Dandelion Doodle | September Colors of the Month (Copic Colors)

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
It’s time for another #ColorsoftheMonth challenge, formerly #CopicColors. I am sure I’m about
to run through what that’s all about in the voice over, but anyway! This is September’s
#ColorsoftheMonth challenge. I don’t know what those colours are yet, because I’m filming
this intro in August! Once again, I’m going to start off my voice over for this month’s
video by giving a little explanation about the #CopicColors vs #ColorsoftheMonth confusion
going around this year. #CopicColors was the challenge name and hashtag for the official
monthly three-marker challenge issued by Imagination International Inc., the North American distributor
for Copic products, in 2018 through their website which used to be copicmarker.com.
This year, in 2019, the manufacturer of Copic products (.too, in Japan) decided to end their
distributor contracts around the world and work directly with retailers. As a result,
Imagination International started transitioning to their current name and online presence:
Universe of Markers, at markeruniverse.com. They now sell a range of different marker
brands, including alcohol, water-based, acrylic, and water colour markers, and they changed
their challenge to suit. The challenge is now called #ColorsoftheMonth, and while they
do give the Copic colour names and codes, they also give the hex codes and the colour
names and codes for each brand they sell. We’re all encouraged to participate using
whatever we wish, and colour match as well as we can. I am not sponsored by them, by
the way, though I would love to be if their PR people are listening! I just really love
this challenge. Moving on! September’s #ColorsoftheMonth turned
out to be two greens and a yellow, and after I picked out the markers I was going to use
and swatched them together, I immediately thought of dandelions, so that’s what I’m
doodling today. I’m honestly undecided on how I feel about the finished piece, because
it’s either very good in a stylized way, or just sloppy. This whole thing from picking
colours, to sketching, to finishing the piece took just 40 minutes, so voting sloppy is
entirely valid! But I’m considering it a sketch, anyway. I chose to use Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers
in G756 Lush Green and Y657 Yellow, and Copic YG03 Yellow Green, and I did it in my A6 size
Copic non-coated marker paper sketch pad. I did add a couple scribbly details at the
end with Copic Multiliner size 03 pens in Sepia and Olive, and my initial sketch was
done using my Col-Erase blue and non-photo blue pencils.
Marker Universe has given us quite a few different colour suggestions, as usual, and I’m going
to run through them in just a sec. If you’re new here, please don’t forget to subscribe
and ring the bell for notifications. I upload every Tuesday and Thursday at minimum, and
some weeks I have bonus videos as well. I’m an art channel, so most of my videos are timelapses
of artwork like this paired with a voice over where I walk you through a tutorial, give
a product review, just ramble on about whatever topic, but sometimes I switch things up and
do a craft. If you like this video, don’t forget to hit the like button, and leave a
comment down below. I really appreciate the interaction, I love reading your comments,
and I do reply to everyone. Let me know if you’ve ever tried #ColorsoftheMonth, and if
so, what do you think of it? If you’ve never watched any of my previous #ColorsoftheMonth
videos but you were familiar with the #CopicColors challenge last year, is this the first you’re
hearing of the change? Did you know it was the same company behind it? What do you think
of this month’s colours, and what are you hoping next month’s colours will be? Personally
I’m hoping for some unapologetically Halloween-ish colours, because they really didn’t do that
in October last year, and then their November selection was really Christmassy while their
December selection wasn’t really reminiscent of holidays at all.
I’ll read through the official suggestions for colours in each brand now, excluding the
hex codes. Look for those in the description box if you’re interested! I don’t think anyone
really wants to hear me recite hex strings, and I don’t want to read them.
Copic users are suggested to use G28 Ocean Green, YG05 Salad, and Y13 Lemon Yellow. Personally,
I have nothing even close to G28 in Copics, but I was 1 off for the other two: YG03 Yellow
Green, which I did end up using, and Y15 Cadmium Yellow.
Graph’It users are suggested to use 8270 Tuscany, 1130 Lemon, and 8250 Anise.
Winsor & Newton Promarker and Brushmarker users are encouraged to use G356 Forest Green,
G267 Bright Green, and Y747 Lemon. The two markers I used that weren’t Copic were indeed
Winsor & Newton, but I didn’t have either exact shade. I used G756 Lush Green instead
of the Forest Green, and Y657 Yellow instead of Lemon Yellow. Both of these pairs are neighbours
on my swatch chart, so I believe, like my Copic substitution of YG03 instead of YG05,
they’re just one shade off. Winsor & Newton Watercolour marker users are
suggested to use Hooker’s Green, Lemon Yellow Hue, and Sap Green. If you watched my #ColorsoftheMonth
video for August you’ll know I do have Lemon Yellow Hue, since I used it instead of the
suggested Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, as it was a suitably cooler yellow than my other
option, the regular Cadmium Yellow Hue. I don’t have many of the watercolour markers
yet, and I went with basically just the primaries, so I don’t own any greens at all. I have a
warm and cool yellow, a couple different blues including cyan and a warm and cool phthalo,
a primary red, a magenta, and a couple convenience shades. I could always mix for the challenge
colours, but then I’d basically be doing a real watercolour piece, and this is still
a marker challenge at heart. Krink NYC acrylic marker users are suggested
Yellow Green, Yellow, and Green. Tombow marker users are suggested 249 Hunter
Green, 055 Process Yellow, and 173 Willow Green.
Sakura Koi Coloring Brush users are suggested Sap Green, Yellow, and Yellow Green.
And the newcomer product at Universe of Markers this month, Karin Brushmarker Pro users are
suggested 281 Olive Green, 166 Canary, and 210 Apple. I have exactly 3 Karin markers
(well, 4 if you count the blender) from a ScrawlrBox a while back, and I love them!
I really want the whole set, but I’m holding off. I like Universe of Markers, and I’m so
glad there’s a company in North America offering the full range, but they are NOT priced well
with this particular product. They’re selling the open stock markers at $3.50 USD each,
and their box set prices work out to the same price per marker, no discount. I put them
all in my cart just to see what it would come out to with shipping to Canada, and when I
converted it to CAD, it was over $100 CAD MORE than having the full range box set shipped
directly from the manufacturer in Poland, and I that includes 3 blender markers which
my cart at Universe of Markers did not. I’m rather disappointed with that. I would probably
use them to pick up open stock replacements if I were ordering more than just that from
them in the future, when I do eventually own the full range, but at those prices I won’t
be getting the full range from them to start with.
Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got to say. It was a quick piece to do, so it’s fitting
that it’s also a short video. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!


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    Wow, only 40 minutes. Very cute piece and nice colors of the month, they are very similar but you did very well with them. Maybe if you outlined them they might have popped out more. But I like them either way, again very nice piece.

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