Discover Runner Pro — The Essential Sketch plugin

If you design with Sketch, you need to try out Runner. With Runner, you can quickly perform many
actions by searching for them through typing. Actions that otherwise take you several clicks or
often require you to find your way trough nested menus. So stop thinking about where to go and click to achieve
what you want, and save precious time throughout your
workday. Runner is here to assist you in
getting things done with ease. The fastest way to insert
symbols is by searching for them. Whether they are in your local document or in
one of the many libraries you’ve got set up. You can add a symbol to the canvas,
or replace an existing layer. Working with lots of nested symbols
means dealing with overrides. We added the power of Runner Search, to the inspector. So you can now pop up Rider and instantly
override a nested symbol or style just by typing. Navigate through your document using Goto. Find Pages, Artboards, or Symbol
Masters by name and quickly jump there. And access all your shared styles with Apply. Search for a text or layer style
and apply it to your selection. It will save the day when working with
extensive and well-organized documents. RunBar is your new mini utility toolbar. Quickly access recently visited artboards
and hide some of the interface of Sketch. The more space you have to design,
the better you can focus on your work. Jump anywhere in your document with
the collapsed artboard view of JumpBar. And easily go back to the previous
artboard using the back button. And lastly, set up the actions bar to your liking so you always have your frequently used Sketch and plugin actions at hand. Runner is also the way to browse and
install hundreds of powerful plugins. Plugins are great for automating manual tasks that
your computer is much better at than us humans are. It’s allowing you to spend your time and
energy on what matters: making a great design. Try all the features now with the 14-day free trial. Get the plugin at

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