray it To rinse the gun, spray the clean water and bath bubble again then spray towards tissue or cleaner pot with pressure at number 3. This step is not necessary if you are already satisfied with the results of your makeup. But if you want to add makeup coverage under the eye or upper lip you could use the Mineral Touch up Powder . using brush or sponge At this stage also, you can add Infinite Shimmer Powder for more glow and moist effects to the skin. Check out the results; the face looks smoother and natural, skin color is more even because of dark spots and blemishes perfectly covered. To get the daily look that dewy, moist and fresh you can apply Dew. After all, a series of makeup used give a single drop of dew into the airbrush gun. Select 0,5 pressure number, spray on the desired part, normally above the cheekbones. preferably for the night makeup especially for oily skin. After getting the results you want. Don’t forget to clean your airbrush gun again. clean the airbrush to prevent blockage Finally, perfecting your makeup by clamping your eyelashes, use mascara, lip liner, and lipstick. After applying airbrush makeup how are you going to touch it up if you have activities all day and night? You don’t need to worry; you can do touch up without having to bring the airbrush gun along during traveling Touch up Oily Face For oily face use HD Translucent Powder just tap it on the oily face area. Oily Touch up If you want a light makeup touch up . because one part of the face is losing coverage. You can use it without the sprayer. First, fix the area with a sponge then apply the Mineral Touch up Powder using sponge. by tapping it around Touch up sweat face Wipe your sweat with a dry tissue with a light patting movement then add minerals touch up powder on parts that area needed. The spray process on this technique is to make more subtle makeup particles so that the result is durable but still make the skin can breathe. In addition to having the maximum result its also very easy and fun to use, isn’t it? This technique is the smart choice for you who always want to appear perfect but do not have much time to do makeup in the morning

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