Draw Tip Tuesday: Hatching With Colour Pencils

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Today we are using black pen – it can be a
fine liner or a rollerball like this one, and combine it with colour pencils. I choose to draw a pair of colorful shoes
today – these are my blue suede shoes, and yes they were stepped on more than once!
I put the shoes in front of me on the table, close one eye to filter out depth, and draw
the outlines of the shapes. There aren’t too many distracting details, so I can focus
on proportions when I draw the rims and the insides of the shoes. To add colour, I use color pencils. The past
weeks have all been about the hatching technique here on Draw Tip Tuesday, so that’s what
I will be doing today as well: I will hatch with my colour pencils, and curve my lines
along with the shape, to emphasize the shapes. I hatch several layers, and on places where
I want some more colour, I add a soft layer. The inside of my shoes are colorful too, and
I use the same technique, following the curves of the shapes, and also making sure to leave
plenty of white to indicate light and dark. Result is a playful drawing of a pair of favorite
shoes! Why don’t you pick a colorful subject today and try this? By choosing
simple every-day items, you can make awesome art! If you like this, you will enjoy my online
class Awesome Art Journaling a lot! It starts next week, so make sure you won’t miss it!
Go to my website koosjekoene.nl and join my class today!


  • Barbara Sonnenshine

    Hmm, think I'll draw my red shoes! Love the ukulele music background…yes, I'm auke player!

  • The Real Andre B. Elpedes

    +Koosje Koene Can you do a colored pencils techniques tutorial (but not "hatching")?

  • Harsh choudhary



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