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Yo Wassup. Im Lil Tay, the youngest flexer of the century. . lets get started with this interview Hey guys, welcome to another episode of draw their life and the shoutout winners for the previous episode are Thanks guys for subscribing you guys are awesome if you want to win a shout-out subscribe to my channel guys and Comment that you subscribed and I’ll announce the winners in the next episode. And today we’re drawing the awesome life of lil Tay Wait that no, that doesn’t sound right. And today we’re drawing the weird life of lil Tay .Yep. That’s better I’m sure you must have heard of Lil Tay by now. Maybe on social media or maybe on the news I think the era of internet trolls becoming real internet celebrities is here first Danielle brocoli Then woah vicky and now Lil Tay I mean we can’t say woah vicky is a real internet celebrity But she is earning money from doing whatever that she does all these people portray to us certain internet persona And then turning it into a business The trick is simple guys first piss off the Internet by doing dumb things and acting really ignorant After you got some attention drop a diss track on someone or make a music video. It works. Believe me in this video I’m going to cover everything from Lil Tay pissing off the whole internet to gaining fame on Instagram to the point where she got exposed she’s not what she says and all that money cars and houses that she flexes on is actually other people’s property and now it looks like she’s disabled her Instagram and YouTube account at First people were pissed on her because of her foul mouth and flexing but when the whole story unfold they felt bad for it It’s kind of a sad story of a nine-year-old girl being manipulated by her mother and brother to play this Lil Tay internet persona before we get into the video guys comment below on whether you hate Lil Tay or felt sad for her So without further ado, let’s get right into the video and check out the whole story Lil Tay was born in 2009. So that makes her nine years old I’m letting you know her age in case you didn’t know that I’m thinking most of you didn’t know so thank me. Later She was born in Atlanta Georgia. She’s currently staying in LA when it comes to her family and parents she claims that she birthed herself as you can see in this video do you have parents No, I birthed myself, but don’t worry guys. I exposed her. She didn’t birth herself. She has a mother and a brother We don’t know about her father, but check this out. She is a well-mannered and a great kid, a lot of people are gonna say this and now we just we just keep going as far as her schooling Goes she claims that she’s a Harvard dropout, but she doesn’t know where Harvard is. I’m a Harvard dropout What city is Harvard in um, I kind of forgot cuz I haven’t been there in a long time We believe you little Tay we totally believe you but with all seriousness guys She’s just a nine-year-old kid and she’s not getting a proper education or a normal life after Lil Tay got exposed Her mom claimed that Lil Tay is being homeschooled, but looking at her Instagram videos I think she’s being taught something else in her home than what other kids are learning in their school You think Im gonna be wearing a gooshy jumb jumbs , You think I’m gonna be wearing my gooshy .. NO Ok and then start flexing that I say It’s a messed up situation guys Anyway, this is how Lil Tay’s story begins she uploaded a few videos of her flexing on Instagram She claimed herself as the youngest flexor of the century. The formula was really simple guys first You mentioned that you’re just nine years old repeatedly so that people can know your age after you throw some random cuss words and make people go in shock and then finish the Act with some healthy flexing and yes say yo mama’s rent a couple times. That’s it You got yourself a perfect Lil Tay video people got really mad at her because of her flexing and the amount of cuss words She’d be using in our videos Bryce come picked the story and made a video about the whole situation What is this a Gucci belt is that a Louie Bell Okay, I get it man she has some gold on her wrist So she thinks she’s that video helped her and got her more attention She was basically getting hate left and right some people got so mad that they reported her Instagram account and it got removed from Instagram After that, she opened another Instagram account and uploaded a video of her crying like y’all are here Hey, mommy, you have a family go enjoy that why are you wasting your time? Reporting my videos and taking them down. I’m trying to accomplish my dreams If you don’t like me just block me. I didn’t do anything to you It was the first time she was on a character, but the story continues She’s got more attention and more internet fame People like rich the kid and other youtubers and celebrities made videos with lillte or made videos roasting little tank Jake, paul made two to three videos with her. I’ll start here How did your career start nothing started I was born the youngest Flexer, okay Awesome Wolfie raps from Klout gang made a video with her and everything was going well for a lillte and then she got exposed What some say was poppin, you know? Let’s be honest guys, everybody kind of knows that a nine-year-old kid can’t have that much money It’s pretty obvious, but people were thinking that her dad or her mom might be rich That’s why she has all that money and cars that she flexes put oh boy Don’t even ask if it was an entirely different story The first proof came out of a leaked video where Lil tase brother was teaching her what to say on her Instagram videos It’s just crazy guys this a very bad situation in that video you can clearly see that she has no idea what she’s doing and in multiple videos you can clearly see that she’s reading all the Lines from her phone after that video came out people thought it was her brother behind all But after some time more information got leaked out about our mother’s involvement in all these shenanigans Her mom work is a real estate agent. She helped people sell their houses, and we’re not talking about normal houses The house is shown in little taste videos worth millions of dollars real estate agents Normally don’t show these kind of houses to the buyers unless you have your loan documents, but little tank has her mom So let’s talk about little taste good morning. America interview and everything got leaked and little taste mom got exposed Lil Tate did an interview with Good Morning America and it’s quite an interesting one My only issue was why are you not asking any questions to her mom? She’s the mastermind behind all this drama little tease just 9 years old. Anyway, finally when her mom was asked Why did she allow her kids to do all this stuff? lillte answered that it was her idea all along and she’s very happy with it and her mother or brother has nothing to do with any of this I mean We believe you little take since you are a Harvard dropout the whole interview was kind of funny in my opinion little taste answers at her point of Defence are just so on point like This part where she was asked about using other people’s houses to flex. She has this to say I You didn’t shoot into anyone else’s house Just like no one has proof that I did. I mean, she’s right. You don’t have any proof Okay, all that Instagram video or nothing? Okay, you can’t argue with a Harvard dropout and Her mom. She has this to say she Take I mean, are you serious? Did you just say that like I can’t believe my ears? I mean she might be right guys in real life little team might be a nice well-mannered kid But her internet persona is taking over her real life and when you put negativity out into the world and come back to you Recently someone confronted little Tang on the street asking her to flex but come on, dude You really got a bully a nine-year-old you lose a right? You want to flex oh If she keeps up with her flexing this is the type of reaction She’ll get in the future in the long run people will see her as her internet persona, and that little well-mannered kid will fade away After the whole story blew up news came out that lillte mom left her job to become her manager She’s clearly profiting off her kid, but when she was asked in the interview little tape had this to say about it That’s not true that she wants to make money off of me But the drama didn’t end there recently one video came out where lillte was smoking, hookah And you can say things are out of hand now After that video came out lillte deleted her Instagram posts also she did or YouTube channel People were confused about the whole social media blackout We thought for a while that she’s gone for good and her mom finally got some sense in her head, but oh no No her brother put out a statement on Twitter saying that they’re taking a break to change their image and will come back strong Hope they change their image for the good I don’t know at this point which direction she’ll have if she’s thinking about correcting her image Her flexing and cussing might not work the next time if you think about the whole situation Little taste plan kind of work. She got the fame and attention She wanted news talked about her top youtubers made multiple videos on her now by changing her image She can use all the attention and coverage that she’s getting and turned it into profit like Danielle Berg Olli will have to wait and see So their guys was the draw my life video of little tank If you like this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel guys. Awesome Don’t forget to check out other draw my life videos on the playlist and I’ll see you in the next episode until then. Peace out


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