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Today I’ve come up with my bua and we both of us together brought for you Diwali Then Vs Now don’t forget to watch this video till the end If you like to watch us together so get this video to 200,000 LIKES so lets get started with the video & yeah follow her on Instagram to enjoy Behind the Scenes dear!! my Princess!! Mumma calling me so sweetly ok tell me how can I help you? dear Diwali is near so help me out in cleaning No I am not… dear I’ll give you 25 paise No Mom I want 50 paise ok now come and help me have this but this 25 paise and we had decided for 50 paise you remember everything ok take your 50 paise wow… I’ll buy four candies Mom as you remain busy so we’ll call Mehta Ji Service this Diwali to change the interior of our house ok I make a call for Mehta ji service I’ve booked the service they’ll be coming in five minutes I’ve also booked for Nail spa ok lets go to Parlour Mumma lets make the rangoli I’ve brought the colours hmm we’ll make more better this time Mummy plz make it better than those of her sheela’s mom our Rangoli is completed Mumma lets make Rangoli but you don’t know how to make it Mumma now how we can make best Rangoli ok Mom lets start making it wow what a beautiful Rangoli we’ve made don’t tell anyone that we’ve used this stensils ok lets upload it picture on Instagram with #bestjodi #momndaughter #rangoli call your father and Chacha do the Pooja ok lets do the Aarti Mumma I’ll make it play on the youtube Mumma Sharma Chachi has given this ok now go and give this to Shrivastav Aunty and say Namastay and also with Happy Diwali to her Mom you always praise Mrs. Sharma she has sent just a little sweet can I send it to Yadav ji’s place add one more banana in it take it to Yadavji’s place Mumma the food is amazing here get these pastries, macaroons pack and we make our exclusive gift and we’ll write on packaging wow what an idea our gift would be exclusive one so nobody can distribute it here and there ok pack 50 pieces of that gift pack which we’ve take Mumma I want to place these diyas Amma what if these gets off? If oil get finished in these we’ll add again Mumma I’ve lighten up the candles & diyas in whole house Mummy lets decor the house with these lightings Mumma where are we going we are going to give Diwali wishes to Mrs. Sharma greetings!! Happy Diwali we’ve made that Motichoor laddu so you’re invited ok we’ll come come in no as we don’t have enough time we’ve to go to give diwali wishes to others Happy Diwali Happy Diwali you too!! how are you Dadi? I am good where is Kamla? she’s coming. ok come and play with her Anantya what are you doing with your phone? Mumma I am forwading messages to all my friends for Diwali wishes oho I’ve forget ok then lets upload a picture on Instagram first then w’ll make call to Dadi & Nani taste it mumma this is too crispy Mumma what sweet you gonna make Besan ke Ladoo I know you like them no I’ve ordered this I make an order now we’ll get our order in five minutes Diwali’s Sweets has its own different taste Mumma lets fire crackers Anantya don’t you brought fire crackers?? yes Mumma as My Mam told yes you are right these causes pollution and when the kids suffers when they inhaled this polluted smoke and the old age too suffers a lot We should not do the things that makes other uncomfortable these fire crackers cause air and noise pollution so I’ve decided to celebrate green and clean diwali also give this message to others what’s right or wrong I am not telling this but I am suggesting you try to stay away from these fire crackers you’ve noticed that lot of people get allergic after diwali like coughing its all because of that pollution so try to avoid fire crackers so I’ll celebrate clean and green diwali and you too must celebrate this clean and green diwali also let me know in the comments what’s your favourite sequence also do SUBSCRIBE to our channel otherwise how you’ll get the notification on your phone that we’ve uploaded a new video

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