Drawing a Horse with Colored Pencils | Tips and Tricks

so in this video I’m for once not
drawing superheroes or villains or something like that I’m drawing a horse
because someone was of the opinion that it would be nice if I draw a horse and
for now I’m not really interested in learning how to draw horses
freehand so I just used the grid method to get a rather accurate sketch of the
reference image and then I basically started with the black colors like I
always do with the darkest colors I like to do this to establish a value range so
that everything I draw afterwards is basically between the black and the
white of the paper so I know first hand what the darkest parts of the image are
which are basically these leather things and what I did is just using black as a
local color and some dark gray tones for the highlights which are basically just
reflections of the sky that’s pretty much all there is to it for drawing
these leather things then I started with the brown colors of the fur and I
realized quickly that it’s pretty much impossible to draw accurate fur at this
size of the image so I just focus on the shading and getting the colors right and
which are basically what I basically did here is I started with a brown color
using light pressure then I went above it with a yellowish tone and then once
again with a brown tone and for the dark parts I used an even darker brown tone
and black and a 90% cool gray all prismacolor colored pencils
by the way so what I just described is basically the layering method where you
layer some colors above each other to achieve a certain tone you’re looking
for and I have to say I can’t really recommend you to layer in more than two
or three colors above each other because what ends up happening is that the paper
doesn’t really pick up the pigment that well anymore and you kind of end up
smearing it all around and it doesn’t look that clean anymore maybe it differs from paper to paper I don’t know I just use standard printing paper right
here well and I wouldn’t really layer it more than two or three colors above each
other also you have to be careful if you work like me if you start with the black
colors and you have a sharp edge and try to draw the brown color beside it you
have to be careful because it can happen that the Brown picks up some of the pigment of the black color and kind of smears it around it doesn’t really matter that
much at a normal viewing distance I suppose but just keep that in mind so
that’s basically it for this image and if you like this leave a comment
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  • majan

    enter "horses are girly"-joke here

    Nice skills though.

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  • Olivier Rodriguez

    So beautiful drawing, friend. Congratulations…!!!

  • Fabian Buschlüter

    Warum ein Pferd

  • Claudia Buschlüter


  • MB Art

    Very good Drawing Bro 👍

  • BueskenArt

    WATCH THIS NEXT: https://youtu.be/MG9fQEKyC8g

  • Ethan King

    You are so skilled. Beautiful drawing 🙂

  • michal guliamov

    from what i learned the reason you dont manage to layer more than 3 colors is because you use quite thick coats from the start and you need to very lightly layer at first


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