Delphi Double Murder Mystery: Police Release New Sketch | TODAY


  • M Detlef

    Can’t find a 60-year old?? Let’s look for a 25-year old!!!!!

  • Himynameis What

    He looked older than that sketch in the video , hopefully he’s dead in a ditch and suffered horribly

  • Jonah Oliver

    While the police held this news conference the killer was just outside stealing a cop car.

  • strictly business

    That sketch looks my buddy tj our college qb. Lol.

  • Anna Lexi

    Okay I think that sketch is way off!! The first one looks more like the guy in the video!! Middle aged!!

    The new sketch is of a man whose a lot younger!! But maybe the police is implying that it wasn’t the middle aged man on video..

    Maybe he was just an innocent passerby?!! & maybe the murderer was a younger man?!! But what about the voice clip??

    He sounds more middle aged there too!! It’s a little confusing!! I just hope the police are right!!!

  • GiVer

    Someone knows who this white devil is, some of you white people like to blame blacks and Hispanics for crimes but you white devils are evil!!!! You commit crimes and hide but eventually the light will always shine the dark.

  • Shan Nonymous

    the person saying "guys" doesn't sound like the one saying "Down the hill"

  • Lndin Galle

    You people can't see how he actually looks on the video. The FBI used advanced technology.. your eyes are useless compared.

  • B Lutty Lutz

    That guys definitely between late 30's to 50's might look younger than his age, but the way he dress's, hands in his pockets while he walks like older men do, his style of clothing makes him and older man though. Its someone that walks that area alot people just dont realize its him cause he seems so unlikely to do it, but now he doesn't walk there or maybe he does, put up trail cameras they say alot of killers go back to seen of crime for remembering, they say hes putting himself into the investigation how hard is it to remember any individual who matches that criteria.

  • Francesco Schettino

    Slow it down
    The man has a machete or something long in his right pant leg pressed against his inner leg.
    Slow it down, it is visible then not, but reappears.

  • True Crime Recaps

    Someone on Twitter pointed out that whoever did it left their phone so probably didn't realize that they had this video/audio recorded. SO, the murderer is probably over 35 or something. Kinda makes sense, right?!

  • Frankie Cash

    They have nothing..What a shame

  • Corp Whoops

    Hes a close friend or family member cause he didnt say it like in a mean way he said it like he new them like guys down the hill not DOWN THE HILL In a mean voice but the voice was creepy

  • Justyn Brodsky

    Hope they get this monster soon

  • ReligiousZombie

    When the killer is caught, he will be a Christian.

  • Renee Citizen Is this him?

  • Adams spirit communications. delusional

    Maybe it was just some guy walking.

  • Courtney Egnor

    Yeah because one step and one more word is going to help. We want this solved seems like the cops don’t.

  • Novel

    Gaw that sketch SUCKS!!!! Looks nothing like the guy on vid

  • Damian Bunting

    Um…..the cop sounds just like the audio…..and……seems to be moving very similarly. Just saying

  • Patrícia Lima

    As garotas filmaram o assassino e ninguém sabe quem é???
    Muito triste😢

  • Beonkia M

    Can these people seriously still not find this guy?? I thought police knew everything

  • 2x3yQ78#

    His hat is really distinct. I would investigate with the brand of clothes and where they are sold locally. The guy looks like he doesn’t shop for clothes often. His shoes too, and his pants look outdated like from 2006. Defintely someone who doesn’t update wardrobe often. Reddit could probably help find the brands of clothing he’s wearing.


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