Distemper Outbreak Plagues Flagstaff

Flagstaff vets are rewarding owners of
young dogs to get vaccinated due to a major outbreak. An outbreak of distemper
has been found in young dogs around the city. This virus can look like the common
cold, but lead to more serious complications. Miller: “Distemper is a virus that
young dogs get who are not properly vaccinated that causes devastating
illness.” Something that starts out as a cough and goopy eyes. Can turn into
neurological issues and most likely lead to death.
Tina Benninger from Kaibab Veterinary Clinic says they are seeing a lot more
cases than normal. Benninger: “Over the past year we normally see 1 to 3 cases. Being that we
deal with the Humane Society that has gone up to from anywhere to 6 to 9 cases
a month.” And that’s particularly bad because the virus is easily spread in
the open areas of the northland. Benninger: “We have a lot of reservations and open forested
areas. So when they have free roam like that there is gonna be a lot of exposure
to viruses and illnesses.” It’s a highly contagious disease. But if you want to
keep your dog safe, here’s some tips. “Vaccination for sure is number one,
making sure they get their full series of puppy vaccinations, and making sure
that you’re not exposing to your young dog who’s under vaccinated to dogs that
might be sick. So keeping them away from high populated dog areas like dog parks,
keeping them away from sick dogs that you know of, just keeping them segregated
until they’re fully vaccinated.” Now it is really hard to tell if your dog has
Distemper or just an upper respiratory infection. If your dog is showing any of
these symptoms, take them to the vet immediately.

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