Design Thinking: Brainstorm

Hi, My name is Erica. Now that we’ve gone out to talk to people and reframed the problem in a more specific way we’re now going to start to brainstorm, which means we’re going to get together as a team and try to generate a whole list of creative, radical, wild solutions to this problem that we’ve identified. So, you might think it’s a little strange, but there are actually some rules for having a good brainstorm. You might be asking, “Why are there rules?” Well, let me show you. Imagine a world where there are no brainstorm rules … OK, Atin, we’re going to try to brainstorm
today “how to encourage your parents to exercise more …” So, first idea, you could take away their car so they have to actually walk to work
instead of drive. That’s probably not going to work for everyone. OK … how about we bribe them? Parents love to pay lower taxes, we can
provide them with tax incentives if they exercise. How would that work? So, the government’s gonna pay them? Are you gonna pay them? Like, how … We can work that out later, I don’t know … So, just forget that … another idea is we
could have George Clooney or Sandra Bullock, maybe hire them as their personal trainer
so they’ll want to exercise … So on top of all the movies that George Clooney’s doing now he’s going to come to every single parent’s house and help them get into shape? Muaahhhahahahahaha So, maybe it could be like a social club? Where it’s a social network for parents
who exercise? Right, and maybe it also
helps their kids get into a better college? Oh yeah, get the kids involved somehow, so … (Atin’s on the phone …) … maybe the kids have a social media
network … (Atin’s on the phone …) … where they can brag about their parents. Nice! (Atin’s still on phone …) (Atin, still, on the phone) So, Atin? (Atin on phone, still …) Atin. Are you going to join the brainstorm? OK, so, encouraging parents to exercise, well, so my mom, um, loves, she started to do yoga, and like her big incentive is going to Chipotle, so she’ll, like, go to yoga and then go get a Chipotle, and she feels like that’s such
a good incentive, so maybe we could do something with free Chipotle, cuz like Chipotle is,
like, generally people like it … But like it could be an idea that works well
for people who, like, really exercise, really hard and then they need, like, the calories? And the protein back? So, yeah. OK, I have another idea, we could just
give them a free gym membership. But what about the Chipotle? OK, so before we start our brainstorm,
first of all, we have our radical brainstorm team here, and we’re going to get, kind of
physically and emotionally ready, we’re going to play a stoke game called “Sound Ball.” Here I have the imaginary Sound Ball,
as I pass it to one of you I’m going to make a noise, as you catch it, you have to repeat
the noise that I make, and then make a new noise and pass it to someone else. You do not have to repeat all the noises that
were made before. (Meenu and Atin agree) So here you go, I have the ball: “Ribbet!” “Ribbet!” “Wopp!” “Wopp!” “Whoop!” “Whoop!” “Blabablalala” “Blabablalala” “Boo!” “Boo!” “Boo-ooo-ooo!” Oh, haha Now that we’re officially stoked, we’re gonna
jump into the brainstorm. So we have our first “How Might We” question,
which is, “How will we enable the ‘Ozzies’ of the world to get non-bikers excited about
biking.” And first we’re gonna think about just on
campus. So you guys ready? Yes. Yeah! Alright, let’s do it. Nothing … So what if there’s a biker parade and you can participate if you’re riding a bike
What if the people like “Ozzie” who are really about biking, they go around in College Park as a golden snitch and all the other bikers on campus have to catch the golden
snitch Maybe he gets to wear a cape? Oh, a free invisible helmet. How do we help “Ozzie” find people to get excited about? He has a bag of vouchers … A bag of vouchers for free bikes Yeah, he could get an hour free on the
bike rental, like the bike share Yeah A Route 1 bike rickshaw service? Oh, cool! Yeah, I would actually do that. That’d be awesome! So let’s turn our attention now to off campus. What if bikers got to go into DC? And had the president’s motorcade to go on
either side as they biked into DC. Nice. What if there’s a matching metro program where the distance you bike is how much credit you get on the metro. So you can come back for free. Meenu & Erica: That’s awesome! There’s a whole day scavenger hunt by
bike, or something. So there’s a list, and a map to
help you. And, maybe that scavenger hunt also gives you a secret tour of DC. Insider’s tour of DC. So, secret bike tour. Bicycle built for two? Ooooh Yeah, a tandem bike You could go on bicycle dates Yeah! Tandem bicycle, and the person
who’s a non-bicyclist will get a taste of being on a bicycle, and also, hopefully,
find love Put boots on everybody’s cars so they have
to use a bike to get on campus and tell the buses not to come onto campus and close down the dining halls! Revolution! Bike Revolution! So now let’s brainstorm “How might we connect
people about to abandon their bikes with people that need or want a bike.” Let’s brainstorm. OK, so there’s just somebody on every bike
rack, like a bike guardian. What if it’s like that scene in Avatar, where
they have to go find the teradactyl things? And it’s like the hunter-beast relationship? And it’s the same thing, but they’re
bikes? So every semester there’s an abandoned
bike swap meet, and then you go and select each other and it’s a whole process. Alright, so you’re able to tell the story
of your bike, or maybe it actually gets added to the bike somehow, so on every bike you can read the story. What if there’s, like that, but it’s
tinder, for bikes? So one thing you can try while you’re brainstorming, is to think of an analogous “How Might We” statement. So, what I mean by that is it’s a “How Might
We” statement that maybe looks at a similar scenario or similar problem, but it kind
of gets you out of your particular problem for a little bit. But, we do it because it allows us to think
of new solutions that we may not have thought of with our original “How Might We” statement. What if we turn this “How Might We” into an
analogous “How Might We,” so instead of “How Might We connect people about to abandon their
bikes with people that need or want a bike,” let’s instead say “How Might We connect people
about to abandon their puppies with people that need, or want, a puppy.” Maybe every puppy has a résumé, like things
that they’re good at? A puppy résumé … they’re good at protecting, good with kids Puppy LinkedIn! You can endorse them Maybe you totally erase their memory So that … It’s an entirely new puppy, with a new owner What if there’s a puppy wrench, and you
just felt like your puppy didn’t fit in in the suburb, so you’re like, I gotta let it
go live its life in a Puppy Ranch, so it’s out there, it’s hunting for its own food and
that kind of thing, so it meets all these friends. It’s on the Puppy Ranch. And then people can come to the Puppy Ranch, to like herd the puppies that they want. So, now that we’ve brainstormed, we’re gonna try to start to select a few ideas that we want to take forward and prototype. So usually what people do at this point is
they select ideas based on feasibility: “Which are the easiest to get off the ground tomorrow?” But what we want to do instead is select for
potential. So we’re going to vote using a few different
categories. First category is “Most Likely to Delight
the User” or basically to put a smile on the user’s face. Second category is “Most Feasible,” so “can
we make it happen tomorrow?” The third category is “Most Radical,” which
is the idea that’s sort of the most unconventional, the most wild. Something that’s really unexpected. So what we’ll do is each person will have
two votes per category, so each person gets six votes. We’ll each vote individually, and then afterwards
we’ll look back and see which ideas basically have the most energy or the most votes around
them, in order to pick one or two to prototype. Alright, so it looks like our team centered
around two ideas during our idea selection and voting. So, the first one that looked like it had
a lot of energy behind it was the puppy personal ads idea, which seemed to be the “Most Delightful
to the User.” So an interesting thing, of course, we looked
at, “how could someone who wants to give away their puppy find a new owner,” doesn’t relate
to the original topic of bicycles. But, if you look at the idea of a puppy personal
ad, so maybe that’s telling the story of a puppy, having a cute picture, it could be
translated just as easily to making a bike personal ad. So, the second idea that it seems like our
team really likes, is actually a combination of ideas from one of our brainstorms. So, it looks like, we like the idea of having
a bicycle built for two, so two people on a bicycle, doing a scavenger hunt by bike
into Washington, DC. This might be an idea worth exploring.

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