DIY Spray Gun Tips – Choosing The Right Spray Gun For The Job

-Hey, this is Donnie
Smith, and today we’re going to talk about
selecting the correct paint for the product that
you’re spraying. For example, a lot
of times a spray gun will be used for
primer surfacer, base coat, clear coat, and so forth. It does take a different
gun for different products that you use. If you try to use one
gun for everything, it’s gonna lead to
a lot of problems. So first, let’s
start out talking about the primer surfacer. That’s one of the
thicker coatings that we’re gonna spray, and
it’s gonna require a bigger gun. What we’ve been using
for a primer surfacer is these 3M guns. These work real well. We also use these 3M PPS cups. Let me tell you a little
bit about this gun. Now for primer surfacer,
it’s recommended anywhere between a 1.6 to 1.8. These are 1.8’s. And you can clean it
out like a normal gun when you’re done using it. But if this becomes worn,
dirty, or clogged or whatever, you press the trigger
back, squeeze, take that off, get a
new one, throw it away, put the new one on. And those aren’t very
expensive either. I think they’re like $5 a piece. So especially in a
school environment, where someone may forget
to clean the gun in time, or something becomes
damaged on it, you can throw it away
and get another one. So these work real
well, but it does not have to be one of these type. As long as it’s anywhere
between a 1.6 and 1.8, to spray the thicker
primer coatings. Tell you a little bit about
these paint cups by 3M. What it consists of is a ring. Those you reuse. And then you’ve got the
cup, which is reusable. And then the liner. The liner and the lids, you
can pour your paint in here. You put this lid
on, put the ring on, and then you can
put it on your gun. And then whenever you’re
done, you just take that out. Make sure its empty,
throw it away. It eliminates a lot
of the clean up time. You don’t have a cup
that you have to clean. All you have to do
is clean your gun. It saves a lot of time,
a lot of clean up there. Here we have a small
little touch-up gun. This can be used for doing
spots or real small things that would require more
than an airbrush. That’s kind of a small
touch-up gun, comes in handy for touching things up. Back to the regular spray guns. This is a 1.3. And most of your base coats
are gonna recommend 1.3, and we’ve found a 1.3 to work
best for most base coats. Now I haven’t sprayed every
brand of base coat out there, but for the ones we spray,
a 1.3 works real well. Now this is a Finex,
a Sharpe Finex. FX3000. This is a cheaper paint gun. But we’ve gotten it
to spray really good. It’s under $150 I think. The students use this a lot, it
works good, we use this a lot for our base coat, when
we’re doing solvents. And we’ve had pretty good
luck with it, especially for the price. This is probably one of
the best cheap paint guns that I’ve found. And then we also use– this
is Iwata Supernova hybrid gun. We use this one for a
waterborne base coat. And Iwatas really
atomize really good. These spray guns work good, but
they are a little more costly, anywhere from $500 , $600, $700. So it’s another option. This is a 1.3. that we use
with our waterborne paint. It works really good. The only other thing when
talking about clear coat, is a sealer. For primer sealer, we
usually use our 1.3, but 1.4 is what’s
generally recommended. So range between
1.3 and 1.4, what you feel most comfortable with. And then we have our clear coat. Now clear coat usually
recommends 1.3 to 1.4. A lot of painters prefer
the 1.4 because it puts a little more fluid out. However, we’ve found for
control of the product and to eliminate runs
and things like that, we’ve had really good
luck with this 1.3. So that’s what we
generally use is the 1.3. This is another Iwata 1.3
that we use for clear coating. It has a little different–
it has a silver cap on it. It’s supposed to be designed
more for clear coat. But anyway, this is what we
use for all of our clear coat. It puts it on really good. All of our paint guns,
we use the PPS system. Which reduces the amount of
cleanup that we have to do, and it works real well for that. Now you do not have to
have a paint gun, one for all the different products. Ideally you want to. You don’t want a little
bit of your metallic or paint getting mixed
in with the clear and causing problems
or anything like that. But if you’ll clean your paint
gun real good every time, I know a lot of people
that use the same paint gun for base and clear. And if you’re gonna do that,
I would recommend a 1.3 to use in combination. Now primer surfacer,
you’re gonna have to either have another
fluid tip and nozzle, or another gun for that. Because that really is
going to require 1.6 to 1.8. There are some guns out
there, that when you buy them they come with different
needles and fluid nozzles, so that you can
interchange those out. So if you’re just wanting
to spray with one gun, that may something to look for. But as a combination
gun, I’d recommend 1.3 for base coat and clear coat. So basically, if you’re
wanting to get started, you don’t have a gun, you’re
looking for a gun to spray, I would recommend a 1.8 for
primer surfaces and a 1.3 for base coat and clear coat. So anyway, that’s a basic
overview of the different types of paint guns and what’s
used for primer surfacer are base coat and clear coat. And we’re gonna do some more
videos in this video series over spray guns,
so be sure to stay tuned for the next
video coming up. Be sure and go down to the
description area and like this, share it with your friends. Thanks for watching, and
we’ll talk to you next time.


  • 265chevy

    great tips thanks need a primer gun thanks i have a DeVibiss plus for my base /clear later

  • Velvethamma

    Those 3m guns are getting real popular for primer. Can't beat it for the price either!

  • Car Addict Garage

    Yes, the terms: primer surfacer, primer filler, high build primer, fill primer are the same thing. Basically, this is the primer used to fill scratched and other imperfections. This primer must be sanded. Thanks for the question. Other's out there may be wondering the same thing.

  • Car Addict Garage

    We love ours. We've had really good luck with it and it sprays excellent. Thanks for watching and commenting.

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  • Markus Daniels

    Great video. But from my experience, one gun such as a 1.7 will work for all jobs. You just have to adjust the fluid flow, air pressure and pattern and move fast or slow across the panel as the material lays down. Also the kind of clear is important also such as thick high solids and thinner types such as finish one, etc. But most importantly, all of that will come with experience.

  • Wava Hank

    great help, thanks for the upload.

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  • Car Addict Garage

    I would use the 1.3. This is the best overall tip I like to use. 1.4 works well for primer sealer and 1.2 will work or spot jobs. I really depends on your preferences and how you like to spray. Some people prefer the 1.4 for clear coat, but I prefer a 1.3 for clear also.

  • Michael Rostant

    With the Iwata LPH400 have you noticed a difference between the orange cap and the silver cap when applying clear? I currently have the orange cap 1.3 one that I use for both clear and base and was considering buying the Silver cap.

  • Car Addict Garage

    The LPH 400 silver cap is 1.4, which can be used for clear coat. I've used the orange and silver for clear and they both work great. If you want to get more clear on the surface faster, than you may like the silver cap better. This is just preference. I've had the best results with 1.3. Talk to who you buy your paint guns from and see if they have a loaner they can let you use. Sometimes they have one for that purpose. This way you can see which one works best for you. Thanks!

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  • HotRod Buick

    Do you have a opinion about Esatwood paint guns for the DIY job? Doing a frame off on a 59 Buick would a DIY paint gun produce great finishes?

  • Car Addict Garage

    I have heard that they have good guns, but I have never used one. I do like a lot of Eastwood products, so I think it would probably be a good gun, but can't say for sure. Perhaps someone will comment to us that has used one to let us know how they like it.

  • natha0912

    thanks alot, very helpful

  • Clinton Snow

    Hi, Donnie, Thanks for this video is very interesting. Donnie I need an important advise from I'm just a beginner on automotive painting you at this moment I don't have any spray gun and I'm thinking to buy a new one but I'm so confused that I don't know what is the right spray gun for me I'm planning to use these gun for paint the engine bay, bumper, fenders of my car , I've check 2 interesting Spray gun one is from DeVilbiss and the other is from 3M ACCUSPRAY GUN
    My important question is which of them do I have to buy the ACCUSPRAY GUN OR DeVilbiss SPRAY GUN?, WHICH ONE IS THE BEST RESULT?


    FROM AMAZON.COM 3M 16580 Accuspray Spray Gun System with Standard PPS:

    FROM EBAY.COM DeVilbiss Paint Gun Gravity 1.3mm Nozzle Nickel Plated Kit 802343:


  • Art Cabral

    good information even after all these years. I had wondered about different nozzles sizes and what they meant, what paint types used what size nozzle. Good video.

  • Lone Star

    I am new to the auto paint world .
    What happens if you spray epoxy primer with anything under 1.8 ??
    Thank you

  • 31acruz

    You said this gun was 1.8 is that inches or centimeters, and is that the measurement for the air inlet ? sounds awful big for an air hose doesn't it ?

  • 31acruz

    Could I use this paint to paint my house or garage or furniture? in other words, since I already have a compressor should I invest on a wagner house paint spray machine, or should I get a regular Paint gun for my air compressor ? what is the difference?

  • Clinton Snow

    Excellent video, please do more videos like this one.


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