Duellen [sketch]

You have tampered with my daughter. -I do not like that! And you had intended to marry her Over my dead body. If it is to be. Then we take a duel If I win then your daughter is mine by right. And if I win then you are dead. so it is! Yes, it may well be but not if I kill you first, my good man. -We’ll see. Let’s go. Then I will finally propose a toast -for this -glorious -magnificent event -for our country’s honor. Cheers. Yes, no matter what happens, and I mean no matter we continue until one of us is dead. Final! Whatever happens -you will not get my daughter. -one! -two! -three! -four! -five! This is for your own good, my girl. You deserve so much better. As I said, over my dead body. He could not do it.


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