DIY Pencil Sculpture – Man Vs. Pin #31

What’s up, Rob here You’re watching Man Vs. Pin This week’s project comes in from Zhe Kang Who suggested these mini pencil sculptures Which, are pretty amazing I mean, that is.. Just ridiculous And then there’s that, which I couldn’t carve in real life much less on the tip of a pencil But, I’m gonna give it a shot Maybe with something a little simpler Like a letter, or a tree, or something We’ll see I got myself a few different kinds and sizes of pencils and grabbed my Exacto knife kit I got started with a regular #2 pencil Took my sharpener Gave it a few twists and got myself a good point Then I began slowly slivering a bit more wood off in order to expose some more of the lead For the first one I’m thinking about doing the letter A I figured it’s shape already looks like the tip of a pencil so it might not be that hard I carefully began to shape the sides by slowly shaving off microscopic particles of graphite Eventually I started chipping away at the base of the A in order to start a little hole After a couple careful minutes of digging and slowly sculpting I was pretty successful and managed to get a hole started So far, it’s a lot easier than I though it would be- ..Would be… Um… Or not. (Poor Rob) That’s cool, that’s why we have a sharpener Just get that tip back Start right over again Perfect Uh..Um..Ok, back to the sharpener, whatever Oh what the- *BLEEP* Really. Ok, yeah, really. Yeah, that just..happened again.. Oh you..*Bleeper* Alright, this is some *Bleep* right here, these pencil suck! *Bleep* these pencils Alright, I’m just gonna go for the next pencil size up These are the kind that you use in grade school, They have a bigger tip on them So that’s gonna help (I hope) Alright, forget the letter A I’m going for something a little simpler, like a, like a pine tree Nothing fancy, just wanna see if it can be done However somewhere, within the process, this sculpture turned into a middle finger Was this pencil *Bleeping* flipping me off?! Jerk. Oh *Bleep* Alright, sharpen and move on Sharpen and move on. Now the graphite in this pencil is definitely different from the last, it’s a little bit softer Which definitely helps Better quality, overall Pencil lead’s not breaking every 5 seconds Ah! You sonuva *Bleep* Zhe Kang, this is all your fault Sooo..*bleeping* perceptive, aren’t you? That’s cool I’m gonna *Bleeping* Sculpt this pencil if its the last godd*mn thing I do Here we go, that’s nice, aw yeah That’s *Bleeping* Real *bleeping* nice That’s shaping up real *bleeping* nice Just looked like a *bleeping* Tree, GODD*MN IT Goosefraba Alright.. I got a contractors pencil next because I saw some cool ones with these However, I have absolutely no *bleeping* clue how to sharpen a square pencil Not in this *bleeping* thing, obviously, because That doesn’t look right, and.. And, eventually, it just ended up cracking the pencil in half So…Awesome. Alright, last resort, *Bleep* It This time around I’m going for the biggest pencil that I could find. Along with an appropriately sized carving tool Alright, that’s probably a bad idea… Now there’s absolutely no way that I could mess up on this big of a tip I’m still going for the tree design Ah, which I think would be probably the best- Oh what the *Beep* is this? Wait, so this..just..comes out? (It’s not a real pencil Rob) Can I put it back in? Well, that doesn’t work, there’s no stability , I can’t even carve it. Novelty pencil Bull *Bleep* I give up. I’m just gonna smoke some of these pencil shavings Call it a day. Alright, time to get serious here for a second (for once) This Man Vs Pin episode is part of Comic Relief’s School of YouTube series Where we’re helping raise money for underprivileged kids that need school supplies So, while I’m over here breaking pencils like an *Bleeeeeeep* You got this kid who has absolutely nothing to write with Here’s the deal, a $1 donation gives one of these kids pencils for an entire year $5 can but a crap ton of pencils and uniforms and you name it. If you’d like to donate and you’re in the US you can text SOYT That’s S. O. Y .T That’s an acronym for School Of Youtube. Then you just click the link that you get back, you fill out your payment information and boom, the world’s a better place Message and data rates may apply. And if you decide to donate, let me know about it in the comments below Thanks for watching, everybody, and we’ll see you next time.


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