Drawing YouTubers – Casey Neistat Caricature Sketch

YouTube personality Casey Neistat has a really
interesting and distinctive look. His features are very robust and masculine,
sort of like a classic cave man. Nothing personal against Casey. His YouTube videos are awesome and a lot of
fun. You should definitely check them out. But now let’s examine his most outstanding
deviations from the average. To me, his head is short and wide. Shaped like a shield. And it’s widest at the top. His hair is big, curly and thick His hairline and forehead is a difficult call
to make. It’s a wide forehead, but relative to the
rest of his face, the forehead seems small, so I’ll say it’s a low hairline. His large ears are set low on head. He has a very heavy brow ridge. Deep set eyes that are small and close together. Wide, triangular shaped nose. Hooked with an extreme downward pointing ball. Looks like it’s been flattened on his face
like he’s pressing his nose against a glass wall. Very small mouth with thin lips that curl
into a snarl. His neutral mouth position looks like a frown. Around his mouth are deep nasolabial folds. He has an extremely large protruding chin. His ever-present sunglasses sit atop his curly
locks. Overall it feels like his nose and chin are
the dominant forces on his face. They seem like they are trying to connect
with one another. Everything else on his face is subordinate
to the nose and chin. Reminds me a bit of Sean Penn for some reason. But, Let’s move on. The first item I want to take care of is the
head. I make it short and wide, sort of like a classic
shield shape, widest at the top, with the hair making up almost half the total height
of the head. The large ears are next. They sit low on his head. I’ll work on his large wide triangular shaped
nose next. The ball of his nose has an extreme downward
thrust. Even though the nose is large, it looks like
it’s very flat against his face and not sticking out or protruding. Time to tackle the mouth. Even though it’s small and mostly covered
by the tip of the nose, I wanted to still show a bit of it to include the slight snarl
to the upper lip that I see in this photo. His chin is huge and round. I feel like the chin and the nose are the
two most dominant, almost aggressive features on his face, fighting for attention. On faces, like Casey’s, which are very distinct,
it helps to think in terms of what will dominate and what will recede. Because the nose and chin are so big on his
face, I decided to make his eyes very small. Making the eyes small helps make the chin
and nose appear much larger than if I had drawn average or oversized eyes. Remember, caricature is all about relativity. You must always be exploiting how the features
relate to one another. Some things have to shrink in order for other
things to appear large. Relativity is probably one of the most important
concepts to remember in this art form. Don’t just always make features big. It’s not like inflating a balloon. It’s like sculpting with a limited amount
of clay. To make the chin and nose larger you have
to take the clay away from somewhere else. His eyes are also very deeply set and close
together under a heavy brow ridge. If I darken the eye sockets, or raccoon mask
area of his face, it will visually bring his brows forward while simultaneously sinking
in his eyes into his head more. I should also mention the nasolabial folds. Because of the slight snarling expression
in his mouth, his nasolabial folds become more deeply creased and slightly bent. I’m now at the point where I’m refining the
outlines of the shapes, committing to them with darker lines. And now, I’m pretty much finished with the
outlines around the head and features. So I begin shading the forms with small cross
hatched pencil strokes. Cross hatched lines generally should follow
the forms they are describing, wrapping around the individual planes. So be mindful of which direction you pull
your strokes. Every stroke should have a purpose. One unusual feature that I mention in my checklist
is his sunglasses. Normally I wouldn’t consider a fashion accessory
a feature important to the likeness unless the subject is really closely associated with
it. And one thing Casey is known for as part of
his public persona are his customized Wayfarer sunglasses. He wears them in pretty much all of his videos. In fact, it’s rare to see his eyes. This was a photo taken at a talk he was giving
on a stage and not one of his videos, so we actually get to see his eyes.The sunglasses
are perched atop a thick wavy and curly mane of hair. This is just a rough sketch, so I’m being
really loose and sloppy with how I’m drawing the hair. If I were doing a finished rendering using
charcoal or painting this caricature, I would slow down and first block in the volumes and
masses of the hair, and then later adding individual locks and curls and other details. But in this first rough sketch, I’m just going
for a quick sketchy suggestion of the hair shapes. Now, I go about darkening in the rest of the
sketch, trying to add more punch to the shapes by increasing the contrast between lights
and darks. Whatever medium you work in, be sure you are
able to achieve a wide range of values. A drawing that’s too light everywhere is very
boring to look at. Plus values of light and dark are critical
in showing the illusion of three dimensional form. So be sure your pencils or digital tools
are capable of light strokes and dark strokes. And you may have to make a couple passes over
the drawing to achieve the full range of values. I thought I was done with the sketch at this
point. But then I realized there were a couple problems
I wanted to fix. First, the eye on the left was too close to
the nose. I move it farther away and then blend the
shapes back together. It feels a lot more balanced now. I didn’t need to do an abstraction trace over
to notice that problem. The second major thing I noticed was the crooked
hairline. So I erase part of it to look more even and
to widen the forehead. I don’t want to make the forehead too tall
though, as making a small forehead with a low hairline was the last item on my list
I try to include in my sketch. Learning when a drawing is truly complete
is something that will come in time. As your skills develop, you’ll get a better
sense of when to fix things and when to quit. If you enjoyed this video, share it and tell your friends. And if you wanna get updates on new videos, go to proko.com and subscribe to the newsletter.


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