Delphi Murders: Is the new sketch the answer?

Delphi, Indiana. A typical rural
Midwestern city with a true Main Street with quiet neighborhoods surrounded by sprawling farms. Just 90 minutes northwest of Indianapolis, Delphi
sits along the historic Wabash and Erie canals. Transportation put Delphi on the
map although today the area is largely farmland. Residents have long considered
Delphi a safe place to race their families but that changed forever in
February of 2017 when Kelsey German dropped off her little sister Libby and
her best friend Abby Williams at the historic Monon High Bridge where people
like to hike and take pictures. Police say the girls quickly encountered their
killer here on this abandoned railroad. It is in bad shape with wide gaps open
to the creek more than 75 feet below. Police say this is the man who followed
them on that bridge. The grainy, unclear, image appears to show the man wearing
baggy light washed jeans. He could be wearing a hat. He could have facial hair.
Libby took this video with her cell phone. During the recording the man gave them an order. Police won’t say what happened
next but on February 14th 2017 the bodies of Abby and Libby were found
along the creek a half mile from the bridge. Cops say it was a brutal murder. “We are following breaking news tonight out of
Indiana, someone has murdered two girls…” “The search is on for a killer in the
small city of Delphi.” “Oh, everybody’s upset. They just can’t believe somebody
would do that to those school girls.” “Delphi it’s always quiet but today feels different. You can feel the pain.” “Where a manhunt is still underway for the killer or killers
of these two young girls.” Within months police released this sketch saying the
description came from two witnesses. They thought he was a man in his 40s or 50s
who may have been passing through maybe a truck driver someone who could kill
two girls and not feel any remorse. Well police now say that man is not involved
and they are looking for someone new. “I believe you had just a little bit of a
conscience left…two children only a coward would do such a thing.”
Two years into this massive investigation the multi-agency task
force shocked the city by releasing this sketch of the new suspect. It made me
very nervous, yeah.” This is a depiction of the man who police now believe followed
the girls on the High Bridge and murdered them. They say he’s younger than they first thought and is probably from Delphi and
could still be living among the families of his victims. They say he’s the kind of
guy living a double life the kind of person who would show up to the news
conference to hear what investigators had to say, “Directly to the killer, who
may be in this room, we believe you are hiding in plain sight…for more than two years you never thought we would shift gears to a
different investigative strategy but we have…we know that this is about power to
you and you want to know what we know and one day you will…a question to you
what will those closest to you think of when they find out that you brutally
murdered two little girls we are confident that you have told someone what you have done. Investigators also release the first new
evidence from Libby’s cell phone in two years. Additional audio from the video
that Libby captured. She was able to capture that what we see and then the
sound. Do you think she did that on purpose?
Absolutely I think she saw this person coming towards them and just sensed that something wasn’t right. Probably was gonna record it and come home and show us and say look there was a weird guy you know?
Residents tell me the new direction in the investigation shocked them most
hadn’t considered the suspect could be living among them. Next door even. They
say the state police superintendent was trying to force a response. “I think he
was trying to rattle or kind of shake someone out of the woods if he was like
hiding in the background you know so make him think that maybe yeah we do
know who you are and it is just a matter of time. “Wherever you are we’re gonna get you we’re gonna find you.” That new announcement has done little to answer the big questions in this case number one who did this and why yeah
that is the question in Delphi and everywhere else why wait two plus years
to release the additional audio as we heard it said guys down the hill sound
from Libby’s cell phone and the video of that person walking on the bridge who
police believe is the man that killed those girls and I was there Mike as you
know in Delphi on that bridge it’s about seventy-five feet up I mean it is
frightening and the man on that bridge looks like uh he’s just walking on the
sidewalk want to bring in our guests now Casey let’s talk to you first I was
there at the presser a lot of anxiety in the room and the authorities took aside
the family members first about an hour prior to the announcement telling them
the details they know I saw a couple family members coming out crying the
grandmother of Libby saying I’m anxious and I felt that way too you felt sort of
anxious and then they unveiled the new sketch right it was hidden by a red
board armed police officer guarding that and this is what was released and there
was a gasp in the room because this looks completely different from the
other sketch and that was all intentional the tension building the
orchestrated nature of it the delivery of it the unveiling of the new
photograph to basically the announcement that everything we’ve been looking at
for the last two years is moot pay attention because this is the guy we’re
looking for and that one line he could be in the room was meant to send shivers
down your spine and I guarantee you that law enforcement was there scanning the
room looking to see if anyone not only looks like this but got up and left or
looked really nervous or it was meant to provoke the killer now do they really
expect him to be in the room no they had to consider that was a possibility but
really what they’re trying to do is re-ignite interest in this case with
this new sketch because this represents who they’re looking for now they have a
new vision and one of two things they either know a lot about this person they
have a particular person in mind and the sketch really looks like him or they
have a new witness and they are really needing more tips to bring it all
together so that they can actually map DNA and the evidence they do have on
hand with an actual person he looks so young to me Joey dr. Susan I was very
impressed with that press conference I was impressed with the whole
superintendent the manner in which he conducted it and the emotion that he had
– excellent job covering it by the way I couldn’t imagine how you felt being in
there the tension as you raised but I think it’s important when law
enforcement is on a case that they don’t work in a vacuum
law enforcement often depends upon communities what do you know was in
community and it is heartening also that after a couple of years we know that
they’re not slowing down and they’re sending the message you know what we’re
on to you we got you we think you’re a person who’s in this community we’re
going to release information to everyone and every man woman and child if you
know a person that looks like this you know someone who looks similar like this
you know someone who walks like that right releasing the audios the videos
getting all the information together getting community involvement and
perhaps bringing this person and you don’t think they’re bluffing
you know what what here’s what I think Casey I think that they’re that they’re
working the case very diligently but I do think that you know the saying see
something safe and I think that they’re really depending and leaning upon a
community which is close knit tightly knit you know a closely knit community to
come forward with anything and everything you know to help us crack and
there was a lot of time to give us some time to get there
Maureen I saw ABC NBC Inside Edition everybody was there by design you say?
Absolutely by design and I thought it was a brilliant strategy and you’re
right they’re not giving up at all they’re ramping up and you can tell that
every one of those law-enforcement officers was just desperately invested I
think the reason that they took so long to release the video in part is due to
the fact that when you look at the way this man walks on the bridge that’s not
a natural gait it’s not a normal gait and if you look at the topography as you
talked about those are railroad ties partially eroded so you’re you’re gonna
hop step yeah you fall it’s over for you and not only is it over for you but it’s
a horrible depiction of how a person actually walks right I think the value
in the way in releasing that extra that show the way he walks is to show
that in the initial photograph he looked very heavyset but in that video that
short video you can see that his legs are thinner and you can see that his
jacket bow do you think he’s hiding something under the jacket I think he’s
got all of the things he needs to commit the crime stuffed under that jacket I was
there two months ago and they said the lead detective in this that they had DNA
evidence what do you what is most important you have it what’s new the
increased audio that we hear the seeing of the gate an abandoned car the new
sketch what are you really picking up on I got to tell you Mike one of the things
that kind of haunted me I think was probably the audio coming around to that
because now we have a larger sample than we previously had remember it was just
down the hill but then you’ve got guys and I know that doesn’t sound like a lot
but it it it implies kind of a connectivity here he’s identifying these
these little girls giving them a specific directive and if you can listen
to him say it it’s very bold when he says it guys
he gets their attention down the hill I was talking to Maureen just a moment ago
and I think that that one of the things that’s really compelling here is I
wonder if the FBI’s come forward and assigned a linguist not to get a
specific identity but to regionalize that accent because now they’ve got a
larger sample here and I think that that that’s gonna go a long way to getting
this I don’t know about you guys but I say that all the time even to my kids
like guys come here but it’s familiar to me and I think it also it suggests a
younger suspect I really do you think I think it’s far more likely that somebody
in their 20s would say guys come down or maybe he knows them you never know


  • Marcus Grillo

    Superintendent Doug Carter sounds a lot like the killer's audio to me. Sounds crazy, but it does!

  • Edd 1

    I hope they catch him and give him the death penalty

  • Fred T Rideshare

    Definitely an older man…sounds like the state trooper who gave the speech 🤔

  • omystarz z

    This picture makes me think BG has a mullet or longer hair

  • Michol Akinola

    What that whole town incest they all look tf alike im starting to be confused

  • Kara here

    They should put the two sketches next to each other to see what's similar about them! Also the man in the tape did not sound like a young man he sounded more like a man in his 40s or older

  • Dawn break

    "Just passing though…maybe a truck driver" um…. I wouldnt have a clue that it was even ok to walk on that bridge nor would i….as a visitor…feel comfortable walking around there. This is in no way a visitor…this person knows that area! I believe it was the grandfather….

  • Dawn break

    The way he said" guys….down the hill" …his tone was like he was annoyed…like they started to cross the bridge hoping he wouldnt follow them anymore if they went that way and possibly tried getting to the other side fast once they got off the bridge he said in a ok enough is enough "guys down the hill"

  • Dawn break

    The new is the grandfather

  • Shawnda Johnson

    I don't understand how a completely different sketch has been released. This is nothing like the first sketch that was released. . What's new with the investigation? These families deserve justice

  • lu lz

    RELEASE THE DAMN FULL AUDIO It's been over 2 years: YOUR STRATEGY DOESN'T WORK She recorded him for a reason so release it already!

  • Kris Edwards

    Just confess Supt Doug Carter!!! Its time for closure

  • Lisa Martin

    You can tell they edited the sound. You can hear a girl say OMG!! Maybe they recognized him or seen a gun. Sad

  • Jay Win

    OMG!!!!!! Somebody explain to me how they can completely change the police sketch!!??? WTF?

  • Izze

    Won’t be surprised if they somehow find his DNA and make an arrest this year or the next.

  • Labrador mom

    The man on the bridge was older and heavier set than this face suggests. This new mock up is just confusing things. The man on the bridge was most likely, in his 50’s. His build, voice and way of walking, all suggest an older man. This drawing does not fit with the body of the man on the bridge. The first drawing actually did.

  • Jane Doe

    I think it’s Jake Patterson from WI

  • Lee Yah

    Looks like he is wearing a Dogear hat.sounds like he's in his late 30's early 40's. Hope the victim's and families get justice.

  • dent20111

    All smoke.
    They have nothing
    Video and audio and they still cant catch him.
    Talk about incompetence. This investigation has been a disgrace.

  • Aaron Bradley

    Of course he's Bridal in the fucking bushes you dumb fat bitch I've heard so many you people trying to fucking just like you're trying to ease this guy's mind I can put out that they obviously are closing in on him! Come on motherfukers you lie about Trump all the time you going to fucking fuck the cops over so this fucking sicko fuck you fucking people

  • Mac Mail

    The man on the audio is not the man on the bridge — the police have earlier alluded to this. Two people may be involved.

  • tice sine

    " the suspect is hiding in plain sight" . these police have lost the plot, and confused everyone with a new sketch. If the suspect was in delphi , the sketch would have generated an answer very quickly. Lets face it, they dont have a clue who did this, and the citizens of delphi obviously have screwed up everything with all of their USELESS TIPS! Have the hell do you have that many tips and nothing pans out? They wont catch this guy, and if they actually think hes sitting in that town still , they dont have a chance. Botched.

  • liten48

    ,they got nothing ,its gone cold new sketch dosnt look like anyone

  • MrFartyman44

    So the first sketch they say was of the guy on the bridge? But then they said the video of the guy was cleared and there is a new sketch? So what happened? Did someone at the park witness a man and gave his description to the sketch artist and they find that man and find out he was just some guy who was at the park? So then how do they get the new sketch? The whole thing seems mishandled by the police especially how he is attacking the killer at the press conferences. You really think you're going to get under the skin of a man who kills children by calling him a coward? And I doubt he told anybody like the police said. It just seems completely bizarre that the police have audio and video yet can;t find this guy.

  • Genius Time

    He raped at least one of the girls, they are talking about him using his "power" it's pretty clear to me. The police botched the investigation from the start, I believe the murderer might be in law nforcement .

  • Garrett Johnston

    They will never get this guy he's not in that room at all
    If so did he leave or confront him
    Voise sounds older I believe this guy is much older
    Maybe a smoker
    By the sound bite

  • courtnie westerfield

    Wtf?!?!. They still have no fucking clue who did this. Dont let this case go cold. EVER!!! Who ever did this is worse then a coward. He is a worthless piece of shit. He is not original in what he did. He definitely doesn't deserve credit. Other typical killers have done this. Nothing special about this piece of shit.

  • Deanne kliene

    Profiles set this up so he will do something , make a move…maybe he will grow a beard or shave his head….

  • Deanne kliene

    SOMEONE KNOWS THIS GUY! Either they are afraid to come forward or discounting the idea that its someone they know….

  • Linda Svalesen

    I wonder if she captured their murder on audio. And l wonder if we ever get to hear it.

  • Debbie Darrah


  • Gavrie Hosler

    Y’all I am from this area I know the officers and I knew the girls this has been one of the hardest cases within our community

  • *

    Mike Patty killed her he confessed

  • steve

    They called off the search the night of the killings because they said it was too dark.. One girl was still alive because the coroner said she died of hypothermia . So why are they impressed with the cops..? retards

  • PoodleParti

    I never knew the bridge was so high. The bridge looks scarier than the guy.

  • MissX905

    1:59 BG?

  • Michol Akinola

    The killer is in that red hoodie

  • Just The Facts

    I hear , "guys , get down the hill"

  • Dark Paw Paranormal

    Was there any dna evidence?

  • Gitana Fox

    I feel like whomever did this has killed before. As for "guys" I say thay to kids I don't know personally all the time. Furthermore, the person has to be a person in a power position because of the way the officer spoke. A member of the church maybe? An educator? Business owner?

  • Corey Fellows

    You know…. Shame on the family for dropping off two kids to play on a crumbling train tresell .

  • Corey Fellows

    Everyone's a expert on the new sketch and the guy not being old enough…. Seriously??

    Did it occur to you that perhaps the police have more video then they are releasing??
    Not to mention perhaps having physical evidence or maybe even belongings I
    Of his…

  • Iron Maven

    That rickety bridge is TERRIFYING! What in the hell…why isn't access to the public closed? So dangerous without handrails smh…

  • Anna Banana

    I hope the police have DNA. And if so they should do a ‘Golden State Killer’ style search.

  • K Drizzi

    There are better videos of GK’s voice to compare to bridge guy (BG). Including him saying “guys” multiple times. One sounds EXACTLY like BG. Again, listen to the Crime Pursuit podcast, it has it all.

  • Deanne kliene

    People know who he is… To not come forward is as bad as doing the killings themselves… God will find u….. It's terrible that they put their friend or family member murderer before justice for these little girls, SHAME ON U!

  • Josie Smith

    Could be a cop.

  • Tylor Durdin

    awe man justin timberlake how could you!

  • James Fleming

    No ,that new sketch is bull.Not calling the police incompetent fools here.They are not magicians.No doubt in my mind that they are busting their asses trying to resolve this.But I truly believe that they don't have a clue.And this guy is not local.He is 8 states away pulling the same crap.But this time he's taking cell phones.Will they ever catch him?….
    Not what I feel but what I think……50/50.

  • Mannal Eldin

    symptoms of twitchy low please stop swearing it offends my virgin ears if you are what you think you are good but leave it privately to yourself goodbye

  • Mannal Eldin

    And furthermore I don't like the b word that rhymes with which but it's just the bee and some bee

  • Mannal Eldin

    Oh come on slam dunk won't are we a big eboob

  • Norma njp

    A pychic said it's someone from the school they went to.

  • Mindy Luvu

    I am not familiar with this case, However how in daylight did not one person see him ?
    Wondering if there is any underground space in the woods. Need blueprint of the bridge. Is there a hiding place in those woods- A hunting cabin? A Trap now being used as a hiding place?
    Strange case— God Bless these young girls. We have the same tracks in my backyard.. Without the right shoes on ….It takes me forever to catch up to my son.
    Someone knows something about 2 girls, and NEEDS to COME FORWARD…. LIES are Cancerous to the soul, The sooner he comes forward the voices will stop. The truth shall set you free, and ppl will appreciate the TRUTH. Dont leave the moma*s in LIMBO forever. Please someone speak up. Life is too short to carry this burden. God Bless from CT ♡

  • Kara Karin Stearns

    I'm only halfway through the video but it seems to me that the police are actually still going with an older man and put out a sketch of a younger man, very generic looking, to try and throw the murderer off into thinking that they are way off base so they might make a mistake in thinking they are off the hook. The voice is definitely not a young man, sounds at least 40 if not older and the man walking behind them looked older although, he didn't seem to be "hunting prey". He looked like he was just taking a stroll, however, if that man was present, why hasn't he come forward considering he must have been around to notice any other men in the area. I really think the police are trying to manipulate the killer by putting out that new sketch and changing the age. They are probably still looking for an older man and someone who doesn't resemble the new sketch.

  • Kara Karin Stearns

    Yeah, nope. It's a fluke sketch. The person in the new one is very general, it's meant to not specifically look like one person but also look like a lot of people at the same time. It's also way too young. They are not looking for someone that looks like the new sketch. They are just trying to make the actual killer feel like he has gotten away with it to provoke him into making him a mistake. It's actually kind of a smart move but it doesn't look like it's working unfortunately.

  • Tex Assholdem

    He's definitely older !!!

  • Richa Trivedi

    That man is not a human. To have killed two innocent girls in such brutal manner. Just imagine the horror 😨

  • Kyoji Kasshu

    wait..there was a video? i thought the girl only took pictures –why not just give people the fill audio?

  • kaitlyn Amira

    I dont feel like that audio clip is enough. Three words? Why couldn’t they have given us a little bit more so we could hear the tone of that person’s voice a lot clearer. You don’t get much of an idea with those three words. Especially how garbled the quality is. If we had a longer clip we would have a better idea.

  • Tricia Carter

    To me the clothing the walk looks like an older man to me

  • omystarz z

    I think BG looks like Garrett Kirts. Seriously I see him.

  • paul Drake

    Yeah, those new tips will crack the case for sure.  That's the missing piece for the public to solve this.

  • Emily Stemp

    he didn't sound like or look a younger men

  • Miss Steak

    All I'm going to say is that, if this were a ploy to try to force someone to come out and admit it, they better really be confident that the new sketch looks like them. If they released a new sketch just to try to force someone to come forward and it looks nothing like the person, they just gave said person the idea that they have gotten away with it. And If they feel they have gotten away with it once, they will definitely think they can do it again.

  • 10 66

    Total bluff. They police are trying to get the suspect to panic. Won't work.

  • uabshfourtyfour sh

    This man who did this crime works closely to the police department he do a lot of volunteer work! Divorce middle age man…..he's a mentally depressed that really need closure or to be caught this has been eating at his conscious! He lives in Delphi!

  • Josh V

    There has to be at least one surveillance footage at a local gas station that has this fucker on tape from the day he killed these girls

  • blueravenfilms

  • mark g.

    I think someone had prearranged to meet them there. I think that person was pretending to be someone else, This explains why these events transpired so quickly after the girls got there, he was waiting for them. This was not random, who would have believed they would find young victims there on a school day. You want someone with a history of seeking out sexial relations with minors. Sadly, you got Andy and Barney leading the investigation, what a silly press conference.

  • Mike

    Former football player or coach ..maybe left that area came back he knows that bridge maybe check the yearbooks for the last 20 years or so she's like somebody recognize that guy also looks like he maybe had a knee injury from playing football maybe they knew him ..some kind of position of authority…. My two cents worth anyway

  • David Wittberg

    How the hell can they think a 20 YO dude is going to wear that generic Wallmart crap. Also the "guys" sound like some middle age guy trying to relate to youth. Nah wont solve it this way.

  • Astrid Latham

    How were the girls killed?? Beaten, strangled, stabbed?? Were they sexually assaulted??

  • Joey Cappella

    I feel there getting closer someone will make a mistake

  • Valerie Stout

    He looks young when he turns to the side. Dark hair.. looks like. Its quick as the video moves but the side of his face

  • My Baby Has Style

    🗣Ioon know….The Officer👮🏻‍♂️ sounds like the audio recording⁉️📽 👀✌
    ("He Could Be In The Room")🤤🤤😱

  • foxibot

    The police finally got closer to a younger guy, because most people don’t understand sex predators of young kids start offending young. I felt like the 1st pic was wrong, because I looked at his build and face on that blurry pic. I agree with the woman his legs and hips are slimmer. This feels closer.

    I had studied a case when I was living in Florida of a 13 year old boy who was kidnapped and murdered. He was released at 21 after being in a juvenile facility he went to the big house and he did not want to go back, so when a psychiatrist asked me if I thought the kid was alive I said, no, he has killed him because as a child sex offender he does not want to go back to adult prison.

    Unfortunately I was right. It did not comfort me being right. This is why sealing juvenile records and not sentencing violent or sexual predators to life without parole is wrong. They get out just to harm again. Either create facilities for criminally insane for life or send them to prison for life. They don’t belong being released back into society. I hope they opened up juvenile sex crimes in their area and the surrounding areas.

  • Ashley Yarbrough

    If they don't conduct investigation right they are never going to catch this guy and if he watched any of these videos of what people say about him he might be killing even more people

  • Jimmie Rustler

    They ain't gonna find him if they think he was sitting in on that press conference. Dudes probably a mentally handicapped son of a pig farmer.

  • MovieWatcher

    I've listened and watched and think: Down the hill? What hill? They were on a railway bridge 75 feet above water. He mustve marched them completely over to the other side and then down some slope. Because where he is now, theres no hill. I know years have passed but I would take another look at the crime scene and dig around. He may have dropped something, a comb or keys, something must be there.

  • Galaxi 7

    They took a video of him for a reason. He must have been an opportunist, saw the girls and took his chance to attack.
    What DNA evidence do they have. Can they check cell phone towers and see who's phone was closest in the area.

  • Steven

    Cops are such tools lmao That press talk was 100% cringe

  • Kris Edwards

    Unless law enforcement is willing to arrest one of their own it will go unsolved. Shame on you Doug PIG Carter.

  • Kris Edwards

    God Damn that sounds exactly like the Superintendent Doug Carter

  • Hotlegs Hoolihan

    I can tell from the brief recording that he has an Indiana accent. He is from the state, but not the general area. He very likely spent significant time in the area of the bridge specifically to find and stalk a victim. He probably split immediately after and likely left the state. He will kill again and in all likelyhood has killed before and probably has past accusations or charges of child molesting. Just my theories. Their best bet on catching him is not the photo or recording. It will be a familial link to his DNA. They WILL get him.

  • xoxokeedie

    The person in the video walks with a limp… maybe whoever it is broke something? Or had hip problems(older person) no offense but Look into that

  • Sheree Hardin

    He was around 40 50 or 60. Not 30. That's a fat grandpa. The hell, is the county covering for the killer? The first pic is very likely him. Idiot cops! (Unless they have a plan. But it's a dumb plan cuz he's old and fat! Why didnt they sketch an old fat made up guy???)

    This is sick…why is the new one NOT a thing like the video?

  • Mary R Guy

    Could use of the term "guys" refer to others involved in this crime. Could he be telling his accomplices to take the girls down the hill? I have a hard time with the idea that this one person could have handled both girls. Libby appears to be very strong and could be a fighter.

  • Mary R Guy

    what was the temperature that day. It is mid February and mid-winter. The bulkiness of the jacket seems to indicate he has multilayered to keep warm!

  • Juilian and Janita Snead

    Do you think she did that on purpose? WTF lady…she did it for shits and giggles🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Juilian and Janita Snead

    They have nothing…they don’t know anything. It’s been 2 years. The person that did this is probably in construction. Check out the way he walks unafraid? I would say look for a construction worker that is into child porn. Abby has been on that bridge a few times and the way that Libby captures her walking on this bridge is totally different than the man walking on the video.

  • Charlie Hunt

    The sketch makes me think he’s a relatively good looking young man. But is he?

  • Gary Mayo

    This sketch has the face features too small for the skull size

  • Gary Mayo

    Read between the words in the news conferences. It’s a police officer.

  • Christina Dobz

    How did the killer know they were going to be there? Same time and place. Too much of a coincidence.

  • Michelle Van Deventer

    Did they perhaps go there to meet someone? Have they investigated whether or not the girls spoke to someone either online or in the community and arranged to meet someone there, why did they take that the video of the man, they either were feeling threatened or were taking the video of someone coming to meet them.

  • Marie Ferriera


  • Doomer K Kid

    There's this new technology where as long as they have your DNA they can find out who you are even if your DNA has not been processed somewhere. Only a relatives DNA has to have been process somewhere.

  • Al Golfo

    Law Enforcement know who BG is. The 2nd photo is misdirection,they do not want BG to flee. He is still in the area. The 2nd photo will make BG feel comfortable knowing LE is way off. They are putting a rock solid case together to put this scumbag away for life.

  • Sasha Harney

    They should be staking at their graves at birthdays or death dates.


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