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POTATOS ARE COOL Hi, my name is Alex and today, I’m going to share my story with you guys I’ve been a little nervous about this, but hey. I think it’d be really cool If you guys knew me a little better it all started in a small town in Mississippi It seems like everybody there knew each other I had my mom my dad and a little brother who was much younger than me I lived in a trailer park which for some reason people thought was something to be ashamed of But I loved it we had a forest in front of us and in the mornings Deer would play in the field we had a creek where I would always do my homework It was perfect to me, but other people would make fun of me for it My first language was Spanish I didn’t know much English And it was really tough when I first got into school And none of the kids could understand what I was saying and I couldn’t understand what they were saying So it was really hard to communicate. I remember my first day of school. I met these girls They seemed to be really nice so I hung out with them in The morning school would have devotion where all of the kids would get together and say a prayer before school started When we went into the building the three girls were whispering to each other, and they called me out And they started saying this word that I couldn’t understand what they were saying But they were whispering this word to each other and trying to get me to say it I didn’t know what this word meant because I didn’t know any English Little did I know that they were trying to teach me a bad word So I gave in I said the word that they wanted me to say and they started laughing so for some reason I thought maybe it was something funny like a joke then they pointed to a teacher and Kind of signaled me to say the word to her so I did uh That’s when I found out that the word. I was saying was a pretty bad word and I ended up getting in trouble my first day of school School got tougher for me when I was in third grade The teacher would hand all the students their work, and she would hand me coloring sheets She would treat me kind of like a kindergartner, and I felt left out. I wanted to learn what they were learning, too My mom decided to sign me up to take some English classes So I could learn to speak English and I could learn to communicate with people around me Since there was a language barrier. I didn’t really have any friends, so I was by myself most of the time When I would get on the bus I would always sit by myself But one time when I was coming home. I looked out the window and I saw that my mom had something when I came to see what it was she was holding a video camera I Was really excited when I saw my mom with the video camera Because when I was little I had a dream that I wanted to be an actress. I wanted to be in movies and So I would ask my mom to let me borrow her video camera every now and then and my little brother and I would make these home films my brother, and I had a lot of fun making these films and After we were done that we would have my mom and dad sit down in the living room And we would play the movies that we made and they would laugh And it just made me really happy that day was the day that I realized that the only thing I ever wanted Was to make movies and make people laugh, I really didn’t like coming to school when I was in elementary Even though I was learning English my English wasn’t perfect and people would make fun of me even though I tried my best It was really easy for me to get bullied because people would say stuff to me And I couldn’t say anything back to defend myself in middle school. I met my first best friend I remember we were all outside before school started and the teachers started handing out a lot of girls these papers and I didn’t know what they were getting because me and a few other girls didn’t get them Then this other girl came up to me, and she was like did you get one of those papers, and I was like no Later we found out that these girls who got these papers were invited to be in a beauty pageant And then me and this other girl were really sad because we thought maybe we were too ugly to even be Considered to be in the beauty pageant but that’s okay because that’s when I met my best friend and We started talking after that day. I think it’s a little funny to meet that way Around this time was where I met the guy who I first had a crush on he was so cute And I had a feeling that he liked me back but his friends would tell him that I’m ugly and and then he just started avoiding me and I guess that was the first time I got heartbroken My best friend and I would always sit together by ourselves during break time and we felt like all the boys avoided us because we were ugly I Remember some of them even called me fat They bullied us But we would never say anything because we were too scared I got really insecure after that and I started wearing baggy clothes to school And people would make fun of me and tell me that I look like a boy in High school my mom suggested that I should join some clubs and try to make some friends So I noticed this Robotics Club, and I decided to join Once I joined the club. I met a lot of really good friends One time the Robotics Club had a competition in New Orleans And all the students were going I felt really bad because my parents didn’t have a lot of money back then but they worked really really hard and They were able to pay my trip, and I was really happy Once I got in New Orleans The competition was amazing there was so many people cheering for us, and I had the most fun I’ve ever had in years When I was 16 my mom came to the school to pick me up I Didn’t understand. Why because I wasn’t sick or anything But she told me there was something wrong with my dad and that he was sick, and we were going to the hospital When we got there, we were all confused The nurse gave my dad a room and told him to stay there We didn’t really understand. What was going on or why my dad had to stay in the hospital When the doctor came out he told us that my dad had cancer This was one of the most toughest times of our lives The whole world just came shattering to us We didn’t want to lose my dad This was around the time where I got closer to God my family would pray together my mom would stay with my dad while me and my brother stayed with my godmother I Remember I started hating going to the hospital because I didn’t want to see my dad sick I Would sit in my room by myself, and I would pray to God and hope that everything would be okay My dad had chemo treatment for months and Eventually our prayers were answered and my dad was back to health again We were all really happy because we didn’t want to lose my dad and thanks to God we still have my dad here we were happy until we realized that we had a large bill to pay for all the medical expenses and We didn’t know how we were gonna pay for it because we didn’t have the money for it until a miracle happened and we got a notice that said that everything had already been paid for We didn’t know what was going on and to this day We never knew who paid for my dad’s treatment by the time I was in 11th grade I created my own YouTube channel I really enjoyed making funny videos, and I realized that that’s all that I wanted to do I love making people laugh my friends would come over Every now and then and we would have filmed all these funny videos and upload them to YouTube these videos They didn’t get a lot of views that get about 20 views 10 views But we would do it because we loved it one day I decided to create a shirt design for our YouTube channel My mom and I stayed up all night Ironing and printing the designs for the shirts I came in that morning And I handed out the shirts to my friends And we all wore the shirts in the same day because we were so proud of her youtube Unfortunately people started noticing that we made youtube videos, and they would make fun of us for it People would tell me that I was never going to go anywhere with it one day I Found out that one of my friends burnt the shirt. I gave him and It really hurt my feelings The girls in my class would always talk about how weird I am and how weird my videos were? so I just decided to stop making them and I Deleted my YouTube channel After graduation everyone had already planned what to do with their lives I Didn’t know what to do with my future My parents who wanted me to become a doctor or a teacher But my heart was always in filming and acting That’s when we all packed our things and moved to, Texas College was really expensive, and I felt like I wasn’t ready so I decided to get a job I started working at a candy store, but During the second day at work the cash register broke on me, and the customer got really mad because he wouldn’t let me give her a change and She complained about it, and I I ended up getting fired the next day Then I started working in the flea market with my parents I would sell toys and that’s how I made money to buy myself a good laptop in a good camera That’s when I decided to start doing YouTube again. I Started making silly makeup videos where I would transform myself into a zombie a clown or even Spiderman it was really fun to do but I started running out of ideas and I didn’t upload it for a while I Was really into video games back then so I decided to make a new gaming channel on September 21st 2014 I created Inquisitor master For a couple of years I uploaded videos just because I enjoyed it It was really fun to do and I had a lot of free time It was the most fun. I’ve had in a while I would work at the flea market and come back home and work on videos, and I really enjoyed it. I was really happy one day My camera and my laptop stopped working on the same day. I had a lot of dreams that Someday my channel would get somewhere but none of my family really understood how much I wanted to be a youtuber I Didn’t have much money to buy myself a new laptop or a new camera so I decided to sell my Star Wars collection and It kind of heard because it took me years to put together but at the end I ended up getting the best camera, and I found an OK laptop a Few months after that my video started blowing up I was getting over 30,000 views on my videos So I decided to stop working at the flea market to work on my youtube channel full-time my parents weren’t really happy with this and even though they didn’t understand why They still supported me I think all of the sacrifices that I’ve made were worth it I Ended up turning one of my most favorite hobbies into my job I can’t help but to thank each and every one of you who’s watching this video for your support Because I wouldn’t be here without you We reached 1 million Subscribers today, and I decided to make this video to tell you that your dreams can come true, too No matter, how impossible it may seem Thank you, so so much from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys so much Thank you Never give up on your dreams You


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