Design Within Reach has gone Google

Design within Reach makes authentic
modern design accessible. Everything we sell has a true,
historical, romantic story behind it. You find something that’s authentic,
you find an artist, you find a designer,
you find innovation. We spend a tremendous amount
of time putting together a catalog that
goes out every month that really tells the story
behind every designer and every single one of
the products that we sell. When Design within Reach
was founded, there were not a lot of companies
out there doing what we do, bringing this kind of design product
to the general public. The market has changed, and we need
to find new ways to differentiate ourselves. When we moved the company from
San Francisco to Connecticut, we had to look at where we
could have the biggest impact. So, we invested in Gmail
and Google Docs. We’ve seen incredible
improvements in efficiency. It’s allowed us to enable
people that are in the studios to do visits
to a client’s home. If you’re not able to bring
that experience in front of them, then you lose out on some
of those sales opportunities. We’re always connected.
The work is always happening. The company is always running. This is retail.
You can’t ever stop. From the corporate office
out to 44 stores, we’re communicating
about new product. We currently, for each promotion,
send the studios a Google Doc that tells them how to set up
their windows, how to set up their entry, to better inform the
studio sales people so that the customer experience
can be best-in-class. We just launched a
new version of the website. Using Google Apps,
we had a feedback form. It helped us launch a better,
cleaner, faster site. We want to be more nimble.
We want to be faster. Google Apps allows us to be
closer to the customer. The future for Design within Reach
is educating the world about design. They’re dying to see
what’s next in modern, and it will be our job
to bring it to them. Design Within Reach
has gone Google.


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    As Women’s History Month winds down, we’re highlighting a handful of women who are making strides, driving change and shaping the future of technology. Today, we hear from Bethany Kemp, VP of Technology & Information Systems for Design Within Reach, a Google Apps customer. Read more about how she found her way into the IT industry and the trends she's seen in the last decade: #WomensHistoryMonth

    Watch below to see how she and the rest of the Design Within Reach team use #GoogleApps to bring its modern furniture business to life.

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  • Mario Montejo



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