Distortion vs Exaggeration – Rough Sketch Critique

Hey everybody, welcome to the Critique video
for Episode three on the “Rough Sketch.” As you recall from the previous lesson, the
thumbnail sketch was all about creating the original idea for the exaggeration, and it
could be sloppy, loose and quick it didn’t really matter. It’s just about getting the thoughts in your
head down on paper as quickly as possible and exploring lots of different alternatives. By the rough sketch you’ll have picked your
favorite thumbnail sketch and you’re going to resolve it by making it just more realistic,
figuring out the anatomy and the likeness. Likeness is essentially the top priority in
a rough sketch, and anatomy is a second place probably. We’re gonna resolve the anatomy more in the
next step. So, we’re gonna take a look at people’s submissions
from the Facebook group and figure out what they could have done better, what I might
have done differently. In caricature there’s never just one right
answer to a problem, there’s lots of different ways. So, the things I say today are not necessarily
sacred, they’re not the only way you can solve the problem, all I can do is show you how
I might solve them so with that let’s get started. All right here’s Phil Cicero’s drawing of
that guy from that TV show that I don’t watch. I know it’s the “Big Bang Theory” I don’t
really know much else about it. But my first thoughts when looking at yours
is I can tell who it is but only in the most broad sense because he’s so iconic looking. There’s so much distortion in this particular
sketch that it doesn’t really have much reference to what’s going on in his face at all really. The distortions seem kind of arbitrary and
they’re not helping the likeness, they’re hurting it. I can tell who it is but it’s kind of despite
the face and it’s more because of the hairstyle I guess and the overall, like maybe the long
nose that kind of tells me who it is. So what I would recommend is just thinking
a little bit more about the skull underneath and what’s happening. It feels like you just pinched his cheeks
and pulled them out like as if they were Taffy, there’s no structure going on here. And you did give him a long big nose but you
didn’t give him his nose. He has a much wider bridge here at the top
in between his eyes and you gave him a really narrow bridge between his eyes. So, just be mindful of the exact shapes and
nature of the features that you’re drawing. You have to think about their placement and
the actual shapes of the features. So with that I’ll do a quick sketch to show
how I might handle his face. Another thing you could have done in your
sketch is I would love to see more exaggerating of the specific expression in this photo. When I’m drawing the eyes here I can see that
his irises are tucked up underneath his lids, or his upper lids are sort of heavy and closed
a little bit. And that covers up more of the iris and pupil
than what you’ve shown. You’ve drawn almost the entire pupil and Iris
in your drawing and it misses the subtle expression that’s happening. So really pay attention to things like that
as you’re drawing. This is where having a solid knowledge of
the anatomy of the facial features really is helpful in caricature. So I’m working from a photo reference where
it’s not totally clear what’s happening with all the plane changes on the nose, but I know
generally how the cartilage and bones on the nose are structured. So, I can insert that information while I’m
drawing to make the nose a bit more convincing and I can exaggerate it properly in the right
places. Like if you’re going to push down the tip
of the nose it’s good to know how to shade those forms after you’ve stretched them so
you know where the bottom plain of the nose should be versus the side plains and where
the nasal cartilage wraps above the nostril. If you haven’t watched Stan’s videos on how
to draw the features step by step, he goes over the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the
ears they’re extremely valuable for the caricature course. So I would definitely recommend reviewing
those videos. So here’s the point where I’m breaking through
the initial form of the face that I established and trying to get the fleshiness of the mouth
and the lips to work on that overall head design. I still wanna keep it long and narrow but
I have to accommodate for that crooked smirk that he’s got so the flesh on that right side
of the face has to be distorted a bit. So, thanks again to everyone for submitting
their work on the Caricature Proko Facebook group and following the rules of the assignments
that are given out each week. You’re more likely to get selected if you
do exactly the thing that’s been asked in the assignments that are given as far as what’s
happening from week to week. So, post your photo reference and if you can
post your progress along the way that’s always good to. If I can see your thumbnail sketches, your
rough sketches and then the next lesson we’ll get into something a little bit more technical. So, keep on doing it and don’t be afraid to
post your work to get critiques from everybody, and I’ll try to get to as many people as I
can in future videos. So, thanks for watching keep, sketching and
posting your work and I’ll try to always get around to as many people as I can, and hope
to see you in future videos. For those of you who will be participating
in the Caricature course, we’ve created a community where you can connect with other
students, post artwork and get feedback from your peers. Join the group at proko.com/groups. If you enjoyed this video, share it and tell
your friends. And if you wanna get updates on new videos
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