Design Stories | STARLIGHT

An indirect light, soft, elegant, clean but very efficient. The concept comes from studying the constellations and from the contrast between the darkness of the night and the light of the stars. To get to the final project there was a lot of work on paper working on triangulations that give the right balance between light and shadow, between empty and full. The lamp expresses efficient light, technology, design and cleanliness. We chose the bent sheet metal, which, with laser cutting, allowed us to balance the thickness and the final effect we were looking for. The LED strips are perfectly matched to the lamps needs The design encompasses the light source and also conceals it. The LED strip cannot be seen from any view. With the GIANT version, we took a chance to create environments, hotel halls and spacious situations. These geometric triangles, with a simple graphic vision, allow us to position the lamp in a personal way according to the space avaialble. A lamp that continuously changes depending on what position it is viewed from, and depending on the customer’s taste, playing with heights or using them differently changing the composition or inclinations. A highly customizable lamp despite its unique design and infinite uses.

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