David Harbour Gets SNL Sketch Pitches from Late Night’s Mike Scollins

-Hey, guys.
I am here with David Harbour star of “Stranger Things”
and this week’s host on “SNL.” David, as someone who writes
a lot of sketches for a living, thought I would do you a solid
and pitch a few that might be fun
for this weekend. -Oh, that’s amazing. -Great. Alright.
-Great. Thank you. -Let’s get into it. First off,
“The Stranger Things.” It’s where someone sits
on their hand until it’s numb and then binge-watches
a whole season of television. -I don’t —
I don’t really get that one. It’s just — -It’s kind of all there
in the title, but, alright. We’ll move onto another one.
We’ll move onto another one. -Yeah, yeah. -This one’s called
“The Upside Downer.” So it’s like — It’s
the Upside-Down dimension, but it’s just, like, super sad. Like, anytime you see someone,
they’re like, “Did you hear about
what climate change is doing to the glaciers?” -Wow. This is for “SNL”?
These are pitches for “SNL”? -Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get it. -That sounds like
a bummer, though. It’s a comedy show. -Alright, well, if you see
what wins Emmys, but — Most comedies
are sad these days. Uh, alright. We got this one. -Yeah. -“David Harbour…
-Uh-huh. -…Offensive Barber.” This is where
you own a barbershop, but you’re always shaving
ethnic slurs into the back of people’s heads.
-Absolutely not. -Okay, I didn’t think
you’d take — -It rhymes, though.
I like the rhyming couplet. -And comedy always rhymes. Alright. You’re in
the new “Black Widow” movie… -I am.
-…which is amazing. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -This one is called
“Black Widower.” You’re a superhero
whose wife just died. -Okay. How did you get your job,
uh, at the show? -My dad is the NBC Peacock. -Okay. That makes
a lot of sense. -Last one. We got this one
right now. Ready? -Yeah, I have to — But I —
Yeah, please. -[ Stammers ]
We’re gonna do one more. -Yeah, yeah. -“Wayne’s World.” -Okay. You can’t just do
“Wayne’s World.” I mean, you know — -Not with that attitude. -[ Snorts ] -It’s a classic sketch. -It’s great to meet you.
-Alright! It’s great to meet you!
-Thanks for — -It’s a pleasure!


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