DIY Spray Dye Upholstery Like a Pro! *It Cost $20 to Dye This Chair* How to Die Furniture Fabric!

DIY Spray Dye Upholstery How to get this look! If you happen to have a little green
machine, a little cleaning machine, that is perfect for this or one of the
pet mess clean up little wet vacs that is great. Second to that if you have a wet vac, a shop vac that is a wet vac in your
garage, that will work awesome for furniture. Just make sure it’s a wet/dry
vac just not a dry vac. So if you’re using the wet vac, spray on your
cleaner. I use carpet cleaner. Scrub it in with your scrub brush and then really if
you’re doing this, the more moisture you can get in there, this is just plain
water at this point, the more moisture you can get in the more stuff you can
remove. You don’t want to over saturate it but if you can get a good amount of
moisture in there you can see I think how this kind of fluffs this upholstery
up. It will just look better the more dirt you can get out of it. If you don’t
have a wet vac or a little green machine, do the carpet cleaner, then the water, take your scrub brush and scrub. Now the important thing to this is to
get up all of the moisture that you can. When you get up the moisture that is
what is gonna get the dirt up out of here. So don’t just spray it in there and
let it soak in, spray it in there and clean it. if I was doing this by hand
I would come back over this several times because the more you do, the more
stuff you’re going to get out of there and that is just gonna make for better
dye job on this fabric. It will make it so it’s not blotched up. it
will make it softer you will just get a lot better result and who wouldn’t want
their chair clean. So I’m gonna do this whole chair like this and then I’m gonna
come back and show you the next step. To dye the fabric you’re going to need some fabric dye. I’m using Tulip Color Shot which I got from Hobby Lobby. You can
also get it from Michael’s, order online and it’s available in a lot of other
crafts type stores. My tip is that Michaels and Hobby Lobby always have a
40% off one item coupon so I paid six dollars for this and pretty much
whenever I go by one of their stores, I buy something that I will need with their
40% off coupons and I save a lot of money. So you need the fabric paint I’m
using “Grape” color, you will need a scrub brush and some disposable gloves would be best but you don’t have to and you need a rag. So let’s get to dyeing this fabric. This is a
project best done outside. It is best if you wear clothes that you do
not care about because the likelihood of this spraying somewhere you don’t want it to
spray it’s pretty high. So put a drop cloth on the ground as to not to pollute the earth and have your scrub brush and your rag ready. Your gloves, if you can get these this is really the best way to go so. These crevices here, I’m going to spray in the
crevices otherwise it won’t get in there if you
don’t separate the fabric. This is why I I have gloves on. I got two cans of this dye and will probably use them both sometimes you only need one but buy two and then you can return it if
you don’t use it. I’m gonna stay away from the wood as much as possible but
if I get dye over there just wipe it off it will actually be a cool look you’re
distressing chalk paint later you will have those purple tones under there. You want
to put on a light coat you do not want to saturate this with any coat. If you
put on a bunch of paint or dye it will only make your fabrics stiff later. First I’m going to get the excess off
the wood because I don’t want build up on the wood. It will make it harder to make
the chalk paint look good later and you will probably see lumps of fabric dye
under the chalk paint later or the paint if you don’t wipe it off. So now that I’ve
got that wiped off while the dye is wet just after you dye it take your
scrub brush and go over everything. The reason you do this is because it
distributes the dye evenly and it softens the fabric up later. You will
have softer fabric and you will have instead of a flat look it will be
textured just like the velvet is that you are dyeing. So that is the first coat on that part
this chair is damp from cleaning not wet, just damp. (rain drops fall) I have some drops of water dropping from the tree because I just can’t wait to dye fabric. There’s the first coat. I will probably
wait wait 24 hours to come back and put the second coat on here because it’s
humid and raining you really want it to dry completely between coats it will
give you a better end result. It would just be better that way so I’m going to
finish dyeing the arms and the back of the chair and then in 24 hours we will
be back to put another coat on. Alright it’s been 24 hours and this is dry. Now that it is dry we’re going to get it wet again. First thing is take your brush and
again, rough up all this upholstery. We do this at every turn because this is what
keeps it smooth later and it keeps it from just piling up with dye. We want the
velvet texture so spend a couple minutes doing this. After you have gone over all
your upholstery with the scrub brush use a water bottle and spray all the
upholstery until it’s just damp. Okay I sprayed all that down and if you have
gloves, work that water in there. It really does help distribute the paint
evenly. I will never stop saying ” spray paint”
instead of “dye’. I will confuse and interchange them until the end of time. This is fabric DYE. So do
your second coat just like your first. So that is coat number two. We did the
same thing. We put the dye on and we took the scrub brush and went over all
of it and wiped everything we could off the wood. This is gonna need a third coat as
most of them do. Don’t try to do it in one coat, just don’t try to do it heavy and get it
over with you will not get a good result in the
end you will have just piles of flat nap on your furniture if you try to do it
quickly. So it is warm outside today so I’m only gonna wait a few hours to come
back and put the final coat on this so I will be back for the final coat of dye. Last coat of dye, I am NOT going to wet down the upholstery. I’m just going to protect the wood that
I have painted and touch up where it needs it. This is my final result on the
upholstery for this chair. I made a separate video on how to do the sterling
silver finish on this wood and there’s a link to it at the end of this video. You
can also find it on my channel. The very last thing I will do but it will be
probably in five to seven days, I will put a coat of Scotch Guard on here just
old time Scotchguard that you use for fabric it will protect the color and make sure this dye does not rub off. It won’t rub off now it probably won’t rub off later but I still Scotchguard all of the fabric that I dye. Thank you for watching. Please
subscribe to my channel and check back. I put new videos up all the time. Thank you!


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