DeVilbiss Pro Clean – English

Pro Clean by Devilbiss. Pure innovation in spray gun cleaning technology. Speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and waste reduction are the driving Forces behind every profitable body Sharp and Spray gun cleaning is no exception Pro Clean is the latest addition to the Devilbiss Pro System and is a quantum leap in spray gun cleaning technology. Ok the clock is running so let’s see what makes pro clean faster cleaner and more efficient than traditional Spray gun cleaning machines. It takes on average just 30 seconds to clean a spray gun using pro clean. The process is simple and straightforward with everything on the stainless steel pro clean unit to hand It – significantly reduces Solvent use and wastage. What’s more it can be used for waterborn or solventborn paints. So how does it work? First Trigger the gun for five seconds to drain excess paint and remove the gun from the cup. Now Connect the airline, and trigger the gun three or four times to clear the fluid passages. Locate the cleaning Jet into the paint inlet. Two squirts of the cleaning fluid and wait four seconds. Trigger the gun once more and hold for five seconds. You can repeat the following steps if necessary. And once again, trigger the gun using the compressed air to clear the fluid passages. Disconnect the airline and check that the gun is perfectly clean. There will be cases where the air cap may need additional cleaning, so connects the airline A single squirt of cleaning fluid to wet the brush. Clean the air cap Finally trigger the gun three or four times to clear the passages the fluid tip and air cap, and that’s the job done It’s quick. It’s clean and cut your gun cleaning costs by up to 70% That’s Pro clean

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