Drawing On iPad | Learn How To Do Awesome Sketches On The iPad Pro For Beginners

have you ever seen those really cool
awesome sketches done on iPad pro wanna know if you can do them yourself I’m
gonna show you how to seal with another video if you like these types of videos
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gonna be about sketching on the iPad pro now I’m very new to the iPad game so
don’t judge me but I always have had a passion for drawing and sketching and
different things like that so whenever I got my iPad the first thing I want to do
was learn how to sketch so the first thing I do of course buy my iPad second
thing I had to buy this Apple pencil and I will put a link to the Apple pencil
down in the description section below because this is very essential to your
drawing endeavors if you have them another thing that I like to do is I
like to have some kind of tack on the paper so or on here so this is a matte
finish I have over my iPad I’m gonna put a link to that in the description below
what that does is it makes it gives it a very peppery feeling so I’m going to
show you I don’t know if you’ve ever hear this or not but it may it has like
a little bit of a tang to it so when you’re drawing it feels more natural in
your drawing so I’m gonna just dive right into the video I’m just gonna
really show you just an overview of how to draw and I will release a full
tutorial of full drawing from start to finish that’s gonna take me a while
because it takes a while to draw these I can draw one about two or three hours
but I’ll make a video showing how I draw from start to finish in the later video
if you want to see that video subscribe put a thumbs up and put a comment in the
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all right so the first thing we are going to do is we are going to open up
Adobe sketch it’s down at the bottom I’ve already got it open these are my
sketches that I’ve done that’s my Captain Marvel that’s my Deadpool that is Joker that is
hello that is venom someone show you this the easy way to
get started especially for your new and your brand and you don’t know exactly
how to get started I’ll show you how do that I’ve only got 13% on this iPad so
it’s gonna be may not be the easiest thing to get done so there’s real quick
so I always start with iPad pro landscape or portrait or portrait it’ll
open up so what you want to do is to do a sketch you want to want to find
whatever you want to sketch so it can be your inspiration it can actually be the
photo that you are going to it may be the photo that you’re going to it may be the photo that you’re gonna
actually sketch so what I’ll do what I do is I pushed a little plus button here
and I click on image layer and I click on on my iPad so I’ll save whatever the
picture is so let me go through here and find a photo that I want to copy so
let’s do this picture of the Grinch why not all right so the main thing you want
to do here is you want to make sure this photo is very large okay so you zoom out
on your canvas and you just make it really really big okay you gonna click
done so it’s gonna be within my canvas and I can actually go back in and make
that larger if I want to but right now right now for the purpose of this video
it’s gonna be good enough so let’s zoom in so the first thing you want to do is
you want to look at your layers over here so when you look at your layers
over here on the side each layer is going to be layered on top of each other
so this is gonna be the bottom layer so I want to move that down so you have
your background which is gonna be your background and then you’re gonna have
your image on the front and you’re gonna have anything on top of that image so
you want to want to start there so what I do normally is I’ll go over here to my
line tool and I will select the color so when I do my videos showing you exactly
how to do a drawing from start to finish I’ll show y’all about coloring but
basically you can go here you can drag and get any color so that’s one be black
and this is gonna be your flow control you click and you can drag up and down
for your flow control so I’ll make that kind of thick alright any use want to
start your your sketch here now this is not gonna be perfect I’m just kind of
showing you how to get started we sketch around here he’s kind of
sketching over the lines is what you’re doing and you can always come back and
clean this up but I’m gonna show you I am gonna show you how to get started
this is a kind of easy drawing to do now right now all we’re doing this kitchen
and you are learning the basics of drawing so it’s not you know
everything’s not going to be perfect and you don’t have to do a lot to make it
look perfect you just want to learn about how the you know and of how the
process works all right use one trace over all of these
different lines I’m covering up from Sargassum
just want to show you how to get the outline because it’s gonna be one of the
most important things is the outline doesn’t have to be perfect especially if
you’re beginner laterz about d it on this iPad we’ll
have to hurry here like I said everything doesn’t have to
be perfect you just go through here and you just get everything all the lines
filled in without now I’m judges cuz I’m not gonna
look like absolutely great so now so that’s the basic sketch of what would it
look like right so go back here and then now I’m going to show you how to color
it in this is easy way to color it in so what you want to do is your next sketch
layer you’re going to want to get that in frame you want to click that and drag
it underneath so now you gonna be drawing under the actual photo
so what I’ll go back here and I will change it to my brush I will get this
color here and I’ll make it medium size and I just go through here and I will
call this in now this is probably gonna take a long time to do so I’ll speed
this part of the video up now some point what you’re going to do
is go ahead and turn your picture off so you can see or your head now you want to go back into your green
and kind of clean your edges up here then where you can see like white or
this yellow around here you can just color right up to the line because
that’s the open color and tracing under it that you can get right up there to
the line all right so now what we’ll do is we’ll
go ahead and clean up our edges here so the clamp your agency will go here to
your race tool and we will make it kind of large and we will just clean up these
edges with green was we’ll leave the black this is a very rough draft all right you just remark sometimes you
get stream are on there alright so now we can go ahead and color my background
so background is gonna be the back here and I always do it in something like
that change the color something like that maybe and then I’ll put a different
color always put a different little color in there it was and that is the
completed photo I did that in 13 minutes I just did a whole sketch for for that
so that’s going to be basically the end of the drawing alright guys so that is the basics of
ditching on your iPad Pro or your iPad so if you have any questions about that
like I said it put me a comment in the comment section below give this video a
like and I really appreciate you guys watch thanks guys


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    It's not good to do this your will Learn nothing but bad habits a beter, ay is trying fto find the shapes in the drawing and draw it next to the drawing now your just copying and that not right yu should make your own

    To learn how to draw go to udemy. Com and take course there character art school by scott Harris he can teach you the real fundamentals how to draw also remember a copy can never be as good as the original you don't have confident lines no real understanding what makes this drawing good and don't learn anything for your next drawing so plz take my advice to heart and if you need more tips let me know here is the link for udemy Deze cursus op Udemy bevalt me erg goed en dacht dat het ook iets voor jou zou kunnen zijn.

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    Apple products are ridiculously overpriced and there is no logical reason to get a $100+ apple pencil to draw on an iPad when you can get a $50-$80 Wacom entry tablet that works the same or better and lets you draw on photoshop.

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