Don Has the Receipts on Ta’shay | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– ♪ – You did great, Van. – Great job, sir. – ♪ – You ignore me now? – What?
– I said you ignore me now? – Wanna talk,
we can go upstairs, dawg. I’m not fittin’
to do this down here. – Alright. – ♪ – You showing up here today
looking pregnant. Like for real? Knowing me and my team was gonna
be here at my bro stuff just clearly to start
some [bleep]. We don’t even [bleep] with you,
so why are you here? I mean it’s cool. I’m glad you here. Because I need everybody to see
before they leave today how crazy you really is. Listen up, shorty, at the end
of the day is this. I already told my wife,
whatever. Slept with you,
all that goofy [bleep]. All this other [bleep] that you
spread is what’s pissing me off. – What other [bleep]?
– Be 100, G. You told my wife I know you and
been talking to you since 2016. I only known you since July. You know I never knew you
until I did your piercing, G. – Really, Don?
– So go and lie. – Lie, sweetheart?
– The thing is everybody that know you, know
what they associate with you? Lies. – ♪ – Case in point is,
you’re pulling up lies with these weak-ass receipts. You’re lying and saying
that I paid for an abortion. Correct or not? – Correct. – The fact is this. I met you in July. I did your piercing. And, yes, I did sleep with you.
And that was a [bleep] mistake. But don’t act like
it was bigger than that. I never led you on. I never told you
I wanted to be with you. I never told you–
– We made that clear. We made that clear.
– Yeah, exactly. End of the day,
this ain’t [bleep] what I want. Think I want my kids
separated? You think I want my house
[bleep] up? No I don’t. You tried to create a consistency system between
me and you that didn’t exist. Ta’Shay, let’s not
play this game. – Man, don’t do it.
Shorty not even worth it. – Oh!
– Yo, break it up! – [indistinct yelling] – Oh [bleep]. – What the [bleep] just
happened? – That bitch lucky
I don’t fight pregnant bitches. – She sitting there
looking stupid. I’m telling her
all these facts, too. “Okay, okay.” ‘Cause you know you’re lying,
shorty. Running like a mother [bleep].
– PHOR: It’s crazy. – I wish my people
would have exercised a little more restraint.
Don’t get me wrong. But Ta’Shay should have had
a hell of a lot more restraint then to think you fittin’
to show up to my people’s stuff. Like why would you even do that? The truth availed tonight, man. Everybody in the room could tell
she was on some bull [bleep]. Stop all the lying. Everybody know
anything about Don, if it was mine,
I take care of mine. I just hope [bleep] ain’t mine.

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