Drester Spray Gun Cleaners RegaLead

hi I’m Tony from rigolette today I’d like to show you our two solutions for cleaning spray guns firstly we have the dresser quick rinse which is suitable if using the satyr RPS system and secondly we have the dresser compact boxer which is suitable if using a hopper as you can see the lid slides gently into place the hopper on a stand and the spray gun working magnetically using the trigger against the blue pad their clips on into place under the pressure wash closing the draw you’re ready to wash by pressing the pedal once complete all you’ll need to do using the air gun is just to dry the product shop and you’re ready to start to brain again as mentioned before the drastic quick rinse is suitable if using the satyr RPS system works quite simply open the drawer and apply the head to the pressure wash you can clean the head of the gun on the brush if needs be apply again to the pressure wash and remove any waste solvent through the funnel the gun can be cleaned using the air and you ready to next spray

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