Derwent Drawing Pencils: Review UPDATE

hi guys and welcome to a quick bonus video in this video I’ll be doing an update review on the Derwent drawing series I’ve already done a an in-depth review and analysis and a demonstration of the twelve set of this series and you can watch that if you click the link up here in the top right I really recommend that you watch that video before you continue with this one if you haven’t seen it already so in this video we’ll be looking at the color choices that are present in the 24 set comparing that to what is present in the 12 sent as well as comparing the quality between an old set and a new set of these during don’t chlorine pencils I’ll also be having a quick look at how they compare to some other popular brands namely prismacolor and polychromos color pencils so I was first introduced to this series of color pencils at my local art shop which had a couple of colors available open stock so I brought those this was the first pencil or one of the first pencils that I bought which is a very old possibly the first version of this pencil and then I went ahead and bought the twelve set a few months back because I really loved how the tense worked and as you can see this is the old logo the old do–it logo I bought these brand new from Amazon but apparently I was send an old Tim which is fine I didn’t have a problem with them so no and because I love these so much I really wanted to get the whole complete set which is unfortunately only 24 colors but here we are and I bought them a couple of weeks back I bought both these tins from Amazon I believe I paid about twelve pounds for this set and I bought this new sector almost 23 pounds I think so that’s a quick closer look at the different styles of packaging so another reason why I wanted to upgrade to the 24 set was because the 12 doesn’t contain any greys and soon I am planning on doing a commission using go and during pencils of two gray dogs so I was really desperate for some gray pencils so as you can see there is little bit of a difference between the old and the new pencils the old pencils have a clear orange tinted lacquer so you can still see the wood grain underneath and you can still feel the wood grain some extent where is the new pencils they have a peak orange layer which has a more matte finish to it I prefer the feeling of the newer ones I think they’re more comfortable to hold and this is a quick look again at that very old pencil which has a different color code and doesn’t have any end caps on them and I think it’s important to know the difference between the different iterations of this pencil because there are some subtle differences in their color and formula which I’ll go into right now so here on this column i’ve swatched out all of the pencils available in the 12 set as well as the Phoenician red here and you can tell that there it is in some places quite coastal difference between the colors from the 12 and 24 set so if you are going to replace an older set with newer pencils do you make sure that you Reese watch all your new pencils out so that you don’t end up making a mistake and realizing that you haven’t quite got the right color to prove that this seriously is the same color I’ll swatch those two out again [Music] [Music] there is a subtle difference in the formulation as well I found that the newest set is a little bit softer and a little bit dustier as well so personally I find they apply a little bit more smoothly than the old set which I don’t have a problem with I thought that the original formulation was great but this is just fighting you an improved version so yes that’s the difference I’ll leave a link to the entire swatch sheet down below in this description block box so you can compare what colors are available in the six twelve and the 24 set if you are interested in purchasing purchasing one of those sets I will also scan this in and leave a link to a website with this image so that you can have a look to see the differences between the colors as well moving on this is the entire reflection swatch out you can ignore these two columns here I was playing around with my polychromos and prisoner colors to see what colors I had available in those sets that would be close approximations to be 24 set here and that was for two reasons really the first one was that I wanted to see how different the colors available in the 24 set were because they are a muted color palette and I find them to be quite different to a traditional or a more traditional color pencil set the other reason was because I found that the color range here is just gorgeous in that colors seem to complement each other really well so I thought that maybe if you guys were interested in the colors themselves rather than the actual pencils and you could find your close approximations the sets that you own the sets here that I compared were the prismacolor premier 72 set and the faber castell polychromos 60 set and as you can see in the sort of brown spectrum or pretty brown end of the spectrum the colors in the prismacolor and faber castell sets are very similar you can find very close approximations but the greens and some of the other colors it was quite difficult to find pencils in of the other sets that would closely match those colors down here I did a few blending tests to see how much I could blend the colors to create newer colors because if I was so limited with just leave 24 pencils and they seem to blend really well so if there’s definite improved heating creating more colors with the limited collection might have in terms of lay down I found that they lay down is creamier AXI similar to prismacolor but I found that they had a better pigment load which is sort of more similar to the amount of pigment that you would get from a polychromos so these pencils lay down very smoothly very quickly and have lovely even coverage and strong pigments I think these pencils and are excellent value for money considering amount of pigment each pencil has but also that they are light fast all of them except one come in at an 8 on the blue world scale the only one that is a seventh is the inked blue here which would still count as very light fast so no problem selling commissions or creating archival work with these pencils so that about summarizes things really all in all I think these are an excellent pencil to start off with if you’re interested in in particular in creating wildlife art pet portraits or landscapes maybe a fantastic set to start with or if you’re a pencil collector like me I think they make an excellent addition to any collection if you have any questions feel free to ask ask them in the comment section down below and I’ll answer them as soon as I possibly can if you found this video interesting and useful please give it a like don’t forget to subscribe if you’re interested in seeing reviews tutorial speedpaint and challenges have a lovely week and i’ll see you in the next video


  • Gina ́sArtCorner

    Nice updated prewiev on this pencils 🙂 they seem really nice!
    Its interesting how different the same brand can be

  • alien creation

    I only have the 6 set

  • EphygeniA

    Hello dear ^__^
    what's the main difference between the old and the new set? except the difference between colours?.. you said the new series is more soft, dusty and smooth…
    Can you (I know it's tough!) tell me How Much different they are…? is it a big difference? and this difference is showing in the "feel" of the pencil while using it, or in the final result?

  • lorrane

    Are the barrels of the pencils in the new set, thinner ? or not

  • Bryan Roosien

    Are any of the new ones water soluble? I have some old ones that look like the v red that you showed that disolve when wetted. The white I have does not.

  • MaZEEZaM

    Pencil collector, Yes I can attest to that. These look like great pencils, shame they are limited to a tin of 24.

  • JM Filippi

    I just bought the set of 24 on Amazon. These are wonderful pencils.
    But I have a problem, the 6220 Sanguine and the 6210 Mars orange have exactly the same colors. Is it normal, or is it perhaps a packaging error?
    thank you for your reply

  • Sylvie Dufour

    Great video Claudia, very informative and Helpful! Thank You xx

  • Watch it

    The newest box seems to have Woods on them now. I can only find the fox box as a 12 set on German Amazon Currently which you have with woods. Another mini change and update I suppose Im getting confused with the Package Designs. 😀

  • Susanne G.

    Great video and very helpful! I just ordered a box of 24 at Amazon Germany. I just love your videos. Well done!!

  • Jennie French

    I have the same set. When I first got them the olive earth had bad cedar and lost a lot of tip. Then I went to use them and one other color did the same. I love the chinese white, black and ink, well all the rest. Too bad they aren't available open stock. It is quite a loss. Great video these pair up great with other brands.

  • ChristineD

    Thank you for these videos, you give so much info that i know exactly what I’m getting if I decide to purchase and I did! Oh joy! They are creamy and lay down like a dream. The polychromos are on their way and am so excited! Already started a drawing but will have to wait since these aren’t really meant for details! I love your work, even my husband is blown away from your art and what I’ve learned the most is patience and perseverance is the key here with coloured pencils. Again thank you for all your videos!

  • Hufflepuff Fairy

    oooh I loved the design of the old pencil casing better…showing the wood and varnished…looked more high end. Nice to know the newest ones are a bit smoother 🙂


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