Daily Routine – School Days vs Holidays | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Today I am sharing with you a double routine video School days Vs Weekends As you requested a lot so I’ve made this double routine video If you want to enjoy this weekend the turn this grey LIKE button to Blue So lets enjoy watching the video and yeah get this video to 80,000 LIKES Anantya plz come you are getting late for school Yes Mumma coming Mumma my breakfast Mumma plz give some cash as I want to buy a cake from bakery No Have your breakfast Which cake is this?? This is Pillsbury pastry cake Its a bakery style cake isn’t it ?? Which you mostly buy from bakery Yes Mumma this is having my fovourite chocolate and cream too and this chocolate is so yummy I’ve also packed this in your lunch box Mummy its packaging is so amazing seems its so expensive No my Chid its affordable and also easily available in market then Mummy plz pack this in my lunch box everyday and in evening snacks too Ok Mummy I am going bye Bye Mumma I am going to my Activity class So My child how was your day at school ? Mumma it was so boring only study all day long Mumma I wanna eat something Ok wash your hand and then I’ll serve you the food ok Mumma I am here have this today’s lunch is boring and the school was too Mumma I’ve come So my dear how was your class today Mumma we enjoyed a lot and we’ve made so many amazing craft pieces Mumma I am very hungry yes dear wash your hands today I’ve cooked your favourite Masala Dosa yes Mumma I washed my hands I really enjoyed this weekend Anantya switch off the Tv its your homework time Mumma plz five mins more No dear tomorrow is your school ok lets come Anantya you have been watching Tv for too long turn it off and come Mumma its a weekend today wanna enjoy watching TV ok come after watching 10 mins more Mumma I am going to play but have you finished the milk Anantya come fast yes Mumma Mamma why you’ve called me so early. Dear tomorrow Is your school Papa I am ready where are we going today?? Yes my as I promised you to go for outing on weekends so let’s go Today I’ve got homework only in English and maths Hmm.. play either with computer or with the doll house!! ok lets play with doll house Anantya its 9’O clock now its time to sleep Ok Mumma within 2 minutes Anntya its 10 O’clock you need to sleep now Ok Mumma let me complete this painting first Anantya its 11 and you ain’t sleep still oho Mumma tomorrow is Sunday plz let me sleep late night today Ok then tomorrow you’ve to clean your room and your doll house too My favourite part from this video is when I had gone to a Mall on weekends with my Parents and which is your favourite part?? plz let me know in the comments below And must try that yummy Pillsbury Pastry cake I’ve liked it so much & hope you’ll like it too so will see you in my next video till then take care & bye-bye

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