Design Thinking Bootcamp

There’s a great quote by Einstein who said something like, “we can’t solve problems by applying the same thinking that caused the problem.” Design Thinking is a great tool to reframe how we look at problems and to creatively solve for those problems. In the simplest terms, we like to think of design thinking is simply taking the approaches that a designer would take to historically design a product, a service, a website and applying them to more complex problems that exist in the world of business or society. Many organizations have been merely treating the symptoms of a problem. Now a lot of organizations are finding through the use of design thinking that they’re able to affect the cause of the problem. We’re excited about it because we use it in our firm from problems from homelessness to a new iPhone app. It has a huge range of diversity in the application of the principles. And it has a lot of attention right now in the business community. A lot of people will think, “Wow! DesignThinking?! I’m not a designer. I’m not a creative person.” But once we start introducing some of the principles and just some simple reframes of how people look at problems, you really start to see all these ideas flow and see how much people are enjoying that. When you apply design thinking to your organization you really gain a new perspective on the needs of your customers so you can generate new ideas and solutions to serve them better. So, Design Thinking is a great tool to help people get unstuck and provide a new pathway forward.

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