Earboy, Pizza Face & Ross Perot 🍕 All That’s Behind the Sketch | #TBT

Hello, hello, hello everyone. I’m Walter the Earboy. And see, it’s funny because of the ear–
The ear– You get it? You bet we do, Josh Server,
because it’s time to dive deep into the comedic characters
that define your childhood on All That’s Behind the Sketch. Hi, Earboy. Oh, hey ya, Pizza Face. Why, what’s wrong? Sam as always, it’s my ears. Well, what do you mean? You know my ears
are enormous, Pizza Face. A sketch with just as much heart
as it has slices of pepperoni, let’s take a closer look
at Josh Server’s Earboy. ♪ His ears are really big ♪ And Kel Mitchell’s tour de force
performance as Pizza Face. – Oh!
– I’m sorry, Pizza Face, don’t cry. Don’t cry.
Your pepperonis are gonna fall off. Best friends who stick together
through relentless ridicule. Man Walter, get those
Frisbees out of here! Hey, don’t bag on Walter like that. Man, beat it Pizza Face. And really ridiculous rejection. Ladies… [screaming] Well, at least this time
they didn’t beat us with sticks. All because of their, uh…
What’s the best way to say this? His face is basically a nasty pizza
and my ears are the size of truck wheels. Basically, they just take the prostetics.0 And they take some glue. They glue your head
and they stick the ears on. It’s quite simple really,
and then they blend it with the makeup. About 30 minutes to an hour sometimes
with the Pizza Face. – It’s a tricky piece.
– Very tricky. ‘Cause my head gets big, gets bigger and bigger
over the weeks, you know? – I’m sorry, Lenny.
– It’s OK. And they have to adjust
the pizza, you know? ‘Cause I’m a growing boy. Each segment told the story
of a new obstacle in their quest for popularity. Nobody’s gonna vote for me as long as
my ears are the size of bicycle wheels. And their hair-brain scheme
to overcome it. Wait! That’s a great idea, Pizza Face! We’ll form our own band! Then the girls will have to like us,
no matter how repulsive we are! All with the help of one
crazy, rich politician. I know this wacky billionaire
that once ran for president, and his ears are huge like mine.
He’ll know what to do. I know a guy who’s hideous like us! But he’s got enough money to do anything.
He’ll help us form a band. I know a billionaire who
has huge ears just like me. And everybody likes him.
He’ll know what to do. You know, at a certain point you’d think
he wouldn’t need that introduction. Don’t back talk me, Earboy,
or I’ll slap you so hard you’ll be spitting orange juice out your tippy toes. But I digress. We’re talking about
H. Ross Perot, played by hilarious cast mate Katrina Johnson. I’m in a bathtub full of money! I’m a sad old freak taking
a four billion dollar jacuzzi! ‘Cause I got four billion dollars,
I can do whatever I want! Yahoo! Hey, guess what?
I got four billion dollars. Woo! He-he-he!
You better send me a billion dollars, ’cause I’m doing you good! And that’s why we love our job. First, I’m this fresh little girl, and then all of a sudden,
I’m this crazy old man. It goes from brown to grey
in like an hour. It’s kind of scary to me. Though morally questionable at times,
Perot helped our favorite freaks navigate the high school social jungle. See, boy? All it takes to be popular
is a hit song and a pile of money. Wow! All you gotta do is think of a way
to get rich and folks love you too! This is all you need
to be tight with the cool crowd. And as eccentric as his ideas were… Would you rather have a tank
full of fish or a tank full of cash? I rest my case. But what happened to the fish? [laughing] Perot’s strategies had
quite the success rate. Let’s hear it for Earboy! Earboy! What do you say! Earboy! Earboy! Earboy! Earboy! But despite all their
freshly found adoration at the beginning of each new day,
they were still… Sorry, Pizza Face! Sorry, Earboy! Are you laughing at my dancing
or my humongous ears? – We can’t decide!
– Freak! We just nailed you freaks with raw eggs! Now you’re all eggy, yeah. Would you like to, um, go out with me? [screaming] Gab him! Come on, now let’s do
mean stuff to him! But hey, at least they
always had each other. Come on now, you crazy pie. And it’s all for the love of comedy. It’s all for the love of comedy. Now it’s time to like,
comment and subscribe. Is there a sketch you’d love
to learn the history of? Or just feel like asking
Ashley for advice? That’s me! Then let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned and maybe
I’ll send you a billion dollars. [laughing] I can do it you know. [laughing]


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  • bendy the dancing devil darlin

    I'd like to go behind the scenes of Coach Kreeton.

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    I watch this show on Pluto (yes it's free) every afternoon between 5:30 and 7:00pm (channel 97)

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    This sketch taught me about all the slang terms for people with different attributes. Pizzaface, Metal Mouth, Four-Eyes, etc.


    Alllllll Thaaaaaaat!!!!

  • Chandler Askoff

    When I was a kid, I had no idea that H. Ross Perot was a real person lol

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    I LOVED the inconvenience store sketch!

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    CJ and the Cloudy Nights

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  • Alex Phillips

    2:43 As of today, July 9 2019, Ross Perot has passed away. (The man, not the actresses who played Ross Perot)

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    RIP Ross Perot

  • Pumpkinman4ever

    R.I.P. to the real Ross Perot!

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    Ross Perot was my favorite All That character, along with Okrah.. even as a 9 year old I thought it was hilarious

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