Dutch Pour Technique: New Paint and New pouring medium

was good in the hood ladies and
gentlemen welcome back to the channel my name is Carlos and if you’re new here we
like to play with paint so today we’re gonna go ole school we’re gonna play
with some some paints we’re gonna play with some Dutch pours but I will be well
I don’t know yet I might have my nuts you know let you know that I might or
might not have switched up paints I might or might not have switched up
pouring mediums hmm we’ll see so first of all we’re gonna start with the white
white base obviously not wearing gloves I’m about to change that BAM gloves I
like it alright so like I was saying before we’re gonna start with the white
base you’re gonna pour some of this stuff on just like so we’re just gonna
sprinkle just a whole mess of paint on here and see what happens yeah it’s
gonna sell some of this stuff around help spread it out just like so get it
to these corners add a little bit more to these edges yeah just let it flow let
it flow over the edges just like so all right so I’m gonna spread this pan
around make sure we get all the edges covered just like so you alright ladies and gentlemen we’re gonna
be using the primary colors we’re gonna be using blue red and yellow and we are
going to be well moving stuff around with the hairdryer move some paint
around playing with some painting so here’s the consistency of the paint I’ll
be using I’m not sure if you guys can see that where it just flows right into
the cup yeah so here we go make a small puddle write
about sue you can grab my red same consistency I
figured it out ladies and gentlemen I’ll figure it out maybe not sure yet
this would be the first time I trying out this new recipe with these new
paints so don’t know where we’re gonna find out all of us together but it flows
pretty good I like it here we have our yellow now pour some of that right in
the middle kinda in the middle just like so I’m
gonna take our white paint we’re going to flood the area around just like so
and just go just a little bit in the middle and just for fun look who I found
yeah the first little hair dryer but for when I was starting to paint or pour
paint or blow paint around I don’t know but yeah so I’ll be cutting down the
audio and three two I did that backwards three two one all right and a Turk it up just a little bit no
bubbles I like it alright so here we go three two one all right you all right thank you gentlemen here we
have a ditch poor ish type of for that didn’t make sense you know what I mean
you always know what I mean and then if you don’t know what I mean well no one
knows that I mean oh so I’m bringing them for a close-up and I will see you
in a minute all right ladies and gentlemen here we have my latest piece
I’m not sure what the cut looks like an exploding star no maybe an exploding
jellyfish I don’t know but I think it hopefully you guys dig it too got a lot
of selves a lot of any bitty cells I like those and see if we can zoom in now
that I know how to do it yeah all right we got a bunch of little cells or too
much little a things in between we got some rivers flowing through the paint
let me zoom back out sighs I’m buggin out you know you know
ladies general here we get some blending that turned a funky purple not not the
normal purple just a funky purple some funky little cells and little lacing in
the corner they didn’t want to be part of the rest of it so it’s like fine we get along the edges or get some of
that blending going on I didn’t touch the outside perimeter like I normally do
to get those little itty-bitty micro cells that’s okay
why oh I forgot but it’s okay they don’t always have to be a debating myself what
I’m totally digging is this smell this middle looks like I’m not sure what
it looks like it looks like it’s alive I mean it looks like it’s got a heartbeat
you know and the blood is flowing through the veins and that might have
been weird my bad but yeah turn that at an angle luckily we haven’t
gotten that funky lights that likes to reflect even though it is on but anyways
ladies and gentlemen thank you guys for watching and let me know in the comment
section what you think yeah it’s been a while I’ve had an interesting week but
maybe that I’ll save for another day and yeah let me know if you guys are curious
as to what paints I am now using and the boring medium because I dig it I’m gonna
do another one right now just to see how it turns out with another technique so
if you like what you see please give it a like and if you are new here and you
have not subscribed what are you waiting for come on this is how we get down
ladies and gentlemen thank you guys for watching and I will talk to you in the
next one bye


  • lechatbotte

    Carlos is in the house!!!! Have missed your videos.

  • Gloria Cleek


  • Share Bear

    Have a great week ?

  • Lori Wibicki

    Sharing is caring happy to see you

  • Sasha Ortiz

    look's nice..

  • Em's Mad World

    Omg I'm lucky number 7 today. Where the hell have you been bro?? Lol missed you!

  • Little Feather

    Pretty cool. I like the lacing and the middle also. Mr. Yellow did pretty good and make funky green. To me it looks like a red star explosion. By the way, how's your resin process going.? I think you are using a glue type additive instead of floetrol. Paints could be bottled craft paints or Masters Touch. I don't know if you have a hobby lobby there in whatever town you live in. I know you have a Michaels. Can you let me know if I'm right? Was wondering what you've been up to. Glad you're ok.

  • Joanne Noland

    Where ya been?? I've looked for videos from you ..I'm glad you're back and hope all is ok with you

  • catsantjane

    Glad ur back. Looking good

  • Jessica Teal-Craig

    okay so what are your new paints and your new pouring medium? Looks awesome whatever you changed worked. ( Not that what you were doing before wasn't working ) LOL You know what I mean

  • Sharon Byrne

    Great! I love it.

  • Serendipity Soul Acrylic Art

    I love how smoothe that PM and paint mixture is Carlos!! You're going to have to tell us what you are using!! It looks more fluid that your usual mixture! I loved the soft edges and bright bold colors in the center on this one!!! You rock – and welcome back. I've been mixing paint too, and hope to get a video uploaded tonight or tomorrow myself. Will be watching for your next pour!!! Take it easy!!! ~ Jan

  • Tina Procaccini

    Very pretty

  • ThisWest Life Art

    Would you be interested in doing a pouring collaboration video? I looked for a email to send to you instead of on here but didnt see one. Feel free to remove this comment too. Anyway if you would let me know and thank you for your time.

  • Dawn Vavra

    You really rock at Dutch Pours. This one is very organic and just might be a closeup of an alien eyeball. It is beautiful but I'm not sure I want to meet the rest of the alien. (grin) You are no longer a beginner. You are a continuer.

  • sunshine rainbow


  • Debbie Thomas

    Wow, that looks very different and really cool, like a supernova. Love it!

  • JoaBea4

    That is kind of funky! Wasn't sure at first, but it is growing on me! Yeah, so I think it is cool!

  • Kids And Moms

    That's a lovely flow indeed. Pretty colorful pattern popups.

  • Linda Ch.

    Bonjour mon ami !!! Glad to see you ? .
    It looks like a beautiful sunrise ? on the water , love it ❤️
    Take care mon ami ??

  • Linda Reeve

    Wow love it ..Glad to have you back.. ?

  • Patty Puckett Pouring Art

    Soft star explosion. I dig it Carlos

  • Sherri's Life

    It does look like anatomy with blood flowing through the veins. It is super awesome!


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