Hey guys, what’s up? And welcome to my channel today’s video is very exciting because I’m gonna be trying out the new makeup revolution concealer Which has been very highly rumored to be a complete dupe for the infamous Tarte Shape Tape concealer, which is quite the price difference. Now I recently picked this up at Ulta.com They did not have it in store. I try to buy in store and they didn’t have it. *Silent Cry*. I ordered it online and I’m super excited I think that UK got this first because makeup revolution is a UK brand and now we have it online I’m gonna be testing them out I’m going to do Tarte on this side of my face and then makeup revolution on this side of my face Putting on my concealer like I normally would Blending it out, wearing it, doing a wear test throughout the day testing coverage wearability Creasing all that jazz I’m gonna set it the exact same we’re gonna see if we truly have a dupe I think we’ve been looking For a dupe for the Tarte shape tape forever in a day like a true really amazing full coverage long-lasting creaseless dupe Cuz girl I know everybody and their mom loves the Tarte shape tape I think it’s so great someone doesn’t even love it, so Maybe we have finally something that is a lot lower in cost so without further adieu I’m gonna sing the SUBSCRIBE song and then we’ll go ahead and jump right into the video be sure and subscribe to my channel before you leave. Subscribe! And now let’s go ahead and jump right in Okay getting started, I bought they have a bunch of shades of the make a revolution one. I bought c-2 and c-3 It says conceal and define. It is a full coverage concealer and contour, so I did buy a deeper one I don’t think I’ll use because it looks a little way too warm It looks a little way to one it looks way too warm for my school. I Can’t speak today. It looks too warm for my skin tone, and this is c-13 I just dont think that’s gonna work out, but that’s okay. I just bought it for shits and giggles so today I’m going to be testing these out against the Tarte which I forgot to get so now I gotta get up and get the Tarte Because I ain’t got it together today, okay I got it, so this is the Tarte shape tape it says that this one is 3.4 Ml and it says this one is net 10 ml so I’m assuming you get a bit more product in the Tarte so now that you know that you’re getting more product in the Tarte we’re still gonna test out the quality and the Money-saving dupeness. First I want to swatch shades. In the Tarte I always use light natural. I think yeah light natural. I’m like wait is that right girl Online again these shades were really hard – oh my god. Look. It’s like the same doe foot applicator OOP, this one’s a little bit lighter We’re a little bit hard to pick out because the picture of the shades were a little weird. I think I’m gonna use C3 is really pink c2 is really neutral yellow So I’m gonna use c2 and then the Tarte one and now but first of course. I need to drop the Tarte. Noooo I’m gonna apply it some foundation. Oh my gosh. It just dropped the makeup revolution See this makeups trying me today, I’m going to umm Add some foundation, I’m gonna be just putting on the NARS foundation today go ahead And if you’ll notice I’m gonna kind of avoid the under-eye area Applying foundation and just really focus it in my the rest of my face Foundation is on it is time to do the concealer I have you all zoomed in with me. First I’m gonna go ahead and apply the Tarte one. Now the thing is about this Tarte one Can you see how thick cake that is I? I don’t apply it in a full triangle on my face because it’s just way too much makeup Because it blends out so far So just highlight that half of my face, and now I’m going to take this c2 Maybe a close up of the bottle And I want to give you a close-up of the applicator. Do you see how similar that is? So oh… Girl this is this is kind of thick looking I’m gonna take a clean y6 brush to blend out the tart side I’m gonna show you do you see how like far that little bit goes and I like to stipple it in because you really get an airbrush finish and that way you don’t get the brushstrokes in the end I might swipe a few times but For the most part you’ll get a really nice flawless finish now the Tarte one is great It has like such great coverage, and I really enjoy that about it And I’ll take another clean y6 brush because you know Mama’s got these brushes for days and let’s see our thoughts So it feels really thick blending out Lots of coverage It is gonna be a little bit lighter over here because the color of the product was lighter Cover my zit I Will say right off the bat that this concealer did blend out really nice if you guys can see it Just looks super smooth and flawless it also Kind of feels like the Tarte shaped tape as far as the weight of it and the coverage was very full so First off we’re right on track with like it being a dupe I’m gonna go ahead and set it with some loose powder and see what else happens throughout the day here is my powder And I’m just gonna set them both You can look up and really get The under eye, so it doesn’t crease. Now that I feel like I’m done baking I’m now gonna take a y11 brush I’m just gonna sweep away any excess powder and I think Well, I know this side looks good cuz it’s the Tarte shaped a foot see So what do you guys think? Like can you tell a difference? I honestly like right off the bat? I feel like I have the same amount of coverage, and it looks super similar on my face so exciting stuff I’m gonna go ahead and add a little bit of bronzer and then we’re gonna See the tea. Oh, we’ll have to see the tea a little later because we don’t know right now. Okay, I added on the rest of my makeup. Literally I feel the same about it I feel like my under eye looks the exact same um so let’s wear a couple hours throughout the day. I gotta clean and start packing for a trip and like do a bunch of stuff which would cause me moving around and work in And we’re gonna see how it holds up. We’re gonna see how it wears. And we’re really gonna See if this is truly a dupe or a flippity-flop Let’s see. I’ll see you guys in a few hours What is up guys is my first check-in. I’ve been wearing this for like three hours, and there is absolutely no difference in concealers. Come on. Get in focus. I really want you guys to see There we go It looks the exact same. It’s wearing the exact exact same So I really can’t tell the difference and the makeup revolution one again is so affordable. It’s crazy So this is just wild and it makes me really excited but with that being said I’m just chilling. We’re about to order some dinner and eat And I have some emails to answer and then I’m going to Come check back in I’ll check back in right before I take off my makeup tonight That way hopefully we can get a couple more hours in But girl she’s ready to take off the lashes, but I will be back in a little bit, and I’ll see my little sweet baby soon Alright guys it is Why do I feel like my makeup looks better the later it’s getting because it’s getting a little dewy, so it’s looking a little more natural But it’s getting late at night. It’s like 8:30, and I think the concealer is the exact same like I really can’t tell I mean you see a little bit of dark circle, but But it’s on both sides, so that’s just my face Anyways, what do you guys think sound off in the comment section and let me know do you guys think this is a dupe? I think this is gonna be in store at Ulta pretty soon. I don’t know when but Like I said, I got online and I definitely going to be using it way more I’m actually gonna go ahead and order a few more shades because the shade Actually after I got powder at my foundation, I mean like everything else on it, It looked really good. The shade but like it looks similar to the Tarte shade although it was quite a lighter shade I’m still gonna go ahead and order a couple more shades But I’m really pleased with it, and I think it is an awesome concealer And I plan on wearing it a lot more, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video And I hope it was helpful, and I hope it lets you guys know we found a dupe honey, honey! I love you all so much please subscribe to my channel before you leave and become a Larlarlee today If you haven’t already and would that mean said give this video a thumbs up And I’ll see you all in the next video. I love you so much bye babies

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