DIY Nail Art Tutorial – Colour Pencils

Hello guys and welcome to a Nail and Brush video. In today’s tutorial, I am going to show you how to paint this bright and colourful pencils design for back to school! Let’s get started! First up is the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat. I always paint a coat of this on to protect my nails. Next up I’m using my Ciaté mini in Snow Virgin. This will be the canvas to this design. Next, I’m using some Scotch Magic Tape to create a clean line Stick it over half of your nail like this. Choose the colour that you want your pencil to be, I’m using this blue shade from Maybelline Paint half of the nail up to the line of the tape. When it’s dry, carefully pull the tape off. Use a black nail polish like this Rimmel London in Black Out with a tiny little brush. Draw two lines like this to create some dimension to the pencils. Grab your Scotch tape again, this time cut two pieces and stick them on like this to get a really pointy tip for the pencil. Use a neutral beige or brown colour for the wooden part of the pencil. When this is dry (I wait about 2 minutes) grab the colour you used for the pencil and stripe across the tip. Make sure you wait until it’s dry before you carefully pull off the tape again. Finish off with a top coat like this one to protect your design. And there you have it – a very happy and bright design to inspire you for back to school! You can use the same colour for all the pencils or vary it with your favourite colours for a palette of pencils. Thanks for watching and I hope you learnt something! If you enjoyed my tutorial – please give me a thumbs up below. To see more nail art tutorials like this one please subscribe to my channel, Nail and Brush. I will be uploading a new video every week! Share with me your designs and re-creations on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you #NailandBrush! And until next time – in whatever you do – Put your best hand forward! Bye!

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