Design Thinking in the Library – Non readers Project

Using Design Thinking can be really frustrating especially if you like to be in control. Often, if you are working on a project, you have goals or aims. Our Non-readers project is about getting citizens who do not think
the library is for them into the library. And the target group is people
with little interest in reading. We have been working with
different types of observations, and different types of interviews to see how they use and experience the library. What happens during a Design Thinking process is that you get out of control. Because during the process you do not know where to end. It is very time-consuming. And you need to be aware of that. But you get a lot in return
because it is so time-consuming. And it is important to take the time necessary e.g. for downloading
which can be time-consuming but you get the chance
to see new perspectives. For a very long period of time
it was difficult for us to see what we were supposed
to do with our observations. If they could provide us with any useful
information for our project at all. But slowly we experienced aha moments, and we started producing activities and workshops where we used the insights we gained. When you experience frustration during the process it is super important with support, and to have somebody who knows the tools. To hear:
“OK, it’s interesting what you’re working on…” “…It’s an interesting observation.” We used this a lot during our interviews where we found it difficult
to ask the right questions. So we contacted different partners
– located around our library. To learn what they would
like to use the library for. Go out and have a dialogue with them. And that is the interesting part;
collaborating on creating library services and events. Working this way… Well, the best part is that it is both
scary and fun at the same time. The unfamiliar part is also
what makes it interesting. My best advice is to believe in that it works. It is hard to be out of control
and in new territories So it is important to embrace
the method and go with it. Because you get inputs and insights
beyond your imagination. So you have to keep cool… yeah.

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