Draw Tip Tuesday – Colour Pencils on Watercolours

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Last week I showed you how to make a colorful
background wash ,using your watercolors. Today, we’ll draw on top of it, using colored pencils.
I want to draw a cherry, so i found a photo of one on Google images- I’ll use that as
a reference. I start with a light outline of the shape of the cherry, in red, and it’s
stalk with a leaf on it, in green. Now, start adding soft layers of the colors
you are using. I am using two kinds of green, an a little yellow, and two kinds of red – a
dark one and a lighter, more orange-y one. Most important is that you don’t press on
your pencil – You can create very deep colors when using colour pencils, but only if you
add layer by layer, patiently, with soft hatching strokes. Leave lighter parts untouched – by
not filling the highlights, you create a sense of depth and shine. Now to deepen your colour even more and to add more depth, you can add the opposite colour to the darkest parts – green is the complementary colour for red, and what they do is… they complement each
other! If you alternate the two, your drawing benefits from it. Keep on adding colour even if you think you’re
done. The more patience you have, the better your drawing will turn out!
Have fun! Thank you for watching this video! I hope
it inspires you to make awesome art. if you want to learn more, have a look on
my website: makeawesomeart.com, and join one of my classes! You can start right away because
next week ‘awesome art journaling’ is starting, It’s a 4 week class, filled with
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  • Wonderation

    Hey i absolutely love your videos and your channel! its just amazing and i was wondering if you would be able to take a look at my art and told me what you thought? it would mean the world! You dont have to though, anyways hope to see more of your vids! <3

  • techdetech

    wow, that great, like !) an subscribe and share video of you

  • Nelson Osio

    I love that combination of techniques


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