Did You Know You Can Draw on Water?

In today’s video we are taking a look at a popular and easy to do illusion and seeing just how far we can push it Guys a few years ago action lab did an amazing video where he showed you how to draw on water now That’s a pretty cool experiment now I have seen a lot of different youtubers who have done this But I’ve never seen anybody try and stack their art together to form sort of an illusion I want to try that I want to try different types of dry erase markers to see if they have any sort of difference and see if we can actually Get a barrier to for them with a pane of glass and just some hot glue sticks. Here’s the basic idea We have several different types of dry erase markers and several panes of glass now We should be able to get our drawings to float on the surface of water so by adding a waterproof barrier to our piece of glass we should be able to stack them up and see if we can get An illusion to form. This should be pretty simple We’ve got just a few panes of glass here and we’re gonna try and form a waterproofing barrier Just using some hot glue sticks. It should be pretty simple. The reason I’m not using any sort of just Pre-made dish like Pyrex is when you have a cooking pyrex dish if you’ve ever seen these other videos before They tend to have a sort of a warped bottom now My goal here is to try and get lots of overlay pieces of art the way to do that is have a perfectly smooth surface So I’m gonna have to build these myself This is not the most conventional method of using hot glue sticks But you guys have seen me do weird stuff with them before so why not? The reason these are gonna be so nice is they’re kind of rubbery So when we stack the panes of glass they shouldn’t split. We’ll see Now the reason that using glass is so important when you’re trying to draw on water is It’s a non-porous surface and you need something. That is very very smooth anything. That’s Textured means that the dry erase marker is going to sort of sink into it and it’s not going to release as you’d be even With the release agent that’s in these markers. So I want this very very smooth glass But what that means is the hot glue is less likely to stick Let’s see if it’s watertight So far so good All right, so we’ve got our glass panes and they’re more or less waterproof so those are pretty much good to go But before we start drawing on those, I wouldn’t do a few tests Now action lab said that he had the best results with glass bowls or anything that has a very smooth non-porous surface But also with using hot water so we’re gonna try a few different types. I’ve got a few different types of markers I’ve got Expo markers, which is what most everyone seems to use But we’ve also got a few off-brand markers and I want to see if there’s a difference We’ve also got three different temperatures of water I’ve just got cold tap water just sort of a lukewarm and then one that we actually microwave to get really really hot So I want to see what that’s gonna do first test. Just our black Expo marker we’re gonna try it with cold water lukewarm and then hot Keep this very simple what we just do some tests or some cold water. And so I’m gonna go ahead and say that did Nothing, the ink is still very much a dear to the bottom of the glass. It’s not even wanting to pull up All right. Let’s try the lukewarm water All right, same thing not much happening there I’ll also be curious to see if the off-brand markers or if a different color works any better Well, that was different So with the hot water immediately you’re starting to see it crack Again, not floating to the surface Alright action lab used blue Expo in his first video. He’s done a few of these there’s one He actually does a magnetic animation with them with a magnetic putty When I could forget in that crazy today, but he did manage to make a blue Expo marker work fast. Let’s try it We were seeming to have the most success with the hottest water. So we’ll go ahead and do that But definitely parts of it came to the surface That’s definitely thinking about it it’s not keeping the shape we wanted. All right, so a little float to the surface Not keep me in shape. Let’s try that one one more time. Whew is definitely working better? Alright so this bottom might just be too hot I’m not pouring it gently enough because it’s just falling to pieces, but it is floating to the surface Let’s go ahead and try one of our off-brand see if that works any better and be shocked if it does But it’s got a try It actually released much better. However, it did fall apart. Now. It’s almost looking like this is dissolving in the really really hot water So I do think we need that mix between hot and lukewarm. So I’m gonna mix those. We’re gonna try again There’s definitely a temperature factor here and that’s pretty cool. So we’ve got off-brand Expo Expo Expo Off-brand and then three of our tinier Expo markers Just cooling down the hot water just a little so it’s warm to the touch it’s not going to burn me There we go All right. Let’s see here. What’s working best blue green, so that’s interesting. The orange pigment was surprising I didn’t think that would work. We’ve also got our red Expo month of floating to the surface. That’s good to know It is interesting to note though that the green and the blue are just sort of dissolving pink orange is working better than the rest Well almost all right, let’s go ahead and try on one of our flat surfaces see if we can get any better results He’s waving at us and he broke Well almost Purple is holding together a little bit better Also not wanting to rise to the surface However, the blue even though it is sort of dissolving as it goes It’s forming some really fun patterns. So we might try that instead Let’s just try and see if we get some fun patterns on the surface of the water All right so success rate is varying wildly depending on the marker that we’re using the heat of the water and Smaller drawings or drawings with more ink tend to be working a little bit better So I’m going to attempt that and then we’re gonna attempt to stack this All right, see if this works guys Some of it is definitely lifting off better than others Well, that’s interesting just because you can see that some of the colors lifted off and some did not You’ve got one mobile design here Which is at this point just a very large stringing mist That’s cool so you can layer and switch it up see then get these two back together ha ha ha That’s fun. You can kind of manipulate it to go back to where it’s supposed to be We go the other one underneath it. You could do some fun optical illusions with this. Can you draw on water? And can you layer it for optical illusions? Yeah, you can is it practical? Probably not but it’s a lot of fun We go Guys some of our favorite projects are now available as a subscription Click the link below to see if you can guess what the first one might be guys That’s not all you know we’ve always got more for you to see that box up at the top will take you to our latest video and that box the Bottom is what YouTube thinks you could be watching next hit this bomb in the middle to subscribe to the club So you never miss out on the fun. Don’t forget to ring that Bell and we’ll see in the next one. Talk to you then.thx bye topi

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