Design at UC Davis

[MUSIC] UC Davis has the only comprehensive
design major in the entire UC system, so it’s a very unique opportunity.>>We offer a variety of classes
from textiles and fashion, to product lighting and exhibition design.>>I would describe Design at
UC Davis as a place where people work together to identify needs and
opportunities and then see what’s the best way to work
with those needs and opportunities.>>Here at UC Davis, we solve some
of the world’s biggest social and ecological problems with design.>>We encourage students
to think practically and humanistically about the world and
their place in the world. [MUSIC]>>Design is increasingly
more interdisciplinary. Students are free to go back and forth between disciplines of
interest within Design itself. [MUSIC]>>As design majors, folks are able to get
a ton of interaction and kind of personal feedback from professors, and I think
that really is great for everybody. It’s great for the professors cuz be
really get to know the students, and I think the students get a more
kind of personal experience than one might expect from
a research university.>>We stress a strong foundation with
a rigorous process that can be applied to many different fields. And we also integrate history and
theory throughout all of our courses and expect students to apply critical
thinking to creative making. [MUSIC]>>There’s a very wide portfolio
of opportunities here, lots of individuals doing
very unique research. [MUSIC]>>There’s a great mood here,
there’s a great atmosphere. Students, they are optimistic, and faculty enjoy one another’s company and
one another’s ideas.>>It’s a really fun place to be,
because there’s always something cool and exciting going on. [MUSIC]

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