Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Pansy in Colored Pencils

Hi, I’m Jay French, and Jay French Studios.com.
Today I’m going to show you how to draw a pansy in colored pencils, and we’re going
to be using Prisma colored pencils. All right. Pansies come in all shapes and sizes, or least
they come in all colors. We’re going to do the white and purple style. This one is….essentially
they are just big, curved leaves, or petals, and they are four of them. We’re just going
to do an outline, because these are white. There’s a little dividing there. You get kind
of a squiggliness to the outside lines. Curve in. Don’t have to worry about being too straight
or regular. This is nature. So there are essentially four leaves there, and then there are two
darkly colored leaves, in this case purple, on the outside. Now that we’ve got the outline,
we’re going to use a medium purple to just shade the outer edge, because there is a purplish
tint to the outer edge of these white petals. If you want to, you can blend with either
a blending pencil, or my preference, with a white pencil, to get a softer, especially
in this case you probably want to use a white pencil, to get a softer fade on that hint
of color. I’ll just show you that on this one petal. So, you get the rest of the hint
of color on these petals. And if you’re going to wide shade, you can be a little coarser
with your shading, not as precise, because they’re going to…you’re going to blend it
with the white shading. And it’s not necessarily around the whole thing, it’s..around the whole
edge. It’s stronger in some areas. Also depends on your light source. Now we have some strong
purple strands that come out of the center, radiate out. And, again they’re rather random.
No regularity to their length. And we have a very strong golden shade that comes from
the center, specifically on this white and purple pansy. We also have a very strong dark
purple shade right here, at the base of these two petals. And that will look even better
with the white shading lightening it up. Now we’ll go back to the medium purple for these
guys. And they’re almost a fuchsia if you want to blend, I say almost, so they’re not
quite. But if you want to blend a fuchsia and a purple, you’d probably make it look
even more accurate to how they look in nature. Now you’re not just filling, you want to lighten
in some areas, go back to darken again, lighten, darken the edges more. You definitely want
to darken this edge where it overlaps the second one. So start light here. Or you can
do that the other way around, depending on where your lighting is. If your lighting’s
from this direction, or I mean this direction, then this would be the shadow, this would
be the highlight. A little more dark over here. And there you essentially have your
upper petals done. And that’s how you get started drawing a pansy in colored pencils.


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