Dior Makeup How To – Super Glowy Complexion

How to get a super glowy complexion? Use the Forever Skin Glow for a sophisticated, luminous complexion that lasts all evening long Dab the foundation all over your face with a foundation brush Blend well from the center of your face going outwards Hide any dark circles with the Forever Undercover Concealer Then correct any remaining imperfections Make sure to blend well Now, revive your eyes by using Flash Luminizer Apply on the mobile eyelid, beneath the brow arch and at the outer corner of the eye Use the Nude Luminizer Bronze Glow to highlight the high points of your face Use your brush to apply on the cheekbones and on top of your cupid’s bow And here you have the keys for a super glowy complexion!


  • Lovey Chocs

    So natural and not overdone. Perfect no makeup makeup look for everyday 👌🏽❤

  • David Barata

    You should make men makeup tutorials too!!

  • NA 19

    Are you kidding me with her skin?? #heartattack

  • Freckles

    Gawd her skin is like creamy caramel perfection! 👍🏽💕🥰


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