Day and Night Cats Willow Tree Q Tip Acrylic Painting for Beginners tutorial ???

I’m cinnamon Cooney Your Art Sherpa
Todays painting is dedicated to those people who are difference day and night but still
have a ton of love for each other this is going to be a really easy project
super friendly for beginners I’m going to show you every step of the process
get your paint get your brushes come back and meet me at the easel right now
let’s get painting together hey be sure and check the description below for the
complete materials list but let’s start by looking into materials to get the day
night sky in so I have a 9 by 12 canvas board right here it is pre gesso ready
to paint I don’t need to do another thing to it over here I have a yellow a
very bright orange red I have blue I have purple and I have white I have
brushes for acrylic painting and a splatter brush for stars let’s divide up
our canvas so we know where to put our night sky so at the bottom of the canvas
I’m going to come up about three fingers and make a little mark that’ll be the
top of my hell and very lightly so lightly I’m going to draw my Hill now I
need to divide the side this day and the side this night so I’m going to imagine
the side of my tree it’s coming up its wandering over its wandering back and
then we’re going to make just a very light line dividing these two sides of
the canvas in half decide for a black kitty this side for our white kitty once
we have that we can come over here to our brushes right here and I have a
number 12 black pearl bright this is a synthetic brush with stiff elements
ready paint I am taking water dragging off the extra and I’m going to get my
red paint I’m going to make sure that my brush is nice and loaded with my paint
and up here I’m going to come at the very top brushing down this warm warm
color for the side that’s my sunny side it’s the day side just making sure that that’s there as
I’m going down I’m going to get right into my yellow you see that here there’s
pigment on my brush still so it’s making an orange and this particular orange is
very bright and cheerful and I’m going to blend we’re going to have that blend
these two sides together and that beautiful real easy to do lots of fun
give a little more paint or we’re having trouble getting around the edge here
even though we’re going to be painting some black treat over that so you don’t
have to be too precious or careful I like to take my brush on the edge and
make some interesting little streaks going up rinse this out we’re going to
really want the bottom of our sky to be bright I’ve rinsed out my brush and
cleaned off I’m going to let a little of my orange get into my paint and I’m even
going to add a small amount of white because sometimes yellow is real
see-through once I have that I’m going to come from
the very bottom of my hill just brush up see how I’m letting it blend this
wonderful part of the sunset I need a little more white and yellow I can get
that just have that B and I just let it streak and blend right here I’m going to
rinse out my brush this is weirdly a great time to get fresh water for the
blue side of your painting I’m going to get my water put my brush in drag off
the extra and I’m going to do an interesting thing so I’ve got my purple
here and my blue and I’m going to mix those together those are the very dark
dark part of my sky and I’m going to paint down this side just like I did the red painting my
night side down I want it to be a deep night the purple really helps means that
you could do it just blue if you want to do now I’m going to get some worth just
blue I might even add a smidge of white to it
so it starts to brighten you see that there let’s very carefully when this lighter
part of the sky up I might need see a little more my purple and pull a little
of my dark sky down right here pulling it down into blue make sure this is dark
and getting lighter I’m going to rinse out my brush really really really well
wipe off and then we come over here and I’m going to get my white paint with
just a little blue on it see that right there the blue was already here so I’m
just using it I’m going to come up from the bottom blend this in here
I don’t want it to be too late because my white cat is going to be here but I
want it to feel light enough just feel like the night sky beside is vessels
trickiest part right there so you’re just going to figure out how to blend
that and I went too soft with the suicide and I’m going to show you a real
quick trick for stars I’m going to take my paper towel and I’m going to sort of
cover my sunny side of my painting where I don’t want my star flecks I’m going to
get my splatter brush and I’m going to put it in some white white paint I’m
going to just sort of rub that around with my finger and then over here I’m
going to splatter here some stars people worry about it going too far up the
canvas because we’re going to have a lot of this tree you can decide how starry you want your
night to be let’s look at the materials for the rest of this project remember
the complete list and more information is in the description below you have
green paint yellow paint bunches of q-tips bundled together with rubber
bands your black paint and your white paint I have a round brush with a nice
pointed end and a teeny tiny detail brush with a nice pointed end so let’s
start putting in our leaves I’m going to take one of my bunches of q-tips and I’m
going to just come over here gathering them together like this and dipping them
in my just green paint to begin with at the top of my canvas I’m going to start
dabbing this down I’m only going to take the main part of this these backgrounds
faraway leaves down a little bit the canvas and I’m also going to zigzag them
up and down just a little bit up and down this is my
first layer Sam I’m going up and down is going up up up up up down down up down
down down down down so just bury it up I like to also
sometimes get them on the edge and make my tendrils a little narrower I’m going
to come back with some really different fun colors but this is the base of my
tree and I’ve got to get it in it’s the rest of it is going to look great here
you can see it’s only about that much of my canvas you don’t have to perfectly
cover this but let’s come over to the day side and also just a little bit down
it doesn’t have to be the whole canvas you want to leave some of the sky I
don’t get fuzzy q-tips because of the kind I use and I do include that in the
description so you can get that exact one I’m going to just make sure that
this isn’t a straight line across I want some of these to fall down be different lengths so that they’re
interesting trees should be very interesting
once you have a basis now I can add a little yellow to my mix
and put a little of that through here just lightly before my top layer to give
my tree some interest and dimension but I want the top top top to be very very
dark here I’m going to let that rest for a minute and put this to the side
okay let’s paint in our Hill in our tree I’ve got my round brush this is a number
four and I’m going to load my black paint to the tip of this I’m going to
come in and I’m going to lay in first my tree in my trunk I’m going to imagine
the seed is down here on my hell I’m going to wander this up notice that I
kind of wiggle my hand a little bit this gives me interesting tree trunk with
which to work pulling this up into here now I’m going to come over I think I
want my tree to be about an inch at the base wander up it’s a very upright tree
so let’s give it a lot to have going on I’ll just paint all of this black with
my brush I’m just filling that in I’m looking to make sure that I’m liking
feel of my tree feels very natural yeah like it’s grown somewhere now I’m going
to paint in just the hill first just black and even though I’m going to have
a lot of grass on it I like to make sure that my lines aren’t just very smooth
and straight that’ll help me as I go silicide is not just a dome or a cup once that’s all painted black you can
add a couple branches to your tree you could say that an interesting little
branch might come off here about midway up and wander up into the foliage tree
branches sometimes do wandering up I’m very light on my brush pressure and I’m
making sure that my branches that come off the trunk are lighter and more
delicate than branches above it I think they’ll bring a branch out over here to
the right let me just go see a little branch that doesn’t have leaves on
anymore you can decide that later and I’m
bringing just a few up into my leaves just to make my tree interesting I can
go I can roll off my extra paint if it’s overloaded and do a little of my white
paint and come here and make it interesting not by making a little
circle maybe I’m going to make some little bark lines notice I’m wiggling my
gray around adding some interest to that a little bit coming up here so it’s
great it’s not bright white and I can bring any of that into my little
branches as I need it lightly lightly lightly that’s why I
keep my line plate yeah now that feels very like wood doesn’t it rinse this out
a little bit cause it’s a little heavy I’m going to add just paint anywhere I
need you to touch anything up I’ll put this aside for a second while this is
still drying and I’m going to get my little teeny tiny brush this is a number
zero round and it’s going to give me a lot of control over what I do so I’m
going to load my brush up with just a little bit of this and I’m going to
decide that my kitty is going to sit right about here and he’s going to be
about this high and so the first thing I’m going to do is draw a little circle
my white paint and I’m going to put little triangles up for ears a little tiny net coming down a little
bit now his body he’s kind of looking off into the distance over here so I’ll
bring his body over to the right what I like to do is bring a leg down maybe
like about a little friend that’s a leg that you can see the sliver of sky
through and then I can finish his body down here it’s going to be off we don’t
see it in the grass these two cats may be different as day and night but maybe
they’re best friends or their family and I think it’s fun to tell little stories
and paintings like this I’m just dipping in my paint and bringing it over here
now I want him to have an interesting tale so I’m going to come on the edge of
my brush pulling up lightly and then I think I’m going to just twirl that
around all right that’s all there is to painting him in
let’s paint in his friend my black paint and I’m going to come over here
find the spot on the hill make another little sort of squish circle for a kitty
hit a mere another little body going off one two
feet that kind of fun way to do kitties in one way that you can sit there and
say that these kitties are different from each others in their tails so how
you position the tail let’s show some different personalities maybe I’m going
to curl up let’s do that so similar but a little different now real fast I’m
going to show you how to do grass and we’ll do the whole hill you’re going to
take your small brush make little flicking strokes I like to imagine that
the wind is blowing in my tall grass and sometimes it goes to the right like this
sometimes it might come over and curve to the left and that’s a really helpful
thing around the kitty I don’t want to take out all the detail the legs I might
make the grass a little lower up through the tree have fun with this other side that’s blowing the grass backwards and forwards once you have
that you get to put in the rest of your beautiful dripping cascading voyage with
your Jew tips look at those q-tips so I have these
here several bunches just put aside and this is the top foliage so now when I
dab into the green I’m going to come over and get a lot more of my yellow I’m
going to start talking about this part of the tree
I won’t take out all my dark green and I’m going to be adding a lot of
dimensionality and even some different tendrils that are wandering down I like
to come on the edge of these again just to see how now we’re creating some
layers be in front of this little tree here you can take that down a little
story we brave tell your story nice around my tree starts to have shape
if your q-tips get a little fuzzy I find it’s nice so I like to have bunches of
them so if they give me any grief I come and just get some more I don’t have to
worry about it so much you don’t want to be fighting your
q-tips that’s crazy so you can see I’m just trying to tell
different stories about different parts of this tree skating down and then the
last color I like to dip into is actually believe it or not I like to get
in the green and the white know them to do some very bright tendrils here
at the end that’s super important yellow point the whole tree just the tendrils coming
down are you creating some drama a little drama there we are little drama on our tree so our two friends are together here
dear friend is day and night still good buddies still family still together that
was a lot of fun and I’m so excited to share another great q-tip painting
project with you I hope you enjoyed your day nitrene be good to yourselves be
good to each other and don’t forget to show me your painting online I’ll see
you at the easel really soon bye bye you

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