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When people think of “design” they often think, an elegant chair, a well-turned logo, dramatic architecture. But that isn’t all that design is. Design is more. It’s more than drapes or dropshadows. More than a beautiful UI or a rad concept car. Design is more than aesthetics. Much more. Design is fundamental. It’s the predilection to investigate and understand. It’s the compulsion to give form to ideas and make sense of disorder. Design is the ability to amend the imperfect. Design is knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them. What’s the right problem to solve? How do I solve it? Why should I solve? In a world in which anyone can now build anything, design is understanding whether something is worth building at all. If you’ve ever built, tested, shipped, debugged, rebuilt, or reshipped anything, then you’re a designer. And there has never been a better moment in history to be a designer. Now is your time to solve real and important problems, to start great and enduring companies. To use curiosity, creativity, and craft to elevate lives. Because design, at its core, is optimistic. It’s the call to change what is into what ought to be. It is the attempt to make heart and mind into tools of mass construction. To build a better, wiser, more just, more beautiful world. Design is your gift and your responsibility. Design is the way.


  • Chandan Sinha

    Found this video from the TechCrunch article. Truth is beautifully said – design is not just making things pretty but to make sense out of disorder.

  • Gabriel Valente Ferrão

    I think i'm going to make this my life motto

  • Yona Belfort

    awesome video. I look forward to the book.

  • Designer & Blogger

    Good Video, I Searched for "What is Design" and your video is not showing up in GS. Please make this Video Available is Google Search. This Video shows is UP NEXT suggestion.

  • Gowtham Nedu

    Fantastic Steve!!!

  • music cliche

    Design is not just AESTHETICS. Its the way something is built to solve a given problem for a specific purpose.


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