Hey guys, welcome back to drunk drawing. In this episode we have a very special guest We have- we have Don our channel artist Here he is *Donny does BIG GULP* I haven’t taken my first… Oh, fuck! This does taste like shit! Uh, He’s already had a couple drinks- We- we’re just getting started though, so we aren’t drunk yet, but he’s… he’s pretty good Uhmm, I’m- I’m getting there In this episode, we’re gonna be drawing, um… America’s other favorite, uh, Sitcom family, we’re gonna be drawing- You guys have been requesting us to draw a Family Guy and it’s actually Don’s favorite show of all time…
(Ryan laughs) So, uh, let’s do it! M: Am I starting with Peter? R: Yeah, you’re starting with Peter M: I’m starting with Peter, okay. R: Start with Peter, because they have so many hilarious characters on that show. M: Yeah, there’s a lot of them, okay M: Well, let me just… Let me just you know, let me down all this first D: And then, you draw some- *Some random shit Donny rambles* R: And I’ll chug the rest- Jesus Christ, Don. D: Yeah, I already drank mine. Dude that tastes like shit. M: That’s a lot of gin man M: I- I put a lot of gin in this *Donny giggles* R: You can do Sylvester Stallone really well D: Who the fuck is Sylvester Stallone? M: You don’t know who Sylvester Stallone is? D: Oh, wait no! I thought- I was thinking of Sylvester the cat R: The cliffhanger? *Donny erupts into big boi giggles* M: Let me just get this out of the way, man. It’s mostly gin *Ryan encourages his buddy, fully expecting his failure * Go go go go go go go go go! *Ryan just got beaned* Goddamnit M: I’ll start with the chin. Okay? D: Yeah, he’s got a massive chin M: He’s got like- it’s like this, right? Yeah, I’m feeling that I’m feeling that gin now Fuck fucked his eye up. Oops Stop making me laugh Don, you’re making me laugh Oh What is this? How is that Peter Griffin? Shit no his his chin goes out like this What? What is going on there? What’s hanging down from his nuts, his chin? Did you say nuts? I did That’s a really long hair man no, because we I we were not allowed to undo on the show and I thought I thought that this right here was where his Chin started and then I remembered he has the weird part of his face that goes out Now he’s thinking how does his hair go like that? He doesn’t have a swoop this is like a does This is like if you and him fuse together, does he not have a swoop? No he doesn’t Hair is like very bowl-like very much short bowl cut-ish Yeah, fuck. Well, he’s got a swoop now. I can’t undo it. Let’s give him some arms Yes here I’ll make him folding his arms Like the Mona Lisa? Yeah, yeah just like the Mona Lisa, okay, he’s crossing his arms This is him after like a fucking diet. Yeah, this is I didn’t make us this is the after picture Yeah, I’ll make him fat like this oh hey yo see there’s Peter yo I got color him now There we go, absolutely that’s like Peter Griffin skintone, right Yeah he’s white Well, you can change the color okay, but you can’t undo I’m not undoing you yeah you are yet to use the pocket tool Yeah, they’re over. Oh, I’m sorry, I broke. Okay. I’ll never break the rules like that again big galaxy brain the fuck can’t undo that can yes, I can no you can’t but it’s gonna make it here just one solid Why don’t you aim next time? I messed up Well, that’s Peter Peter Griffin It looks like a fucking greaser You know what, dude I’m just gonna make him a greaser There you go dude, no now that looks like a priest Well, dunno if he’s a greaser, fuck you I’m going all the way dude I’m gonna give him like a little like a little chain There we go. That’s Peter Griffin right there. I call it. Good job little white collar. Yeah Okay Yeah Okay. Well there he is. There’s a prisoner. I don’t know what this is. That’s Peter Griffin. Sure. That’s Peter Griffin How about Stewie? Yeah, just do it draw Stewie. Okay, so he’s got those ears and he’s he’s got a I’m good This is actually gonna be very good. Yeah. All right, so there’s And he’s got his hair Its covering his whole face What sound a soft spot okay, and now we’ve got his eyes Ryan, wait, did you guys know that Lemonhead commercial that had Like the mr. Lemonhead thing. Do you remember that? Yes Look like fucking Stewie. This is Stewie. It looks like Hey Arnold. Yeah, it looks like 100% Stewie put up a picture of Stewie right next to this. It’s like a perfect match any and he’s he’s got that neck Comes down to here. He’s wearing I know I know neck like a perfect. He wears overalls Is that how overalls look? Thats a fucking apron Okay, and then he’s got stubby little arms Are those like Roblox arms? Just give him the roblox arms dude, is he T posing? He’s gonna have a gun that’s a fireman This is a ray then he’s got long arms that a ray gun? Yeah. Okay, that’s a fuckin. It’s got like a little target Imposed. Oh it is. Yeah fine. Then I’ll make his I’ll make him like be a fist of the hip There we go Thats a long penis coming out of his shirt Ryan, hes the shortest character on the show Like shrink him down, that’s what hes gonna look like. He’s good as ankles are coming out wait cause of the where’s kill him? After I’m done I’m gonna content aware scale him. Okay. So here are his his awesome shoes He wears He wears cleats his classic Fucking cleats. Dude you ever get stepped on by cleats? No. Yeah It hurts Look when I played baseball and you go to the tag someone they’ll step on your fucking hand or when you’re a goalie and soccer Yeah, goddamn, man. Doesn’t he have like a little hat sometimes? He doesn’t Dude Thats Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold with cleats. yellow fuck I didn’t do it. I didn’t do nothing you won’t do What are you talking about You give me shit for undoing I didn’t I was a very supportive friend and said that you should do whatever your heart should make him short. Oh Shit boom, that’s Stewie from Family Guy. Thats him Oh fuck make them bigger. So like people can see there he is Come on Draw Lois in like a sexy NSFW Okay Is that a penis? That’s her head! That’s what she looks like though just wait just wait Thats like the underside of a small penis That’s what she looks like she has a penis head for it like a haircut It looks like that’s starburst commercial from 10 years ago the guy that dance with the berries and cream berries. It looks like No, that’s a fucking look it’s Lois He knows how to draw those curves Is he sporting a bone right now, I’m not I don’t have a boner because I’m Because I’m because I’m horny Khomeini, because I’m drunk okay, so you do have an erection maybe like it’s like Like it’s semi And that’s a little she’s like fucking shaking her fat ass Just like god she there waving around they’re like girls winging around She got two fingers cuz she got caught she got them caught in like the – my factory Is he working a to the factory? Yeah, I’m gonna put a fat dude on Hans mom’s with me to her to an effect Oh, she has the dude. He knows how to draw like the pubic bone. What is that bone called? That’s Stewie Vagina no, she has underwear with his face like plastered on it like from a printing Way no, wait, that’s all the lowers what the fuck it’s like the hairs like this ya know What’s what we said you’re drawn to payments shit Yeah, what’s lookin hot dude oh, you know what this is the best one I’ve ever seen Stewie’s up is a little is a little Blushing a little bit Coming out of her No, she’s she’s giving birth to Stewie right now He’s like, can you draw like placenta juice coming out to God? No I was trying opposite. Okay earlier in the elevator he goes You know how when women give birth they eat the placenta I didn’t say presenta I said the fucking umbilical cord, well they don’t Like me slurp it up like spaghetti. Yeah exactly who I mean in Europe not America a European thing No, it’s like no it’s to make you stronger. That’s not true. So I got my spinach And she has a fuckin shitty turquoise like my Mom eat your umbilical cord. No, she’s on a diet. Okay, wait host the fuckin tell us about the time you got circumcised Okay, so I got circumcised but my parents said, you know We’ll make you you will make you a sweet deal if you get circumcised I’ll buy you the toy of your dreams and I said I want I want a magic tricks I want a magic trick set on a magic trace I put the little ball cups and then thing and and I said and they said yeah, come on. Let’s go so For my before we got my circumcision and like age nine My mom Bob brought me to a restaurant to have my last meal with my foreskin and last meal the last meal Yes, and then fucking and I fuckin I didn’t even get an injection. I went to the fuckin in restaurants bathroom My mom like put ointment on my pictures They did the procedure in the bathroom no, no no, they like the barista key. I just I just used it at the urinal no, I just Put the ointment on so it gets old go numb Lou circumcised ‘iz Don you trade your foreskin for a kid’s magic set Yeah, how does that make you feel? Powerful because I’m a street magician shit Wait I can fix this no Okay. No, I can fix this. I can fix this I can fix this. Oh, oh, I see what you’re doing here, man I see I see. I see it’s a it’s a good design that’s really good man on the route of you Dom when you have a kid or you’re gonna eat the umbilical cord and take the Power I’ll fucking fry it up and have it like pork rind Okay Okay, I’ll do Cleveland Brown now, I don’t know what he looks like yes I remember he did have via is that is that is an eye in a no? No, no. No is his hair his hair? Cleveland just looks really boring. Yeah, I remember he had like this kind of hair Yeah, any other his eyes were like He’s always bored, my name is Cleveland Brown Is that just black Peter Griffin Wait Oh same thing Yeah, a mustache – yeah fucking band-aid over mustache. There we go He did just look like Peter just black, right? Except not really Yes, do it’s my favorite thing to do is oh fuck. I shat a hand. Oh No, you know what dude how much all the whole body feels I got? Yeah, bitch got a thigh gap That’s what color he is, right? Yeah A bit darker is he dark? You’re gonna know you did a bit darker than did I but it’s fine. I’ll recolor him I’ll do like that. Oh, that’s that balcony. Oh, you can keep his eyelids like a different shade. That’s a smart man It’s like a little more detail like that. Yeah. Yeah. All right Man, what color shirt to Cleveland where uh, yellow shiny head lime green shorts Yeah, no, they’re related they’re the same last name, oh yeah, Raun and Charlie Brown even go see the Great Pumpkin All right, I’m gonna cuz he’s there I’m gonna drawn line is with him from the from Charlie Brown Linus – you all do we should do it. No Charles don’t Charlie Brown with him cuz they’re related Charlie Brown, why does lightest has the goofy dirty hair? Cuz he know it. He says he says good grief good Yeah, good grief. Good grief, man. No wonder he’s depressed. Oh fuck if you watched Charlie Brown dude his friends Just roast them every every episode like he’s got better friends Yeah All right, it’s Cleveland Brown and Charlie Brown man. I could do like I mean they’re related Anything dawn is this is this acceptable? Yeah. Is this like yes, okay. I can make charlie. Okay. Yeah Well, uh, here’s your’s Cleveland and Charlie Brown go get him tiger. Thank you Okay Brian you’re doing brian Griffin, okay Okay, so he’s got those eyes up here. It was a girl From Laurie from Yogi’s are these are his ears Every car to KC drives this bucket like He’s got that sick collar, okay, and then his mouth is down here He’s sitting down Holy shit, he’s ripped into your arms. Oh dude. You ate the placenta He’s got the anchor tattoo and everything dude and then there’s his tail It’s not a pokeymon this is brian Griffin, that’s what he looks like Yeah, he’s already white to begin with his nose pink One of his arms issues, but when the tattoo is shaved because you can’t put you can’t tattoo fur, okay Okay, then in that case hold on. Hold on. Hold on Gum gum, yeah He’s gotta have like You guys are being all fancy I’m gonna add a bit of shine come on there’s some shine Oh No, it’s okay Yes, yes dude do You just make up Garfield you just don’t do it just make it go okay? Okay. Okay, okay And white fuck was like a bun days All right guys all the time I got this it was a jump wait Hong I got to put them all together as a family All you see is violence in movies and sex on TV, where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely Lucky, there’s a family guy lucky There’s a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh

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