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(whapoosh) Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticye an believe I’m lucky enough to be able to say that today the channel has hit 1 million subscribers 1 million of you all beautiful people have actually come to the channel now and thought what I do is good enough to subscribe and that is so awesome thank you guys so much it’s one of the most humbling things ever but I don’t want this milestone to be all about me I don’t want people to congratulate me at all this is all on you guys you are the ones who have done all of this you are the 1 million I am just one guy i’m not even subscribed to my own channel you guys are that number you guys are that figure and you are not just a number to me you are all individual beautiful people and I respect each and everyone of you for coming by and watching my stuff everyday and putting up with me and possibly going deaf in the process each and everyone of you are absolutely amazing and I literally could not do this without you you are the ones who have made this channel what this is you guys have worker even harder than I have and we have reached this milestone together this is all of your victory as much as it is mine so please everybody congratulate each other and stop congratulating me so just thank you guys all again everybody high five each other pat each other on the back shake each others hands give each other hugs and let’s get into the main event I decided to do a draw my life for 1 million because a lot of you guys asked for it and a lot of you guys want to know more about me when I grew up so lets get into it first off, I just want to say that I think it’s pretty ridiculous that I’m doing a draw my life because I am only 24 I have not live a life yet I have lived part of my life so whatever happens in this it’s not the full story it’s just my life up until now that’s what they should rename these to draw my life up until now just like about everybody else I was born in a hospital actually, I was born in a BOSS-pital because I was there I was born a little fat baby boss on the 7th of February of 1990 and I don’t know what weight I was, what size I was, how much of a boss I actually was because my mother actually didn’t keep track of all that kind of stuff about me which doesn’t really make me sad because I don’t want to see how fat I was I was born into a family of 6, making me the 7th member and though I am 24, I am the youngest in my family just want to clarify, my sister’s not fat I put her in like that because I can’t draw, sorry I have 2 brothers and I have 2 sisters and the way you see them is actually in order of age and of course I have 2 parents because everybody has 2 parents I was born like a normal person Funnily enough, the sister born just before me actually turn out to be one of my best friends when I was growing up we might’ve given each other a lot of shit and fought a lot but I loved her as with most young kids, I loved climbing trees I loved climbing absolutely everything, I thought I was a spiderman I really wanted to be spiderman I used to have a rope on the tree that I used to swing and almost break my neck every single day but, I mean I did have a six pack when I was like, 10 I can’t remember the specific age but I think it was between 5 and 7 when I actually got into video games and I absolutely loved them but I was kinda sad because my brothers and sisters didn’t really like playing them with me but thankfully, I got some awesome when I was little who liked playing games with me and that made me happy the first gaming system I ever owned was the Nintendo game boy the really big, gray, brick; the original one and I used to have Pokemon on that and that was awesome I used to love playing that every single day but it was Pokemon blue all you reds and yellows get out of here my mother actually surprised me with a game and it came all the way from China how awesome is that? the next system I got to play on was the PlayStation 1 and that my goddamn mind when I was young I think I got that when i was 7 and I had games like Final Fantasy 9 and Tomb Rater 2 and I couldn’t get off of that I used to sit down for hours at a time and just play that all day and my parents kinda hated that they wanted me to get outside and climb trees more but screw it I was away in Fantasy Land Of course, I had to get out of the house every day and go to school anyway which made me a little sad bunny cause all I wanted to do was sit at home playing games school’s boring. I just sat there thinking about games all day because I played games so much, I never really did that well on test I couldn’t concentrate that well in school, I was always thinking about something else and I never was a bad student, I never failed anything but I wasn’t exactly a great student either moving on up into the teen years when I had that super sexy, fashionable fringe I also had a little bit of hair on my face it wasn’t great, it was like a little puberty beard I ended getting what every guy when he’s 16 wants: a girlfriend my parents decided it was time to move. We moved closer to my grandmothers which unfortunately happened to be out in the middle of absolutely nowhere and I moved into a tiny, actual wooden cabin out in the middle of nowhere, just surrounded by trees and I had to say goodbye to all my friends as it turns out, living in the middle of nowhere actually had its advantages when the Youtube thing came around I could just shout as much as I wanted and nobody anywhere could hear me, and you guys know how loud I can get anyway, I finished secondary school and I did well enough on my test that I actually went on to collage I got the course that I wanted which was actually music technology because I really loved music at the time I really wanted to be a musician and I thought that that was going to get me all the stuff I ever wanted in life I did meet a lot of very nice people when I was there. A lot of friends but I was never really happy when I was there Teachers would talk and talk and talk about all this wonderful stuff but I wasn’t listening. I was off on my own Fantasy Land and because of that I never really understood what was going on in the class so that made me even more sad I was always thinking about games, thinking about what I was going to play when I got home thinking about new games that were coming out and games were the only thing that I understood or made me happy so eventually after doing 2 years of something that I wasn’t really enjoying I decided to call it quits I left college I didn’t fail any of my exams, I actually passed all my year 2 exams but decided not to go back for the final year because I wasn’t learning anything that I enjoyed and I really wasn’t happy doing something like that it was during this transition period of confusion that me and my girlfriend broke up after 4 years which just made me feel even more lost or more confused because I lived in the middle of nowhere, I got really really lonely after a lot of the time there’s nobody around to talk to so I decided to go online to try and meet more people and I went to a site called Interpals where you can meet more people and try and talk to them now this is where things got real interesting because I was browsing through it one day and for some reason, this absolutely gorgeous Asian girl showed up on the screen and I couldn’t believe how pretty she was. That sounds like a cliche right now but seriously, that is exactly what I thought I sent her a message and we actually got talking. We talked a lot on Skype and through MSM Messager which seemed ancient now but we talked a lot almost every single night and after a few weeks, we actually became boyfriend and girlfriend after about 6 months talking through Skype and whatnot and video messaging each other and video calling each other over and over again I decided to save up enough money to actually go to Korea and see her and it was a really scary experience because I had never traveled anywhere on my own ever before and people kept saying I was going to get catfished and it was going to be a man who wanted to kill me or whatever but thankfully it worked out alright and I had an absolute great time in Korea with her I decided it was time to go back to college and I was absolutely determined to finish college this time and I was going to get a degree and I was going to move to Korea and my intention was actually to go teach English in Korea and live with my girlfriend over there this is when Youtube started for me I just got a gaming PC and I realized I could actually record games and talk over them at the same time and I started watching people on Youtube do it and I was absolutely amazed by it, it was something that looked so cool and I wanted to do it myself cause I always felt like I had something to share with the world but I actually started out, I wanted to do impressions of people on Youtube – I didn’t even start out doing gaming at all It didn’t take long for the gaming side of things to get hold of me, I was watching other Youtubers do it and their personalities really connected with me I had finally seen more people who wanted to play games, who were really enthusiastic about it and I said Hey! Why don’t I just make gaming videos? and then i can talk to people who like games as well and build up a community I uploaded my first few videos and I got a couple hundred veiws a couple hundred subscribers and things just started rolling from there. I wasn’t getting anything extraordinary but it was a start Okay now hold on to your asses because this is where things get a little bit crazy somebody had sent me a message saying ‘Pewdiepie was having a shout out contest’ and I said hey,

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