Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Geranium in Colored Pencils

Hi, I’m Jay French from JayFrenchStudios.com.
Today, I’m going to show you to “dra”, draw a geranium in colored pencils. We’re going
to use prism colored pencils. All right, working in colored pencils on a geranium, you want
the shape first. You start with sort of a, it’s a five leaf plant, flower. You get your
basic star shape, just single lines. And from there, you’ll get the sort of rounded square,
to the ends of the leaves. Make ’em a little irregular, gives ’em a more natural appearance
because they are, some what irregular. A little difference here and there, but a, a very much
more distinctive one, where, at the seams, at the separations of the petals. You can
see also, this is also not a perfect sphere, because nature’s not like that. Now, you want
to, for the most part, strike inward, with your strokes. Start off, heaviest on the outside,
kind of lift the pencil as you come inward, making it get lighter. Cause, we’re going
to have a different color on the inside there. We’re just going to do one petal for now,
and see how it looks. Darken some more on the outside, now you can go across, because
you’ve got it filled and you’ve got the strokes. So now, the interior, let’s go ahead and get
that. The yellowish – green, the points are at each of the seams of the flower. You can
go in with some green, choose an olive drab, or a little, very light accent to those seams.
Then, there’s actually a pink. This will define your star shape more. It radiates out, along
the purple petal. And finally, you use your pink, to get these tendrils on the inside,
which is the actual germinating part. And maybe use a dark purple, to define those.
From there, you can do the rest of the petals. And that’s how you “st”, get started, drawing
a geranium with colored pencils.


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