Dystopian Nixie Tube Lamp No 9 (Mystery Box Build 8) Unboxing Vintage Tool Parts

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] my friend Brian’s sent me this box and having seen his sculptures specifically his lamps I knew I had to take this box in the direction of a lamp I just didn’t know how to get there from here and right here in this moment I stumbled onto the shape that will dictate the forms and the shapes for the rest of this sculpture [Music] looks like a spaceship I’m gonna build a spaceship no no you called the shots last time you wanted a robot we built a robot this time we’re not building a spaceship we’re gonna build a lamp this is going to be a lamp Carrie make it look like a spaceship fine it can look like a spaceship but that’s as far as I’m going we’re gonna build a spaceship [Music] ah yes the black helmet see I have two helmets I have one for me and one for take so to see the black Hillman come out it’s time to do some taking I have always wanted to work with Nixie tubes these are manufactured in 1980s and their military surplus specifically Russian military surplus and these were used for displays and readouts and equipment before the advent of liquid crystal displays and LEDs the dangers with these are they run off high voltage DC a lot like a hundred and eighty volts DC low amperage but high voltage did you see that I burned the crap out of my hand yeah don’t grab hot things people don’t do it don’t grab the hot things this is one of those moments where you know I should have learned by now not to finish all my wiring before I test it because I wired something wrong but I went ahead and shrunk wrapped everything you know and I had to take it all apart now [Music] so this is it I’m calling this lamp number nine well let’s do a little secret I intended to call this thing lamp number six but I welded the mixing tube socket in upside-down so it is now lamp number nine cuz I’m not gonna cut this thing open to flip the socket around I don’t know what universe this comes from I imagined a factory where each desk is numbered so if you’re assigned to desk number nine this is the lamp at Destiny nine that’s why it’s got a nine on it so it comes with the desk and I’m assuming that these are powered with a different form of energy than what we’re used to now I don’t know what that is it just I was trying to go that route some sort of I guess dystopian you know future where things are just different things evolved and technology moved in a different direction if you enjoyed watching me make this lamp as much as I enjoyed making it please subscribe and ring the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my future mystery box builds I do one of these every week mystery box submissions are still open I don’t have 25 boxes yet the address to send the boxes and is in the description I am Jason this this works by Hearst this is lamp number nine I’ll see all of you and the next one maybe on this one we just flip the switch like turn it off I actually learned a lot on this build this piece in the center here I had it under tension it’s some sort of tool still I think because it came off of an old tool that’s one thing that Brian did send me these are all like vintage all parts and pieces I love that they had a they had an old smell to them if you can believe me on that when I braised this piece here and I braised it up here I had it bowed like the sail of a ship overnight it got brittle and it cracked cracked here cracked there so I had to take the tension out of it reweld it at both ends man playing your inner child that’ll make you hot oh it’s so freakin nasty it’s like 40 years old [Music]


  • WorksByaHurst

    Have any of you ever worked with Nixie Tubes before? I think I would like to make a Nixie Clock next time.

  • House of Chop

    Oh man those parts and pieces were a treat! Another excellent installment 🔥👍🏼🔥

  • Richard Ezzo

    That was cool, don't know how you bring all that stuff together but it's fun to watch. Just recently got a Lincoln 3350 hood as well, it is a good for TIGing…

  • Jered Bell

    So cool!!!

  • Sharon Ellerman

    Again I am blown away with your skill and your unique creativity. Love lamp #9👍👍👍👍👍👍💞💞

  • B. Campbell

    …A while back I know that you saw the build/story of my grandfathers drafting table on Instagram.. it will now be referred to as desk #9, in honor of the lamp that will grace the top. Thank you Jason, I am blessed to consider you my friend.

  • Brynjard Øvergård

    You haven't seen the movie (Number 9)?!
    Kewl, this thing would fit in there perfectly!

  • Fabricators Office

    The engraving on the lexan (or whatever you used) is awesome! Another great build in the books!

  • Mike Davey

    One of the best sculptures yet. I love the feel of it.

  • Brandon Thompson

    This is really cool, i love the idea of people sending you stuff and building something for them. I do alot of metal scrap art, but never thought of this. Itd be cool to send you some scrap and you send me some and build something for eachother……

  • Donny Carter

    Nice work as always Jason! Thanks for the video!!

  • JimmyGFromDayton

    I like 9 more than 6. Not sure why but it sounds better.


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