Drawing Details That Matter – Caricature Final Sketch

For this drawing, I’m working with Conte
charcoal pencil on smooth newsprint. And I drew the abstraction sketch very lightly
directly on this surface rather than underneath, because newsprint isn’t very easy to see
through. So for this final drawing, I’m drawing over
those rhythm lines, but adding more natural contours of the anatomy and even a bit of
variation in my line weight. I really like working with charcoal pencil
because I can use it on its tip, like a traditional pencil, or on its side, like a charcoal stick
when I have the tip sharpened to a long taper with about two inches of charcoal exposed. To sharpen a charcoal pencil like this, you
need to use a razor blade and sandpaper, rather than a traditional pencil sharpener. After drawing with it for a while like this,
it begins to feel very natural to switch between an underhand and overhand grip to achieve
different effects with the charcoal pencil. My strategy, after getting most of the line
drawing in place, is to shade in the darkest areas using broad strokes with the side of
the pencil. The dark values I do here in the beginning
are going to eventually be darker. I don’t want to jump ahead in the process
and risk going too dark too soon. After blocking in the dark shadow areas on
the head and face, I begin to work on the halftones of the skin. I try to work in large broad strokes and not
get too caught up rendering details yet. I’m just thinking about sculpting the forms
as simply as possible. Often you may see me outline a shape lightly
and then fill that shape with tone. Other times, I just add the tone with no outlining. For some shapes, especially those with hard
edges, drawing a light outline around an area that you want to shade helps you control exactly
where the dark tones will go. Ultimately it’s an artist’s use of hard
vs. soft edges that will give his or her drawings their distinctive style. Also of importance to an artist’s style
is how much an artist uses straight lines vs. curved ones. Your drawings can be highly realistic or highly
stylized by using lots of straights or lots of overly curved lines. It all depends on how you want to express
your ideas and how you interpret forms. Looking back now, one of the things I should
have done at the beginning is block in an overall tone across the whole face. Since Whoopi has a darker complexion, it might
help save time, and help unify the shading of the head. At this stage of the drawing, there are a
lot of small areas of light and dark on the face that create an uneven patchwork of values. And I think it is causing me to get bogged
down shading in one small area and then moving to another small area – which in the end,
will cost me a little more time than I needed to spend than if I had shaded in all of the
head and hands first, with an average halftone. To pull highlights out of the halftone, a
light pass with a kneaded eraser usually does the trick. And as long as the charcoal halftones aren’t
too dark, erasing them doesn’t cause smudging or flatten out the natural grain of the paper. That only happens when you try to erase an
area that has been shaded very darkly with the charcoal. Now, for the next few minutes, sit back and
watch the drawing take shape. Make note of how I’m holding the pencil
to achieve different types of strokes. This caricature provides a bit more challenge
because I’m including the hands. And on top of that, they are clasped together
with fingers interlocking, which can get a little confusing when drawing them. But I’ve developed the hands and fingers
over a few different steps, taking my time to first get the big shapes right and then
moving on to the details and individual fingers. Now is the point where I add shading and realistic
contours. The thing to remember about drawing hands
and fingers is to try and indicate strong plane changes from knuckle to knuckle. When the finger bends at each knuckle, there
will be a change in value. You don’t have to add a lot of detail to
hands to make them look convincing. Just think about the forms as if they were
flattened out cubes and cylinders. And if they are drawn accurately with proper
shading, they will help convey the personality or emotions of the subject. The charcoal pencil is a fantastic medium
to work in because of how versatile it is. As I mentioned at the beginning, it can be
used on its tip to create thin and thick lines for your contours and cross hatch effects,
or on its side to produce broad strokes in a wide range of values from light to dark. This means that you have a lot of control
over how your edges look; much like an oil painter. A properly sharpened charcoal pencil is the
drawing tool that is most like working with a brush. It’s a great medium to help bridge the gap
between drawing and painting. The last few things I do in this drawing is
even out the tones by adding more shading over large areas as well as smudging some
spots with my finger to blend and soften some edges between shapes. In the premium section check out several videos we’ve posted showing some long caricature renderings with pencil, charcoal and digital sketching. For the shortest route to Caricature town, these videos are the express way. Get your ticket at proko.com/caricature If you enjoyed this video, share it, and tell your friends! And if you want to get updates on new videos go to proko.com and subscribe to the newsletter


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  • Francisco Jairo

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    Please go back in this series where, with a few antisemitic strokes of his pencil, Mr. Jones emphasizes Gene Wilder's large nose in a caricature.!! We all need you to dig up racism where there is absolutely none because your virtue signalling on art tutorial videos inspires us all to be the best we can. Your political correctness is what human kind deserves. In fact I'm getting a little tired seeing these artists drawing on white paper. Why do they never use black paper? Or yellow paper for that matter?

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    The entire point of caricature is to find details of the face and heavily exaggerate them to a goofy degree, it wasn't a problem for you in the last videos why is it now?

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