Derwent Procolour Colored Pencil Review and Comparison.

hello this is Karia again and I have
another video for you Tuesday today I will be doing at last my review of the
Derwent Pro color pencils if you follow me on instagram or if you are patron
over on patreon you’ve already seen a little bit of a preview of this but I
wanted to do a full review of the Derwent Pro color and now the folks at
Derwent did send me this for review which was really awesome because these
are new pencils and they are a little bit more on the pricey side since
they’re new and I’m hoping that the price will go down a little bit so I
really appreciate them sending me out this for review so let’s get started so
those of you who are new this is coloring carrier I do adult coloring and
colored pencil reviews and what I do is I talk about the pencils in general and
then after I’ve talked about them in general a little bit then we’re going to
swatch them and then after we swatch them I’m going to show you some sample
pieces that I’ve made although I’ll preview some of the sample pieces and
I’ll go more in detail about these sample pieces that I made and then at
the very end I will do a comparison with a lot of other brands basically all the
other brands that I have these little swatch cards for so we will be comparing
them to a whole bunch of other brands towards the end of the video but anyway
let me show you really quickly and I’ll go into this more detail later on in the
video but I wanted to show you this that I made this is a this is a page from
Hanna Lin it’s her pocket coloring book and I did this with just the colors in
the pro color set and this is another little piece that I made and again I’ll
go over this more in detail later on and video so these are the colors that came
in this set so the folks editor one sent me is set of 36 Derwent Pro color
pencils so these were newly released this year in 2017 which is a big you
know there’s not it’s not very often that an entirely new line appears so
this is super exciting they have a new line of colored pencils as for whether
or not they are wax or oil it is on I cannot find anything official to tell
me if they are wax or oil-based this is what they say exactly what they say in
the Derwent website the Derwent pro colored pencils are the perfect
combination of a strong point and a smooth lay down with a texture that has
the covering power of wax yet glide like an oil pencil so that doesn’t exactly
say which one it is a lot of people have said that they are oil
both or that they are one or the other to me they feel like a harder wax based pencil you know look there’s you know none of these companies give you
their formulation and so you know based on some how it’s made videos or so on
I’ve always believed that they you that most companies use a little bit of both
you know kind of like when you’re making you know what you’re making candies
sometimes you’ll add a little bit of salt for flavor and stuff like that so I
always felt that they were they used a little bit of both but anyway as for I
know for some people this is really important anyway so I don’t want to go
on too long about this but the final thing is I don’t know for sure my guess
is that these are mostly wax based pencils with maybe some oil for specific
effects but that’s only a guess and that’s not you know 100% certain that’s
just based on their website and what they say and based on the information
that they have available so that’s that hopefully we can set that to rest early
on and these come in a number of sets they do come open stock which is very
important because these are relatively pricey pieces are they may shift over
time so what I’m going to do normally I give you what the prices are in the
video I’m not going to do that because the price has changed so much and since
these are so new I feel like the prices are going to shift a lot so I will
instead I will give you their pricing information down in the description
below but they do come in sets of 12 24 36 which is what this set is and a 72
set as well as showing up open stock so the main the next thing I want to do is
I want to talk to you about the pencils themselves one of the things that I
found with some of the other Derwent pencils
especially the inktense is that when you first when you unwrap the packaging
there’s like a little bit of a smell from the paint or from something and
these don’t have that these have a very different sort of finish it’s a very
soft matte finish that is really just really very nice to hold and when you
first hold these these is just a really very very nice thing to hold so so these
feel wonderful to hold in your hand like you know so that’s a really really good
plus let me see what else I believe they should be bonded to the wood although I
did have I think it was this color but I ended up using them so much that I can’t
tell which color I did have a color where a little bit chipped off it didn’t
cause the whole barrel to break that could have happened in shipment or in
anything but I did want to say that I did have one of these where a little bit
of the point chipped off and I had to sharpen it a little bit down but once
you get you know but that only happened once so hopefully that was a one-timer
and it won’t be something that I saw repeated at all and all the coloring
that I did let’s see let me show you what the what the pencil looks like
because I found it interesting they do print the nay they print the name and
number of the pencils now these pencils are supposed to be artist grade so they
are listed as various degrees of light fastness with I think about half of them
being having a higher light fast rating and half of them not being the best
light fast rating but one thing that I did not that I did not like and I did
not expect from a sort of higher end pencil especially the price of these at
the time of release is that they do not have the light fastness rating printed
on the pencil my guess is that they are hoping to improve the life vests raised
in this rating of the other pencils over time but that’s for a future date and
that’s for like a future kind of it’s like a future problem so I would have
appreciated them if they want to be you know if they want to be competitive with
the polychromos the luminance that they print the light
fastness rating right on the pencil itself I’m not sure when they can change
that but that’s really to me that’s something really important the other
thing and this is a situation across pretty much across like I want to say
all the Derwent lines is that the color is only at the very bottom and sometimes
the colors are not they there aren’t the best match and sometimes they look way
more similar than they do when you actually use them so like these two look
exactly the same here let me show you these two look exactly the same here but
then when you put in the colors they do look a little bit different they do look
this way they do look more different than they show here it’s kind of similar
but it’s not this isn’t as dark as you see here the cedar one is a really good
match but the SAP green is not as dark as it is here it’s also not as brown as
it shows here as it shows on the pencil course so so that’s an issue and I’ve
noticed that across pretty much many of the Derwent lines that a lot of times
the colors are not they’re not that well matched so these also continue that
tradition of being not that well matched anyway so there’s that the next thing is
that they do show you the number so you can reorder them the other thing is
these are made in Britain which is always nice especially for pencils that
that want to be artist grade pencils to use for professional artists or you know
advance colorist or just anybody that they are made in Britain and that’s
always nice to see so there’s that alright so I’m going to take a break and
I’m gonna do some swatching and then after I do some swatching I’m gonna come
back and talk about more of my experience using them and some of the
things that I found about using them and I will be riveted so for this part
of the video I will be doing the swatching so I have picked up the colors
that come in the set of twelve according to my research and then I will set these
aside I have a clean sheet of paper here so let’s get ready to swatch them so so
here they are this is so you can see that there’s a very strong color lay
down but it does have that that hard lead that we talked about so it does
hold a point for for a good long time actually and this is the buttercup
yellow Buttercup of course being the bakery that Victoria liked in How I Met
Your Mother who totally Victoria totally should have
been the mother if you watch the show and this is the deep chrome just like an
orangey color and then this is the primary red you can see that it’s really
smooth lay down like it feels smooth it’s not like you know it’s not like
it’s smooth it’s still hard it’s still a hard lead but it’s very smooth lay down
so that’s one of the things that I do like about these pencils is that really
nice smooth lay down so this next color is Charisse pink I think is how you
pronounce that people will correct me in the comments if I’m wrong I’m sure
alright so you can see this and you can see that there’s a there’s very high
pigment load you see even when I go really lightly there’s a lot of color
that comes on there if you press a little harder you can get more more
color so there’s that as you can see from that then the next color is Imperial purple this is the next color
and once again you see that high pigment load and one thing about these pencils
is that it really these pencils more than some of the other ones that I’ve
tried really depends on the paper this is a paper with a fair amount of like a
medium amount of tooth so it’s very easy to get the pigment on but for some
papers because these are harder lid for some papers it is a little bit more
difficult and you you do have to press a little harder to get more pigmentation
you can see what I like pressure feels like and a medium pressure but you can
also layer quite nicely so you can disease you can’t go over all these
layers so this blue is the Persian blue and the next color over this is the
spectrum blue now this color I think this color appears in the intent I think
some of these are unique colors and some of these appear in other lines but don’t
quote me on that because the only ones of the Derwent that I have tried is the
ink tents and the and this one and the pro color so don’t quote me on that
alright this is the set we now this is the set green you can see the SEP green
here and the next one over is the one after this is the I think this is a
grass green this is grass green is the next one this is a very it’s a very look
light green it’s a very vibrant green he’s also feel really good in hand I
noticed that right away when I first got these some of the other Derwent lines
have a they when you unwrap them from the packaging they have a little bit of
an odor and I think that that’s from the paint used on the barrel but these did
not have that and they had a very they have a very nice soft feel to it in the
barrel the barrel has a very soft feel to it so it is comfortable to hold so
then the next color this color is the brown ochre it reminds me more of a row
of like a and then the last color that comes in set of twelve is the ivory
black and that was one thing that I will talk about when I show you some of my
finished pieces but the the black that I found was very gray sort of black it was
not as black as I like for my blacks to be so that was kind of a little bit of
an issue for me but you can see that the black is not that dark so there’s
alright so I’m gonna pause and then go to the the finished pieces and then with
the comparison okay um so I am back but I did realize that one thing I didn’t
talk about is the tin that these came in and I realized that it’s gonna be it’s
gonna annoy some people that I don’t go over the prices as much as I normally do
but just to give you an example like when I looked at the price for the set
of 36 a week ago when I was doing a research for this episode
Amazon had them listed for $84 and now amazon has listed for $70 for the price
of 36 so it’s it’s very it like it moves around a lot so so these are new the
prices really move around a lot so I will put that that
information in the description but he one thing I didn’t talk about is the 10
that these come in the tin itself is pretty sturdy and this works really well
for the set but for the this is probably gonna be an issue more for the people
who get the set of 72 the actual tray the actual is a very flimsy sort of tray
and it looks like they pretty much just use the same ones that they’ve been
using for the intents but I really would have preferred if they upgraded this
actual tray this is super flimsy and if it’s anything like the entire tray and
it looks to be exactly the same as the one used for the entrance this is not
going to last and this is going to need to be replaced into something a little
bit more sturdy which I never like to see because I’m one of the few people
who likes to keep things in the tins that they come in since they tend to
have such valuable information oh well by the way I didn’t really go over the
information this one just tells you a little bit about the company there’s a
picture in the front that I was pleasantly surprised to see was actually
made with these pencils so you can see the color range that you can get these
pencils and the colors that are included aren’t here but the colors that are
included are not in the back which I always like to see the colors in the
back but that’s okay it’s minor issue that the the outside tin itself is
pretty sturdy and it snaps on and off and I think it should be okay for you
know short distances or whatever I took these to Starbucks and it was fine but
this the interior tray should have been a little bit sturdier anyway that’s a
minor point I didn’t talk about that but I wanted to talk about that as a very
minor issue alright so let me show you so now the section of the video so now
you guys have seen a swatch and so before we get to the comparison I just
want to go over a little bit of some of the things that I made with these
pencils and it’s going to be a few things that I made not normally what I
do when I do a review is I will have a coloring page and then one sketch but
because these pencils are certain you I did do multiple sketches this is
on a stonehenge craft paper which i will be doing a review of the stonehenge
paper pack in the coming weeks but this is from that craft paper which is 100%
cotton paper and this is an artist grade paper and I just did this sketch from
memory from when I was on vacation and we just got you know the hotel had tea
had afternoon tea so I just did this from memory from the hotel not really an
artist and I don’t really I’m not really that familiar with drawing on non white
paper so it’s something that I’m very new to but I just wanted to give this a
shot to see how these come how these pencils work out they’re definitely not
the most opaque pencils I have tried but they did work out pretty good on this
paper the most opaque pencils that I have tried on non white paper have been
the Karen – luminance but these are very you know these are really good for I
don’t think that there would be as good as the Karen – luminance but they are
really good for what they are as a harder pencil where I did this whole
thing and I didn’t have to sharpen it at all so that’s really nice
one thing though is that for adult coloring a lot of times you’re not
really sure what the paper is going to be so what I suggest with these if you
let these pencils and these are really good pencils is to try them on different
papers because I’m about to show you something and you’re gonna be really
surprised this is a different paper than I use first watching this is still
Strathmore this is still drawing but this is their recycled drawing paper and
I want to show you something just really quickly to show you the difference on
this paper this was done with the fabric has still polychromos as where these two
were also done with the fiber castell polychromos now if we move over and we
see with this one it doesn’t have I tried to do it pretty much the same
number of layers in fact I think I may have used more layers with these it
still doesn’t have the the the vibrancy and the darkness then I got from the
polychromos and that has to do with the fact that
these are a harder lid and so this paper is
smoother than the other paper we swatched on so it’s a little bit harder
to get as much pigmentation out as you as you would with a softer pencil you
can see it here with this is also these are swatches that I made with that this
is the the the Derwent Pro colors I’m sorry this is the Derwent Pro color and
you can see how they compare to the polychromos the PI grammars are more
vibrant but I don’t I don’t think that they have a you know they might have a
very similar pigment load this doesn’t feel like the difference in the pigment
load is different is that extreme but it’s just a fact that these are harder
pencil and this is the softer this is a like a paper with a little bit less
tooth so it doesn’t show as well so that’s one thing to keep in mind with
these pencils if you’re gonna use them for coloring or for pretty much anything
is to get some get like a couple open stock and then see how they go on the
paper that you’re planning on using them to make sure that you can get as much
pigment load is you really need to because another comparison let me show
you something else too I’m gonna show you this too I’m sorry this is also
about the about the pigment loads in the paper sorry about that
as I just realized that I wanted to do that another comparison is I just want
to show you this right here this is the Imperial purple and I just want to show
you this right here you can see how much darker this isn’t and how much more
pigmented this is but I probably pressed harder and went longer on this one than
I did on this one same thing here with the two Pink’s is that this paper is a
more toothy paper this is a cold press this is a B cold pressed paper and this
is a Strathmore hot pressed paper so the hot pressed paper is a little bit
smoother and you can see the difference even in the butter cup you can see the
the the difference here actually across all three of these and you can see how
you know it changes a lot because of the hardness of the pencil on some of these
other ones so I would definitely
I say that if you want to get these you should feel comfortable getting them but
you should also look at them with the paper specific paper that you want to
use it you can see how this black is still like a charcoal but you can see
that this is a much more this is a much more gray charcoal and this is a much
more black charcoal it’s not really either neither one of them is really a
black black but this is the one that’s closer to a black causes of more toothy
paper so that’s a that’s another issue the other thing you can do is you can
just press harder or you can use a solvent or any there’s other ways to get
around the fact that with a little less hard with the left toothy paper you’re
gonna you might not get as much of the pigment drop off so okay so in my
opinion I did I don’t know if I said that these are a hard lead pencils and
these are probably out of all the artists lead pencils these are probably
the hardest of the artist grade pencils they still smooth and they still lay
down really nicely but they are hard light so that’s something to keep in
mind and I just want to show you this for the most part this is pretty similar
to what I’ve done with some of the other ones I did have a little bit of a
struggle with the skin when I first got it to try to figure out how to get the
layers the way that I wanted but one thing you’ll see is I want to show you
the night sky the night sky has three layers of black one layer of purple
another layer of black and then a layer of blue on top and you can see that it’s
not particularly black it doesn’t look particular once we get in close you can
see the layers of blue and you can see the layers of purple but the black looks
like a dark grey and that was the case throughout this whole piece then I could
not get because this is a very very inexpensive paper this is you know this
is a creative space paper from this from this coloring book
it wasn’t giving me the color vibrancy that that I was expecting just because
this is a this is a not highest tooth paper there is so with these pencils you
really see that so I wanted to talk about that but overall it was fun to do
the result is really nice it’s not my favorite but that has more to do with me
and with me getting used to the pencils and with the pencils themselves I was I
don’t know I wasn’t happy with the skin I you know you know if I if I had a
choice I probably would do another page and then just scrap this one but I
didn’t feel like delaying the review any longer than it had already been delayed
so that’s why the that’s but I’m overall I’m not that happy with the skin I’m
happy with about everything else except maybe the sky I wanted this guy to be a
really dark dark black but I just could not get that here and I think that that
would be resolved with either a pressing harder or be using a solvent to dissolve
the black and then just keep going in but I didn’t feel like doing either um
just to give it you know just to give it the same since the same way that I do
all the other ones so anyway so that was that but you can still see that it looks
really well there’s a really good contrast again the dark side not as dark
as I want them to be but that’s more you know a choice that I made not to press
super hard on the paper and not to use a solvent that’s more of a personal choice
but that’s something to keep in mind if you color like me where you don’t really
you know where you don’t really press too hard and you don’t really use a lot
of solvents then you know this is an issue that you might want to like I said
it these pencils more than most of the other artist grade pencils really
depends on the paper how much pigment you get and how smooth the paper is if
the paper is too smooth you’re not gonna get as much per stroke just because it’s
a harder pencil but anyway we’ve covered that before that I don’t want to keep
repeating myself so so there’s that so that’s it so now we’re gonna go into the
comparison with the other brand but I really I really enjoyed these I found
that they layered really nicely you can see here that they layered really nicely
I could have kept putting in more layers but I was pretty much at that point I
was pretty happy with what I did let me show you in case people asked down in
the comments this is the ink that I used for the ink
just you know just so you can see that this is the Windsor Newton gold ink it’s
what I used and that’s the one I got from Laura all right so there’s that all
right so next thing is going to be the comparison and then at the end of the
comparison just final thoughts all right so now is the comparison part and when I
do this comparison I pretty much compare it to basically all the other previous
brands that I have reviewed and we start with the Crayola and we work our way
over to the luminance so as always it definitely performs much better than the
Crayola you can see the the difference with the Crayola you can see some of the
fading in the lower level and you can see some of the fading on the Crayola
so overall obviously these they perform better than the Crayola the next up is
the stead lurgha soft which were also a hard pencil by the way wasn’t the Ergo
soft it was is the other one yeah these were the ones that were a hard pencil
was the outside of it that was a soft but anyway so these is that and this the
Sedlar goes off when you pressed really really hard
did you give you a nice pigment lay down but it was pressing too hard for my
liking and the Crayola twistable is now this is what the Crayola looked like
originally when I did the other one and you can see it definitely beats the
Crayola the tombow rode you Tim I mean the the main thing about the time
budgeting is those is those vibrant fluorescent colors but otherwise this is
this is definitely a higher pigment load than the average of 10 this is the
black-winged colors which I was surprised by and they did perform really
well but they only come in these colors they only come in a set of I think it
was 12 colors is all it comes in so there’s that but they did perform really
well for what for what it was so they’re all right next up is the library poly
closure there’s so many companies with with colored pencil brands named Holly
color that is hard to keep up with the Lyra poly color were the soft ones REM
raft there halt and you can see here they did
really well but the Reds did fade surprisingly more quickly than I would
have liked but Reds are tend to be a fugitive color but you can see the
comparison they definitely the the Derwent probe colors definitely did
definitely are more vibrant than the lieth Holly color and next up is the
Derwent it’s not German I’m sorry the corn or poly color another probably
color one and the black artists which are basically pretty much the same
pencil if they’re not identical pencils their knee or enough is makes no
difference and you can see both of them you know the corner on poly color and
the dick black artists are really good substitute for artist grade pencils if
you want to save some money and you don’t want to necessarily spend the big
bucks they’re a really good surprisingly good substitute so they do really well
but you can see that even the D Derwent poly colors do have a stronger
pigmentation level here next up is the prismacolor now the prismacolor are
extremely soft pencils and so these are because they are harder pencil it’s
easier for them to get in there on their own so that’s where these would stand
out and these hold a point much more than obviously much more than the then
the prismacolor soft core pencils held a point they definitely are extremely soft
pencils but these are much much harder so there’s that there’s the Karen –
Pablos which is it’s just similar in a sense that they’re both sort of it’s a
little bit you know there’s different opinions as to what the core is on the
Pablos as well but you can see that the Pablo is also harder pencils so it also
gets into more of that tooth of the paper there’s very similar vibrancy here
between these two it’s quite surprisingly similar in terms of the
vibrancy between these two I would say the probably the Derwent Pro color is
the harder pencil of the to the Pablo’s I didn’t see had a particularly
highlight fest rating throughout so there’s that so in that sense I’m not
quite sure which of these two if you had to choose which of these two which of
these two I would recommend since they’re they’re pretty different in
inform alright so then we get to the big to I guess the the big voice alright so
this is the of the fabric I stub polychromos versus the Derwent Pro color
and the Derwent Pro color there’s definitely you can see here again that
the Derwent Pro color is again a little bit harder so again it’s a little bit
easier to get into the tooth of that paper so you do see a little bit less
white here in the in the Derwent Pro color than you do in the fabric castell
polychromos but in terms of the vibrancy I think the vibrancy is pretty similar
if anything I might say that the polychromos are a little bit more
vibrancy that you see here in the swatches you know that could be
attributed to any number of things but the this definitely looks more vibrant
here in this little sample test it could you know it could be the hardness of the
pencil or whatever but just here you do see more vibrancy in this one and then
this is the last one of these two this is the luminance which are super opaque
but also super soft and very very high pigment load much much higher or like
fast rating so there’s that in terms of the light fast ratings the luminance do
have a much much higher life vests rating so if I had to place these in
terms of where they will go in the end is I just put them in
you know in terms of I guess where I think they fit if you know these things
aren’t really in a continuum because you know different people want different
things but if we had to temporarily pick a continuum I probably would put these
between the polychromos and the Pablos mostly because the the price on these is
a little bit it’s a little bit high and I don’t think that they give you as much
value for your dollars as the fabric castell polychromos at this point that
could change in the future also I feel like the vibrancy here the polychromos
are able to produce more vibrancy in more kinds of paper because it’s a
little bit of a softer pencil and then so that’s what so that’s the reason why
I would say you know I would probably say you know if you’re thinking these
two would probably be the hardest ones to choose from they are really different
so there’s that but but anyway that’s sort of the comparison it’s a little bit
it’s a little bit weird because these are new and I haven’t had as much time
to play with these as some of the other ones but this is a roundabout where I
would place them in terms of the continuum so I’m going to pause for a
minute and then come back with my final thoughts alright so in the end my final
thoughts on these are you know the pluses are the vibrancy of the the color
there’s very high pigment load one of the main negatives is that it varies how
much of that you actually get onto the paper varies on the tooth of the paper
much more than I’ve seen with other pencils I have not tried the Derwent
color soft so I can’t compare these to the color soft or the Derwent artists I
can only compare this to some of the other artist brands that I’ve tried so
that’s that’s kind of a little you know that’s not necessarily the fault of the
pencils that’s just on me but overall I found these to be really good pencils I
love the I love the coating the coating was really was very nice coating I feel
like these pencils would be best for people who do things with a lot of
detail where you want to keep that point super sharp for a long
time so if you’re going to be doing a lot of highly detailed work these would
be a great a great pencil and you can take the light fast colors and use them
to substitute your you know your polychromos or your luminance colored
pencils the ones with the life as ratings that um that you like but the
flip side is you have to look that like fast rating up because we’re not printed
on the actual pencil because they are so hard if you want to use these for adult
coloring then you’re gonna have to I no matter what I suggest that you get a
couple and see how you feel because I found them to be you know harder than
the polychromos but other people found them to be softer than the polychromos
so you know so that’s gonna be very depending on who you are and how you
press so there’s that so either way I suggest that you’ve got a couple of
these and try them out before you get the whole set but if you like a couple
of these then you’re just gonna love the set one of the shortfalls the
shortcomings here is it’s not necessarily a fault the pencils but just
the way the market works is that right now they’re more expensive probably than
they will be in the future when you may be watching these videos when the price
has come down a little bit and I feel like this would be I would recommend
these more if the price is a little lower than the current prices the
current prices are a little high mainly because these are new but once the
prices come down a little bit then these are definitely gonna be a much much
better value especially since you can use these they have a lot of these brown
tones which I found that some of the other Derwent sets we’re lacking that
you can use for for African American skin tones as well as for your nature
work and so these would be really good for your nature works and for your
portraits and so on so overall I like these pencils I really enjoyed them
their best for doing details and they work really well and some kinds of books
less so and others because of the nature of the pencil but overall these are good
pencils if you’re interested in them definitely give them a try definitely
get a couple open stock see how you like them before you jump in and get the full
set and I think that’s it so if you guys have any questions let me know down in
the comments I really appreciate you guys watching thank you so much first
thing with me definitely want to thank the
folks at Derwent for sending EVs out for review and I will see you guys next time
oh and don’t forget to Like subscribe and share if you like this video and I
will see you guys next time fine oops I forgot to mention that my
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alright I will see you guys next time


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